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T-Mobile ready to refresh myTouch 3G with 3.5 mm jack and RAM boost

It appears the rumors are true. TmoNews has received the first pictures of the refreshed myTouch 3G (aka myTouch 1.2). This device is a clone of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition minus the Fender. New additions to the phone include a 3.5 mm headset jack and 288 MB of RAM (vs 192 MB of the original MT3G).

The phone will ship with Android 1.6, but T-Mobile is planning an update to Android 2.1 this spring.

Rumors suggest the phone could launch as early as February 10, but no pricing information is available. The Fender myTouch retails for $179 (with 2yr contract) which is $30 more than the original, but it includes a 16 GB microSD card. We expect the refreshed myTouch will include a 4 GB microSD card and hopefully retail for $149 or less.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website db

    Free upgrade for current mytouch owners?

    • http://Website Cris H

      I have the same question… I just bought MTG3 3months ago!

      • http://beefjack.com npkimmey

        It does seem a little unfair. I got this as soon as I could – within a week of launch – and it is already getting upgraded. Also, this bothers me particularly because I lost that stupid adapted, so I really wish I did have a headphone jack.

        • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

          I use this instead of the 3.5mm adapter that came with the MT3G. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UHY6XU/ref=oss_T15_product

          • http://Website Dan

            this is so unfair if i dnt get this free upgrade bc i was one of the firs poeple to get the MyTouch 3g and i think i am a loyal custumer

  • Larry K

    I can’t believe there already going to upgrrthe mytouch. It pisses me off because I bought the mytouch right when it came out.. I’m hoping when my two year contract ends I can get a new android phone. I love the mytouch but why they upgrading the phone now?

  • jaytee

    MyTouch gets updated already? That’s cool and all… but does T-Mobile have any plans for us early adopters who bought the G1?

    • http://beefjack.com npkimmey

      It seems to me like mobile companies are trying to get people to forget about the G1, so I doubt it.

  • http://blog.tenkely.net Tenkely

    @DB Hah!

    What blows me away is why did T-Mobile crippled the MT3G in the first place? The HTC Magic already has 512ROM and 288RAM. The US TMO version got a lesser 192RAM. So the MT3G 1.2 is essentially T-Mobile saying “Hey here is the phone the rest of the world got, and we added a headset jack.”

  • http://Website Rizo

    Weak sauce! I want an upgrade from my current, under contract, less than 6 month old MT3G! Seriously, if we all complain enough, they will answer. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

    • http://Website cheech1984

      Who would we complain to? I just bought mine last week and I just found out they were coming out with a new one tomorrow!!! ARGH!!!

  • http://Website jason

    this pisses me off. I just bought the MT3G in November. :(

  • http://AndroidFeens.com AndroidFeens

    Forget that get the droid for $109.99 right hear http://androidfeens.com/2010/01/21/motorola-droid-now-109-99/

    • Rizo

      That’s fine and dandy, but if you cant tell we are all on contract with T-mobile. Anyways, if I was to get a new phone, it surely wouldn’t be that brick called the Droid. Nexus One all the way!

  • http://Website Andrew

    While this is pretty exciting news, I can see this causing some fuss from current MT3G owners. Obviously by releasing this phone less than 6 months after launching what a T-Mobile rep told me was the “anchor” for their phone sales, they are admitting the flaws with the 1.1 version of the MT3G. Flaws may not be the most fitting word, but the changes we are seeing in 1.2 are definitely features that many T-Mobile customers were looking for in the original MT3G. I feel as if T-Mobile skimped on theses features in 1.1 because they were trying to push a device that would at least try to keep up with the smartphone market. (iPhone/Pre) It was what I would consider T-Mobile’s “strongest” device even though it was lacking these key features and was not much competition for other smartphones. Now that they are adding some of those features, what will happen to MT3G owners like myself who paid what will most likely be the same amount for the 1.2 version, for a phone with less features. Should we be entitled to an upgrade? Possibly a device trade in? Either way, the question of “Where were these features when the original MT3G was released?” still remains, and that makes me utterly displeased.

  • http://Website Merlyn

    I’m sick and tired of other G1 adopters complaining they are being “left out”.

    Phones do not come out in a two year cycle. When we signed the two-year contract… we signed a CONTRACT. Nowhere in that contract does it say the company has to let us off just because a new incremental phone was released. Further, signing that contract does not entitle you or me to receive freebees (such as further discounted upgrades outside of the contract terms) from T-Mobile.

    Buy a N1 or MT3Gv1.2 unlocked for full price if you really want to upgrade. Otherwise, suck it up.

    • http://Website Andrew


      “Third, even though we are making the right decision to lower the price of iPhone, and even though the technology road is bumpy, we need to do a better job taking care of our early iPhone customers as we aggressively go after new ones with a lower price. Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.”

      Apple cares about their early adopters…I wish T-Mobile did too…

      • http://blog.tenkely.net tenkely

        sick burn.

      • http://Website TheGM

        That was after the $200 price drop two months after the original iPhone came out ($600 to $400). They took care of them by giving them a $100 Apple gift certificate. Did you actually read it before you posted it?

  • JB

    @[email protected]@if I was in a store that spoke to mwe in that tone you would lose a customer. Also remember there is good ole karma that will bite that statment in the ass. When our G1 contracts run out and were due for upgrade, we will then have the better phones to choose from. So for the remainder of this year, yes we will suffer with the bottom of the barrel, but next year my

  • JB

    [email protected]@ we will haqve the better choices. So yep I’m going to suck it up as you say.

  • http://Website MIke

    I was gonna leave t mobile back in september when my blackberry contract was up, I gave them a second chance because the mytouch looked so sweet. Now they slap us in the face and upgrade already? with features that should have been in the original. They couldn’t figure out how to put a 3.5mm hole in the original? please…. they won’t get me again. They make us beg for the 2.0 update when everyone else has it, they ignore your emails or they brush you off with ” we’re working on it” F*** THEM!!!

  • http://Website Jonny

    Please stop the hypocritical whining . . you love new technology if you love your my touch… are you seriously suggesting that you want the advancement of technology to slow down… any phone is old news after about 6 months.. whine to your parents that you want the newest coolest phone and don’t want to spend your own money on it, but please don’t use these forums for that…

  • Rizo

    Oh Jonny, let me guess… you don’t have a MyTouch and this doesn’t effect you in the slightest? Right? Take some of your own advice and stay out of a forum if it doesn’t pertain to you.


    Forget you mytouch owners I want an upgrade from my g1!

  • http://Website EDizzy

    Seriously??? This is not T-Mobiles fault the first one didnt have the jack, news flash HTC manufactures this phone! And if you dont like the upgrade switch to the new plans they just launched, even with the cost of the phone, it still saves you $$$$. Some of you need to get a reality check!

  • Juan

    I was a long time Sidekick user and they used to do this to us all the time. New sidekick would come out and then 6 months later they would release a bunch of special edition sidekicks.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel Wickert

    Yes, I may actually make a move on this one. However, I like the sound of a 16GB sd card. QUESTION: I purchased a bluetooth ear piece from the Android and Me store for my G1, it doesn’t work? What’s the deal? Disappointing.

    Any suggestions?


  • daniel

    yeah, that really sucks. I just got my mt3g in late december because it was the best phone tmobile had (not to mention I paid full price) and now, not even a month later there is a new one. I wish some one would have told me this was in the works because I would have waited..really sucks

  • http://twitter.com/cl2eep cl2eep

    I can’t believe all these people are bitching that they already bought the MT3G and now a new one is coming out. What do you expect? TMobile hold off releasing new phones until 22months after the released the last one? New phones are going to come out, possibly before you’re ready for an upgrade. That’s always the price to pay for getting a product early. I bought the G1 the day it came out, do you think I liked it when 6mths later the MT3G came out, then the Cliq, then the Behold II, then the Droid, then the Nexus? I sucked it up, modded the hell out of my G1, and eventually finagled a Nexus One. Now I’m reading about the MotoRoi and HTC Bravo which will be easier to get and perhaps better. That’s what happens when you’re in to technology, you’re always one step behind.

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