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T-Mobile lowers pricing on Android phones

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile will drop the retail pricing of most of their Android lineup starting tomorrow. The HTC G1 drops $20 in price, the Motorola CLIQ gets $50 cheaper, and the Samsung Behold II gets slashed a whopping $70. This news comes just moments after Google revealed they would lower the price of the Nexus One by $100 for eligible T-Mobile customers.

The new price points should be:

  • Motorola Cliq $149.99 2 year contract. No MIR
  • Samsung Behold 2 $149.99 2 year contract, No MIR
  • T-Mobile G1 $99.99 2 year contract, No MIR
  • MyTouch 3G $149.99 2 year contract, No MIR
  • Fender Limited Edition Mytouch $179.99 2 year contract, no MIR. $449.99 full invoice price

T-Mobile is scheduled to launch the limited edition Fender myTouch 3G on January 20th and the lower prices could hint at another future high-end phone launch. Our sources still seem to think Motorola is a good candidate to launch the next flagship device for T-Mobile retail stores.

Source: TmoNews

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  • Ryan

    I think tmobile needs reduce the even more plus pricing

  • http://blogspot.konojosworld.com Jovan

    (Ironically enough I just done cutting out the price tags for these phones at tmobile haha) Truth be told…the Behold 2 would be worth the price now only because its going to get 2.1! Just imagine how it’ll look, 2.1, on that extremely beautiful screen! Right now its the only great feature about the phone not including the 5MP camera w/ flash.

  • Gustav

    I wouldnt touch the behold ii with a 10 pole unless 2.1 fixes the tons of bugs and lag it has

  • JB

    Could that new high end phone possibly be the Xperia from Sony?

  • http://gsmarena ebe

    can fender t mobil be operated in india? or it has to unlocked?

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