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T-Mobile myTouch 3G users to get Android 2.1 this spring

T-Mobile customers who own a myTouch 3G should begin receiving an upgrade to Android 2.1 this spring, according to a Fender press release from earlier today. Other carriers like Rogers Wireless recently announced a similar upgrade to their HTC Magic (which is the same phone) so this news comes with little surprise, but this is the first time we have heard T-Mobile talk about it.

The last time we looked at first generation Android phones, T-Mobile was the only carrier that had not revealed their upgrade plans for all their devices. Since that time, Motorola has confirmed the CLIQ would receive Android 2.1.

We have contacted T-Mobile and are still waiting to learn the fate of the G1, which was the first Android phone ever launched. It appears the device will not be able to receive the update due to certain limitations, but maybe Google has a surprise for us.

Rogers Wireless announced that their HTC Dream (same as G1) would not be receiving Android 2.1 and began a special promotion to provide those customers with a new Android phone.

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  • Nithin Jino

    Yeah. i can’t wait until a dev can put this in their ROM this spring.

  • http://Website Richard

    Has everyone forgotten about the T-Mobile pusle?

    I think they have. It’s still on 1.5!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That is up to T-Mobile UK and Huawei. I expect the phone could handle the update, but I have no idea.

  • jakejardashian

    I’m rooted running a custom ROM… will I still receive the update? Sorry if that’s a silly question, it’s just unclear to me.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Rooted ROM to not receive OTA updates. This was done by design so that updates do not remove root access. If your phone is hacked, you will most likely have access to Android 2.1 much sooner.

      • http://Website jakejardashian

        thanks taylor

  • http://Website brian

    2.1 is already available on the G1, and its slick


  • http://Website Ronnie

    Why no announcement on the Cliq? Because you were wrong on saying it would not get it?

  • cece

    this announcement was made for the Fender, and the Rogers Magic, which both have 288 MB RAM.
    the MyTouch 3G is not the same hardware ! It has same RAM as the Dream…
    Hopefully this won’t prevent from updating to 2.x, but still… this is not the exact same update as for Fender or Rogers’

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Posted by Terence.
      “@Cece The MyTouch will get 2.x as the limitation on the G1 isn’t RAM space, it concerns the ROM space of the phone. More specifically, the system partition that holds the OS is simply to small and there’s no way to change that without flashing the device. Hopefully Tmobile will be as kind as Rogers and offer an upgrade to the MyTouch”

      You should do more research before blabbing. I’m running Android 2.1 on my rooted mytouch and it is running 100% including the animated wallpapers. Just everything isn’t working since all the drivers aren’t released.

  • Terence

    @Cece The MyTouch will get 2.x as the limitation on the G1 isn’t RAM space, it concerns the ROM space of the phone. More specifically, the system partition that holds the OS is simply to small and there’s no way to change that without flashing the device. Hopefully Tmobile will be as kind as Rogers and offer an upgrade to the MyTouch

  • http://www.twitter.com/Se7en2 Se7en2

    And still no word on the Samsung Behold II? It’s still running 1.5. I know it’s up to Samsung, but still, would be nice to have at least 1.6. All I know is I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this phone. Maybe I’ll just dump it for the Nexus One…

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Samsung said the Behold II would get Android 2.x, but has not released a date yet.

      • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

        Did anyone actually buy a behold? That cube ui was… ummm

  • http://Website Cris H

    Spring!???? WTF I want 2.1 now!

  • Jak Crow

    All they need to do for the g1 to receive the 2.1 update is to release a SPL update that reparations /system and gives it more space. The “danger” SPL already did this for anyone that has been using 3rd party xda roms. I personally have a g1 that has /system with the same amount of space as the mytouch, so it is technically possible to give it the 2.1 update.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Actually I read somewhere (I think this site) that Google is having problems with putting eclair on g1 but with the danger spl they can put it on without problems. The reason why the danger spl puts more space in the system partition since it removes the space used for OTA updates. Don’t worry since if it is released for the mytouch the devs at xda will make one for the g1.

  • http://Beefjack.com Nate

    Yes! I’m so excited that I didn’t get a Nexus One. I feel bad for G1 owners, maybe they’ll at least get 2.0 or some sort of watered down update? Who knows…

  • Terence

    @Nithon Um maybe you should read what I was replying to in my post before YOU go babbling, genius. I was actually talking about the G1 not having the ROM for Eclair, not the MyTouch. My very first sentence said the MyTouch WOULD get 2.x, if you take the time to actually decipher the English language dimwit

    • http://Website Pete

      If you use the reply link in the lower right of the post, you’ll find that your message looks like a reply. Yours was easy to take out of context because you only replied to the main message.

  • maria

    They should let tmobile G1 users upgrade to the Nexus One without having to change our current phone plan

  • http://Website redblur

    Hei , there’s already 2.1 on mt3g…check out xda forum

    using 2.1 now,camera working

  • http://Website andre


  • http://Website reggie

    could you at least send out android 2.0 for the mytouch instead of us waiting till spring with the samecfirmware

  • http://Website seric

    The unbranded HTC Magic owners are still suffering with Android 1.5 and HTC does not seem to work on a fast upgrade to anything beyond 1.5 …

  • http://Website Tony

    They really should stop selling new G1s if the hardware is too old. The G1 still outsells all other Android smartphones on T-Mobile.

    Joe the Average customer goes into a T-Mobile store after seeing the MyTouch ads, and wants “the one with the keyboard,” and walks out with a G1.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Gosh, a long time ago I thought it was to be realesed sometime this month but it seems not. At least i have an idea now after searching for it.

  • Mocha K

    i just wish i would have a specific date so i can count down the days..lol

  • krazytrixxxsta

    yessssssss, it’s about god damn time. im so psych.

  • http://Website oc4pres.

    just wondering. with the 2.1 what is going to be different, new, good?

  • http://Website Jimmy

    Do you think the mytouch/magic 32b could handle 2.1 with its ram? Mine chugs along on 1.6.

  • http://Website Brian

    Hey my only comment is if it will be a PC based update or will it just be sent to our phones? I think that a PC update would be better, but would we have to pay for the update if they do it that way? Also i just wish there was a date, at least what month lol but anyways im just super happy to get rid of 1.6

  • http://Website Jason

    This blows man, release it already, I don’t want to have to go and root my phone to get a patch. Release it now!!!!

  • http://Website Jerry

    It’s Spring. So where is the download for 2.1 for a 3G ???

    • http://Website Avishai

      Exactly :)

  • http://Website ivan

    will myTouch 1.2′s (with built-in headphone jack) get this update?
    their hardware is the exact same as the Fender myTouch, only a different color (and comes with a smaller microSD)

    • http://Website Jimmy

      I am starting to think that only the Mytouch 3g 1.2 will receive the update to be honest. At the rate that phones are coming out I don’t see them trying to spend a lot of time on our not even a year old dinosaurs. Tmobile has already instated a 1 year upgrade plan on smart phones. Why would they make it so you want to keep your phone forever?

  • http://Website Becca

    I have behold 2 and i heard that the cube button will be something else when the 2.1 update comes. Yay for live wallpapers though. Its spring time now! Come on Samsung/t-mobile! hook us all up already!

  • http://Website B. LaRosee

    It would be nice to update the lead article on this site. Jan 14th is just a “little” behind the times

  • 1129Juvera

    I hope they hurry, i dont really want to root my 3g…

  • http://Website Brian

    My bet is that they will announce it a Google I/O, It is only 19 days away and it meets the timeline.

  • http://Website Cecilia

    hmmm, it’s May….did anyone receive the update OTA? because I sure didn’t.

  • http://twitter.com/xaviersayys xavier

    So wait, if it’s spring now, will we be getting it very soon?! how will this update work? Lol sorry I’m sucha noob. But I’m tired of my Mytouch 1.6 . How’ll 2.1 be?

  • http://s Jon

    I would wait til may 30th b4 jumpin to conclusions… May 30th is the last day of Q2 den again idk i have an eclair rom flashed :) and its not cyanogens

    • http://tmobile patti

      why not share?

    • rloui003

      Isn’t June 30th the last day of Q2?

  • magtwin91

    is there any way i can manually update my mytouch 3g?

  • http://Website Edward D. Krebsbach

    I’ve been with t moble forever and if they don’t have the upgrade by June, I,m finished with them.

  • http://Website WeezyFb

    MyTouch Slide is out with 2.1. That should be a sign of a coming release of 2.1 on the MyTouch 3g. That, or T-Mobile is screwing with us.

  • http://Website josh

    When this spring?

  • http://Website Joe

    Well it’s almost summer, just a few days away. so how is that SPRING. Cmon T-Mobile, all my friends got it on their Verizon phones months and months ago. Get with the damn program already!!!!! I might have to switch after 8 years of T-Mobile service.

  • http://www.quattroworld.com Josh D

    If T-Mobile doesn’t have this done soon I’m switching to Sprint and am going to rock a 4G EVO. CMON TMOBILE!!! This is rediculous… I shouldn’t have to hack my phone with a cyanogen ROM to run 2.1 (and void my support and warranty in the process)

  • http://Website Jimmy Wilder

    Bull when will da up grade happen

  • http://Website Chris Singh

    About to to Sprint or Verison myself. Been A Tmobile customer for 5 years. Getting sick of it. About to get that 4g EVO… Sick of waiting.

  • http://Website RonnieB

    Spring has come… Spring has gone. Still running 1.6. When is this going to happen?!?

  • http://Website a

    When does spring come and go? All bullshit from Google and tmobile.

  • http://Website bg

    Any updates on this at all? September and still on 1.6

  • http://Website Nick Ross

    My cousin has the exact same phone as me and he gotten two upgrades on his phone and I haven’t..why is that?