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T-Mobile Nexus One rate plan Q&A

We just received some unofficial (official) information from a T-Mobile source related to their support of the Nexus One. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere, so I am getting it up as quick as I can and will add more info in a second.

Rate Plan & Offer Facts

1Q – Who determines eligibility for handset discounts on the Nexus One Phone?
1A – The Nexus One Phone is sold solely through Google. Google has selected the account types that are eligible for a handset discount.

2Q – A customer recently upgraded to a Nexus One Phone. Why did their rate plan change to the $39.99 Even More +Text +Web = $79.99?
2A – To receive a discounted device customers are required to change their rate plans to the Google offer; $39.99 Even More + Text + Web = $79.99 MCR. Customers may upgrade their rate plan to another Even More option if they choose.

3Q – What if an eligible new or existing customer does not want to change their rate plan to the $39.99 Even More +Text +Web = $79.99 MCR?
3A – The customer can purchase the device only at full cost.

4Q – Does the customers 2 year contract start over when they receive a handset discount?
4A – Yes, existing upgrade eligibility rules apply.

5Q – What is the warranty on the Nexus One Phone?
5A – 12 months. Google / Nexus One Phone Support (HTC) will offer support in regards to warranty and exchanges., please refer to Support Call Handling.

6Q – Why is PHP not available on the Nexus One Phone?
6A – The Nexus One Phone is sold solely through Google. PHP is not available for handsets not sold by T-Mobile.

7Q – Is EIP available for the purchase of the Nexus One?
7A – No, Since it’s not sold through T-Mobile.

8Q – What if the customer is eligible for a handset upgrade but Google’s purchase path states they are ineligible?
8A – Nexus One Phone upgrade eligibility is only available for Individual-Regular single line rate plan customers. If the customer feels they should be eligible to receive an equipment discount and Google’s website says otherwise; apologize for the inconvenience and inform the customer that the Nexus One Phone is sold solely through Google. Google owns the purchase path and determines eligibility for handset upgrade and pricing.

Device Facts
Using the T-Mobile G1 & myTouch as a comparison, what are some new and exciting hardware / software features that customers should know about?
New hardware including;
Qualcomm QSD8250, 1 GHz processor
Memory: ROM: 512 MB RAM: 512 MB
Display: Capacitive touch screen 3.7-inch OLED 480×800 Visual WVGA resolution
New software Android 2.1 (Eclair) including;
“Car Home” app using GPS and Navigation
Microsoft Exchange support (E-mail and contacts)
Built in flash support for Camera
Face book app
Live Wallpaper
Multiple different languages support
Back up my data feature

- Is T-Mobile the exclusive carrier of the Nexus One Phone?
Yes, at this time the device will be exclusive to T-Mobile.

- What are some of the top features of Android 2.1 (Eclair)?

* Optimized hardware speed
* “Car Home” app using GPS and Navigation
* Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
* Revamped UI
* New browser UI
* New contact lists
* Better white/black ratio for backgrounds
* Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
* Microsoft Exchange support
* Built in flash support for Camera
* Digital Zoom
* Improved virtual keyboard
* News and Weather Google app
* Face book app
* Live Wallpaper
* Multiple different languages support
* Back up my data feature

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  • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

    Lame. I am currently on the Even More Plus plan, so no contract. Looks like in order to get this phone at a reasonable price I will need to cancel my wife and I’s current plan with TMO, then get new service through Google, then change the plan again? WTF? I hope this information is wrong.

    Who is planning on paying full price ($530) for this phone?

    • http://Website Merlyn


      Why would anyone switch to the subsidized low cost now just to end up paying $130 more in the long run for it? And I don’t want to hear about how expensive it is up front. If you don’t have the money, what are you doing buying a smartphone at all? Save the extra per month until you have some savings built up.

      The Even More Plus plan is $20 per month cheaper than the equivalent Even More plan… $20 per month over a two year contact is $480, plus the $180 initial cost = $660.

      That is why I will be paying $530 now and going with whatever Even More Plus plan I want and still saving in the process….

      • http://Website Mike

        Except if you qualify for a corporate discount and the Even More Plus plan doesn’t qualify for discounts. Now you are stuck with only 500 minutes. It is amazing how they could figure out a way to ruin their chances to actually grow in the marketplace with the introduction of an exciting new phone.

        • http://Website Jon

          Sort of true, I currently apply a corporate discount to my Even More Plus Plan (not the N1 plan). I can only apply it to the text and web parts of the plan, not the talk. It comes out to be a modest discount but a discount nonetheless.

    • http://Website Gary

      The $530 price is not out of line with the Even More Plus plans: The higher rates on the contact prices make up the difference between the subsidized and unsubsidized prices. So, you’re basically paying the full price one way or another.

      The difference is the case of family plans IMO. My wife is fine with a plain ol’ phone but she would like a new one. Shelling out full price for such a phone changes the price difference for the Nexus One.

      I’m been out of contract with TMo for more than 2 months, waiting to see what new phones come up. I was fine with getting a myTouch, but I’m having a hard time with that choice now.

    • http://Website Eddy

      Well, I have waited more than one year for this phone to come out. I already bought one full priced for me and one for my gf. heheehe its very nice to have an unlocked Android phone. N1 rocks!

  • http://benpike.net Ben Pike

    I dread having to explain all of this to customers who come into my store wanting this phone…

  • http://Website Ryan McKay

    hmmmm, not good. Looks like those of us on family plans or loyalty plans my be screwed.

    • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely


      • http://Website Topher

        Not even sort of. If you want the phone on your existing plan, pay full price. If you want it on a new plan, you can have it subsidized. It’s really simple, and since I’m 100% certain you are not being forced to be the phone, no one is being ‘screwed’.

        Subsidized phone prices has led otherwise intelligent people to act like complete goobers about unsubsidized pricing.. “OMG I’m like SOOO getting screwed!?!”

        STFU and move on if you don’t like it.

    • http://Website terry

      i have a family plan myself. i have had it for over 6 years. and i hear that i will have to buy the nexus one at full cost,that sucks and is very wrong to treat long time t-mobile customers like this.

  • http://Website dethduck

    Wait…no FM tuner?

  • parrisp

    If this is the correct price plan I will be passing on this phone. I have 4 lines on Even More Plus, it is just not worth it for me to switch my plan for this phone. Ill just wait for the next Android that I can purchase using EIP. Personally I think this is a Fail for Google, if true…

    • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

      I agree, which sucks. I was really looking forward to this phone but having to switch plans and all seems excessive to get a phone down to 200 bucks.
      Maybe, just maybe if no one buys the Nexus One for a while the price will drop.

      (guess we still have a couple hours before we find out if this is all true though huh?)

  • Galen20K

    Oh ok, thanks! Already was planning on purchasing at Full price to keep my Unlimited Loyalty plan anyways. Nice!

  • http://Website Ryan Smith

    I’m baffled at this rate plan limitation! I’m currently on a MyFaves family plan (2 lines). The way it sounds, you can’t be on a family plan at all with this phone. (Or even at best, I’d have to switch away from my grandfathered MyFaves)

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    Why does Google get to choose what plans are eligible for subsidy? How does that affect them at all? Is t-mobile giving them a kick back for the 79.99 plan, so then Google will subsidize for that plan only?

    This is so stupid if true.

  • http://Website Tyler

    What if you bought the phone and then switched back to your OG plan? Could they stop you??

  • http://Website Sam

    What is PHP? I assume not the programming language.

    • http://Website Christopher

      PHP is the protection you can get for around 7 bucks a month that when your phone is lost or stolen you get it at a reduced price

  • http://Website oakland510

    What is meant by PHP? I thought it was a programing language. Is this a deal breaker?

  • http://organizedfellow.com organizedfellow

    Pity. local store manager kmows nothing abouy Nexus One;google phone, etc.
    how can communication on this be so severed?

  • http://Website Bob

    I’ve just looked at google.com/phone and I’m not eligible for an upgrade (got my G1 14 months ago). I wonder if any G1 owners will be eligible for an upgrade, or if you must be 22 months into a contract to qualify for subsidy. Also, my existing plan is much better than the one required for Nexus One.

    its too bad that the original Android users may be facing a steep upgrade for the next-generation HTC phone. Great phone, but too expensive.

  • http://Website Jake


  • http://Website dinnu

    I am 22 months into my contract and when I checked my upgrade eligibility, it tells me I will get a discount of $150.

    • http://Website vslavov

      The trick for getting the $350 discount (as opposed to only $250) is to request a new number. After you select “No, I want to modify my existing individual plan with T-Mobile.”, select “I want a new phone number for my new line of service.” instead of the upgrade my current phone option. And no, transferring your t-mobile phone doesn’t work.

  • http://Website Danilo

    What a ripoff.
    You get 500 mins. talk ONLY, even if an existing, long-time T-Mobile customer.

    If you want to keep your 1,000 or Unlimited minutes, too “effing” bad.

  • http://Website Mike

    Only T-Mobile rate plan for the discount Nexus One is the 500 minute plan. Why is the unlimited plan not available?

  • http://Website Jeff

    $530 / 24 months is $22 per month. I’ve already saved $40/mo about 2 months ago when I switched my family plan to the Even More Plus (no contract) plan.

    Subsidized phones are more expensive than you think. Purchase the phone and save yourself money under the Even More Plus plans.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Tmobile and Google have joined forces to rape the common consumer.

    Ok, we will subsidize the newest top of the line phone in the world, but only if you change your plan to one thats going to fuck you over.

    I pay around $85 a month for unlimited EVERYTHING on a mytouch 3g.

    The nexus one is a nerds phone. And thats not a negative thing. Its aimed at people who are obsessed with their phones like me. Do you really think people who are all on unlimited plans at this point are going to pay the same amount for 500 minutes?

    500 minutes? Does 1998 ring a bell? Who the hell is on a 500min /month plan in 2010 ??? STUPID. Tmobile is expecting a shit ton of overage fees from all the dummies who think they can make 500 minutes work every month.

    Well played tmobile you greedy, selfish assholes.

    • http://Website Juan

      I don’t even come close to using 500 minutes, I hate talking on the phone that much. But I do use about 9,000 text messages a month! LOL

      • http://Website tirtawn

        9000 Minutes ???? Oh man…I barely send 5 text message on my tmobile. 20 cents a message, NO. but I used 5000 minutes though :-)

        • http://Website tirtawn

          Oops. I mean 9000 message and I am on unlimited loyalty plan. I am tempted but damn, another 530 Dollars…*sigh*…better wait until another vendor bring another 1G processor..Come on I dont believe Google will be the only one.

    • http://Website Jim

      I agree. Limiting their plans is a mistake. Overages will bring in some revenue, but it’s chump change compared to bring in the business customers, or the number of people that switch carriers due to the iphone. The iphone caused consumers to switch to AT&T in droves that wont work for T-mobile. It will take more than just an iphone replacement to get them to switch back. I think T-mobile is missing this opportunity, but I also think Verizon will capitalize once it comes out in the spring on their carrier. Their commercials claim they are listening to what consumers want hence the ever more and ever more plus plans, but it is obvious from this decision they are pretty well out of touch. They really need to offer more to stay competitive given their already small network and coverage. Though Verizon I don’t think will make the same mistake, and I think they will actually start stealing back some iphone users that like the open forum of android.
      Unfortunately, what should be a major opportunity for T-mobile to gain some market share is being wasted. There is a reason why T-mobile 4th in the US market, and that is because they continuely make 4th class business decisions.

      • juanito

        Does T-Mobile even have the network capacity to handle all of the Data usage that the Nexus will undoubtedly be burying them with. Another AT&T developing here? Perhaps the minimal level of the plan is an effort to keep phone sales & new accounts high, but actual usage low?

  • Jorge

    No PHP is the only reason I’m not going to be buying this phone, out of all the wrong moves google pulled with this phone no PHP is a deal breaker, that’s too bad I really wanted this phone :(

  • Nico

    500 minutes and use Google Voice? Would that not work?
    I’m in Canada. You should see how bad our plans are compared to the States. We have no Nationwide calling plus limited minutes

  • http://Website Jay

    No family plan?FAIL

    • http://Website Ben

      I agree with those that not offering the subsidized price on Family plans is totally bogus. Why penalize customers for being loyal and getting groups of people as T-Mobile customers? Why penalize me for having a family?

  • leef

    I want one but T-Mobile is the only carrier with 3G support?! I’ll never go back to T-Mobile, and can’t use Verizon or ATT’s fastest networks…guess I wait

  • http://Website NQ Logic

    Google is moving down in the stack to challenge B2C opponents with an open architecture and new sets of standards. In creating a post-revenue business model, Google can only manage success if consumers accept a co-branding and outsourced manufactured device … NQ Logic recommends reading about the rest of the new Google’s mobile strategy at http://www.nqlogic.com

  • http://Website HEE

    Can I change to cheaper plan after several month after purchasing? Thanks!

  • http://Website Tmobile Customer

    I being trying to buy the phone and get the discount but google says I am don’t qualify. i can Tmobile and they say I do qualify but I need to call Google they gave me this number: 1888 716-0479 I talk to a google person and they say is Tmobile issue. GOD I whish Verizon was in the business that way I can leave Tmobile for ever!!!

    • http://Website Welvurhero

      I tried that number and it is no longer in service!! I need to talk to google for my specific questions!!

  • http://Website Baffled?

    “2A — To receive a discounted device customers are required to change their rate plans to the Google offer; $39.99 Even More + Text + Web = $79.99 MCR. CUSTOMERS MAY UPGRADE THEIR RATE PLAN TO ANOTHER EVEN MORE OPTION IF THEY CHOOSE.”

    Hard to understand what all the whining is about. Is it the word “upgrade” that’s got all you ninnies in a snit? Or perhaps “choose?” If 500 minutes aren’t enough, then you can CHOOSE to UPGRADE.

    I see that reading comprehension is in as fine a state as ever. Yay education.

    • http://Website Mike

      Except it states the information listed is unofficial (official) information. No where in the T-Mobile Terms & Conditions of Service does it make that customer upgrade statement. Also, after calling T-Mobile the only plan they said available was the 500 minute plan listed on the Nexus One sales page. Certainly, T-Mobile could make changes to include the upgrade statement, however it is not currently stated. So did you miss the word unofficial in your keen reading comprehension?

      • http://Website JC

        I agree…I spoke w/ a T-mobile agent, who confirmed with her manager (she didn’t know anything about Nexus one plan), that if you get Nexus One with subsidy, then your only choice of plan is the 500 minute plan.

        As mentioned previously, if you buy the phone at full price, then you get any of their currently offered plan.

        • http://Website Welvurhero

          I spoke with TWO different T-Mobile Reps and was informed that I WOULD be able to switch back to my orignal family plan, once i have reiceved the N1.

  • http://Website fossy

    I see NO difference between a Nexus One and Mytouch phone. Just the adverstising is more bling..That’s it. Am i wrong?

    • http://www.android-devs.com DroidBot

      Specs. This thing has vastly superior processing power, with a faster CPU, more RAM, and more Flash Memory built-in.

      Also, it is running Android 2.1 where the MyTouch 3g is limited (for the moment) to Android 1.6 which means it lacks support for a lot of the really nice new features of Android Eclair (2.0+).

  • http://www.android-devs.com DroidBot

    I was also totally stoked about this phone until running through the wringer of ‘eligibility’ tells me I have to pay the un-subsidized price, despite advice to the contrary from T-Mobile folks I’ve spoken to. Clearly there is a huge breakdown here.

    However, for those of you who are planning to buy one and planning to root it, you can find everything you need to do so here: http://www.android-devs.com/?p=100

  • http://Website Usman

    For those of you on the Even More Plus plan who are crying about the price of the phone.. the Even More Plus plan is centered around unsubsidized phones! Didn’t you know that when you signed, or did you just think T-mobile was giving you $20 off every month for giggles?

  • http://Website Jon

    Petition for those T-Mobile customers being alienated in this deal.


  • http://Website Wayne

    This has to be one of the most idiotic moves by a cell carrier yet. Essentially, none of their existing customers will be getting the phone. Also, if you are with another carrier, are you going to switch and be limited to 500 minutes? No. So, no existing customer and no new customers. Brilliant thinking.

    PS – I was just at a tmobile store and they thought they knew about this, but didn’t have a clue. Good work tmobile.

  • http://Website Kevin

    Ok, so it says the price of the new billing plan from TMO would be $39.99 Even More +Text +Web = $79.99?. Can anyone confirm that this is true since the price was printed with a ? not knowing if is true or not. Also with the Text and Web is that unlimited for both?

  • http://twitter.com/cl2eep cl2eep

    From what I just read, you can sign up for the Nexus’s single line plan, then roll it back into your existing Family plan with no penalty. It’s the same situation you face when getting a new phone. Upgrade, get a new line, or buy it outright. Unless I’m missing something, and there’s a backcharge for changing the plan post sale, this doesn’t seem all that different from getting a phone in general, and I work for T-Mobile.

  • http://evenmoreplusplanonnexus1 vj

    I heard that if you buy nexus 1 phone at full price $530.00, tmobile will not acitvate even more plus plan with no contract. You would have to sign up for 24 month contract $80.00 plan and then cancel your contract by paying $200 ETF early termination fee. Then you will be eligible to signup for even more plus (no contract) plan.

    Is this true ?

    Is there anyone in the group who paid full price and signed up for Even More Plus plan with no contract ????

    • http://Website bj

      welcome to the world of unlocked phones! the N1 IS UNLOCKED you can have any plan on any network and IT WILL WORK! I have a T-mo even more plus family plan and it works fine. I inserted a globe sim card from the philippines and the phone worked fine. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF UNLOCKED PHONES YOU NORTH AMERICAN CARRIER SLAVES!

      • http://Website bj

        forgot to add any GSM network :P

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  • http://Website chez

    I do not think it is right that the people that. Have a family plan can not get this phone at the discount rate. And I we should be able to get it from t mobile

  • http://Website Welvurhero

    I was informed by Tmobile that you must wait 10 days after switching your plan over, before ordering the N1 phone. Is this true has anyone gone through this process?

  • http://Website rick

    ahhhhhh…my n1 comes tomorrow…cant wait!

    $530 seems like a steal for this beast!!

  • http://Website jack

    Much More Better Phone Out There!

  • http://Website Jason

    What happens if I dont have money on my bank account when I have to pay my T-mobile bill?
    Will my account be overdrawn? or Will i get a fee?