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Video: How to unlock and root a Nexus One

Everyone seems to appreciate it when we do guides and hacks so I thought it was time to film another. Today we will be hacking the new Nexus One.

This is not a beginners guide. If you are a beginner, you should not be hacking your phone. These instructions assume you have previously hacked at least one Android device.

Before we begin

Make sure you have accomplished the following things

  • Installed the USB drivers (grab them from Google or XDA)
  • Confirm your device is recognized by ADB (see CyanogenMod Wiki or XDA for help)
  • Backed up any important data from your device

Watch the video walk through once to get a preview of the entire process. Your first time might take you 30 minutes, but it can be completed in less than 10.

How to unlock and root a Google Nexus One from clarklab on Vimeo.

Step 1: Unlock your bootloader

In order to flash a new recovery image, you must unlock your bootloader. This process is quite simple, but it will wipe your phone.

  • Reboot phone into fastboot: Power off device and hold down trackball while powering back on. (The fastboot screen is the one with the Androids on skateboards)
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder.
  • Type ‘fastboot devices‘ to make sure your phone is recognized.
  • Type ‘fastboot oem unlock‘ to unlock the bootloader.
  • Use volume keys to navigate to yes and press the power button to confirm.

Step 2: Flash a new recovery image

Next we will download a new recovery image that allows us to flash custom zip packages.

  • Visit XDA and download Amon_RA’s recovery image for the Nexus One.
  • Copy the file to your Android SDK tools folder.
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder.
  • Type ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-nexus-v1.5.3.img‘. (Note filename will change as recovery image is updated)

Step 3: Boot into recovery mode and flash N1 Addon

Now that the new recovery image is installed, it is time to reboot into recovery mode and flash a custom zip package. Since your phone was just wiped, you might have to enable usb debugging again so ADB and fastboot commands will work.

Double check: Go to Settings > Application settings > Development > USB debugging (enable)

For this guide we will be flashing Cyanogen’s N1 Addon.

  • Visit XDA and download Cyanogen’s N1 Addon. (or any other custom .zip file you want to flash)
  • Copy the .zip file to the root directory of your SD card.
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder.
  • Type ‘adb reboot recovery‘ to reboot the phone into recovery mode. (The recovery screen says “Android system recovery” with green text on black background)
  • Use the trackball to navigate to “Flash zip from sdcard” and then select the zip file you wish to flash.
  • Follow the on screen instructions. Press the trackball to begin the flash when prompted.
  • When the flash is complete, navigate to reboot and press the trackball to reboot.

Congratulations, you are finished and it is now time to download some root apps from the Android Market. Search the Market for SetCPU for Root Users, Nexus One Torch, or use the term “Nexus root” and see what you find.


If you run into any serious problems please visit our forums and we will do our best to help. The XDA Nexus One forums are also a great resource.

Please share any other Nexus One hacks and root apps in the comments and we will add them to this post.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Andrew

    Is that a nexus dock and where can I get one?

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      It’s from ThinkGeek. Honestly it worked better with my Cliq and MyTouch but it still holds onto the Nexus pretty well. The Nexus camera lens is raised just enough to make the back of the phone uneven but if you hang the lens up off the top of the surface it holds tight.

      • http://Website Mario


        I have done everything a top. after the reboot in the recovery, the phone restart up to the lock and nothing else. it just close.

        can you help

  • http://Website Ryan

    Wow. So much nicer than rooting my G1. There is an obvious lack of hoops to step through.

  • http://Website sixcoronas

    It would be a good idea to do a nandroid back up after step 2.

  • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    WOW! I want a N1 even more now. That seems so much easier to root than a G1.

    Thanks for the vid guys.

  • http://danglinginvective.blogspot.com Mark

    Just curious – is switchrom supported on the N1?

  • http://Website Mooba

    Thank you very much.

    Just two small noob question:
    1. I think it’s obvious, after installing the root image I won’t receive any system updates/upgrades, do I?

    2. Is there a way to recover it back to the original state?

    • http://Website Allen

      Thanks for asking the question. I’m particularly interested in whether there’s a way to de-root the device back to default. I’ve jailbroken iPhones many times before the process became easy, so I’m not worried, but as a failsafe it would be great to know if there’s a way to restore to default. Also, thank you for the video, guys!

  • http://Website Bryan

    Is it just me or did after the root and add-on did the phone just get stuttery and laggy…particularly with the browser?

  • http://gl0rify.com Stefing

    Quite a few people seem to be having problems after rooting – I’d leave it for now unless you have a really good reason for doing it.

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  • http://Website Ray

    What widget is that running at the beginning of the video? It is transparent, with a clock and weather and is 4×2. I really like it and would like to put it on my phone. Thanks!

    • http://Website Ray

      Can any of the creators of this story help me out? I really want that widget for my phone but just cant seem to find it in the market. My gmail is RayKinStL if you’d like to contact me directly with the info.

      • jakejardashian

        It’s called “Beautiful Widgets” in the market. It is a widget pack. The home or clock and weather widget is skinnable (i dont think thats a real word). I love it.

    • http://Whatisthatwidget? Chris

      What is that widget on your homescreen?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor

      That is Beautiful Widgets from the Android Market.

  • http://Website Marvin

    I received my phone last night and when I first powered it on, it went to this white screen with 3 skateboarding Androids. I was able to select the options and was able to boot up the device. Everything was working fairly decently until I decided to power off my phone. When I powered it back on it went back to the same white screen, but now it is stuck there showing FASTBOOT in red and with 4 other options below. I tried using the power, volume rocker, and trackball buttons to move navigate around but nothing happens. It is just stuck on this screen. I have tried everything, including removing the battery and inserting it back in. Has anyone had this problem? I wasn’t trying to root it.

  • http://Website Eric

    What is the benefit of rooting. I had a G1 and never did it because I didn’t know exactly what it did. I now have the N1 and will probably have it for a while and wanted to know what rooting does to my phone? Thanks!

    • http://Website Allen

      To my understanding, the benefit is enabling SU privileges (super user), and therefore running system-level apps such as changing the processor speed and other funky things like that. Also when rooting the droid, you can enable wireless tethering which is helpful if you have a laptop. Just gives you another dimension of phone access really.

  • http://Website Frostbite

    Is it absolutely necessary to unlock it to install the custom OS?

  • http://Website Ben Davis

    Thanks for the great howto — was trying to follow the others out there and got confused. Thanks for clearing it up!

  • http://Website RICKDOEZ

    i will not be rooting my sweet nexus 1 because there is no one with videos or just one rom program that unlocks and restores your phone like the iphone devs made. until then ill love reading and looking at everyones reply’s and videos on how to’s.
    the nexus needs a team that really loves it to make a rom system thats easy to use as a rooting tool for everyone. and thats when we know google have made a great O.S.. for now its just to many hacks and roms that i get lost in how to root.

  • http://Website TeddyBruckshut

    Sense UI going to be on here any soon? That’s what I’m waiting on!

  • http://www.market2easy.com/ M3E

    You the man!, Thanks for the instruction.

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  • http://Website GW

    Rooted my N1 on 1/4/10 per instructions on this site and a few others. Installed the add-on and then wireless-tether for root users 1.80

    My phone still working perfectly, no lags and I tested the wireless tether with a new Netbook running Win 7 Home Premium which instantly found the wi-fi the Android signal and let me surf the web on my netbook at 3g speed.

    Prior to the nexus One I used a MyTouch3G for 5 months that i also rooted and used the same way. Without a doubt, the Nexus One runs circles around every prior phone I’ve owned including 4 iPhones. .

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  • http://Website vish @india

    how does one identify a locked vs factory unlocked nexus one .???

    i am ordering a factory unlocked version for 530 $ from the US .

    if the seller unlocks the tmobile unit and changes the box .how can i identify if its a t mobile unit or factory unlocked ???

    pls help

  • http://Website mradams14

    I’m new to rooting Android phones, but have flashed my Tillt about a hounded times. I’m stuck on how to Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder part. I’m good with phones not PCs.

  • http://Website john

    Somethings wrong. I got to the final instruction to reboot but now the phone doesnt get past the intiial loading screen…argh.

    The only way i can reboot is by taking the battery out. And i still have access to recovery mode if that helps.

    • http://Website Juan

      Hey john did you ever get your phone to boot up all the way? I just rooted mine and everything went okay till I flash the rom then I rebooted and am now stuck at logo screen and the only way out is to pull the battery

  • http://none Kyle Orange

    Rooting wasnt a problem, installing the RA wasnt a problem.

    It took awhile to get the phone detected in windows through the USB Debugging mode.

    Flashed it using the update-cm-5.0-N1-beta3-signed update.

    Now its stuck on the screen thats flash ….

    Just keeps doing it over and over. WTF is happening?

    Any ideas please.

    • http://Website adoep

      @ Kyle Orange, same thing happened to me, all you have to do is wipe then install.

  • http://Website Justin

    Can someone PLEASE help me find a way to UNROOT the nexus one so I can get the updates and the multitouch capabilities??

  • http://Website darbs

    I also would like to know how to “unroot” my nexus one

  • http://Website Kevin

    I’ve rooted my G1 in which i did it for custom ROMs and Apps2SD.
    Now with rooting the N1 what benefits does it give besides custom ROM’s and custom Recovery files?
    Also why aren’t you able to get the N1 up date if your phone is rooted with out any custom ROM’s.

    i’m going to be getting a N1 later this month and I’m trying to decide if I should root it or not.

    • mvv_hyd

      rooting gives you an advantage where you can install apps that require root……. like SetCPU etc

  • http://Website Mikael Johansson

    I did try this guide but did not succed. When using “adb reboot recovery” the phone reboots and trying to enter the recovery window but it does only goes to a window where i have an ! and a android dude standing on the side of the !.

    Any tip on what I have done wrong? For me it feels like it’s recovery image that is bad however it did get flashed and it did stand OKAY after running it.

    Except it did not work for me thanks for an awesom guide. Im sure it’s only a small thing this.

  • http://Website Sherwin

    Hi Taylor,

    I am neither a developer or a programmer but i just want to root my phone to be able to uninstall the google maps app (and then install the modified maps app to give me navigation since I’m outside the US)

    Can you help me out here:

    “Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder.”

    What exactly do I type? have only 1% of knowledge using terminal, which is usually the iphone scripts for jailbreaking before

    Thanks! and cheers for the tutorial!

    • SliestDragon

      Are you running windows 7? If so the easiest thing to do is to go to the place you saved the sdk in your local drive, then hold shift and right click on the tools folder and click open in command prompt.

      If your not in windows 7 then just cd to it, as in, in the command prompt type in cd, then the directory the tools folder is in. An example would be “cd C:\Users\****\Documents\Android-sdk-windows\tools” Just change everything after cd to the path you physically took to get to the tools folder from the local drive.

      I hope this helps.

  • http://Website VovaNotSpeakingEnglish

    Ok. $179 for T-mobile’s locked Nexus + $200 termination fee. $379 total fee. This is less than $ 530. Is it right?

    • http://Website davisbs999

      Not quite. Google also charges a major fee (initially this was $350, but it is now, or will soon be, $150).

  • http://Website Ivaylo

    Same thing here. If anybody has any ideas. please feel free to share.
    Btw I manually installed the latest google patch that enables multi touch, if that makes a difference.

  • http://Website ivaylo

    OK, Drew,
    This is what you do.
    YOu boot into the boot loader (hold the trackball and Power).
    When you get there issue the following command

    fastboot boot recovery-RA-nexus-v1.5.3.img

    That will start the image without flashing it.
    You can install Cyan’s mod like that.
    So far that’s all I got.

    • http://Website xavier7

      thanks so much! without your comment, i would still be staring at the exclamation mark android :p

      and also thanks to AndroidandMe for the wonderful video and instructions!

      would it be possible to add ivaylo’s comment in the instruction?

  • http://Website Bob Weave

    all those who think this is much easier than g1, try it first, I have tried to get fastboot to work in vista 32x, and win7 64x, and nothing works the solutions mentioned on the sites above, dont work in either windows, they just come up as windows is unable to install drivers, I love the nexus one but the unlock/root so far is full-on bullshit and there is no one here or on youtube willing to help

  • http://Website sandy

    Will this unlocked and rooted Nexus one phone work with Other network providers(carriers)

    • http://Website xavier7

      nexus one comes unlocked.

      • xavier7

        sorry i meant yes you will be able to use with any carrier,
        there are plans where you subscribe under a carrier in the US though, not sure if those can use other carriers while under the contract.

  • http://Website xavier7

    for those of you that used this command (because of the screen with ! in triangle bugdroid)

    fastboot boot recovery-RA-nexus-v1.5.3.img

    i believe your phone is not flashed with any recovery image yet.

    you need to flash it to enable the nandroid backup.

    visit the Amon_RA thread again and use the Terminal install method.


    **take note though, you need to rename the .img file to something without numbers (keep the file extension .img), as i find normal terminals cant type numbers.. unless you bought “Better Terminal Emulator”

  • http://Website John

    Dude you forgot to mention you instructions will void phone warranty. Damn.

    • http://Website Q

      Actually he stated quite clearly that it voids your warranty.

  • http://Website Shurafa

    Will this work for the ATT version?

  • http://Website tommy

    im a noob and i cant seem to get rid of android with ! on recovery screen someone please help!

  • http://Website mi_canuck

    if you root, and since the phone gets wiped, will the built-in (assuming selected during setup) OTA backup/restore work?


  • http://Website roy toy

    I have continually tried to do this to no avail I jus dont get it

  • http://Website Achilles

    Great instructions.

    just seems missing one step for V1.7 img, detail like following:
    Before Flash a new recovery image, Do need root the Nexus one, link should be here

  • http://www.amirtaiar.co.il Amir

    It’s al grate! thank you.
    I have stop at the entering the cynogen file to my root sd card.
    How do I do that?

  • http://www.amirtaiar.co.il amir

    I manage to do so and succeed ia all.
    ufter rebooting the phone is not loading! the cynogen logo with the flash thing is starting over and over…
    Please help!

  • http://Website amir

    DId a wipe and it’s all work fine!!
    Thank you for the brilliant guide.

    • http://Website Nocbox

      When i click on the link to download Cyanogen’s N1 Addon it can be found ????

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  • http://Website Uttkarsh Ashar

    hey there guys…im sort of a noob in rooting n all n i seriously need someone’s help…i set up AndroidSDK as told and also installed the required drivers…later on after downloading superboot,the instructions stated that I should open command promp and enter the given command…but the problem is that when i entered the command fastboot-windows devices,my device’s serial no. did not show up…and also when i tried running the file install-superboot-windows.bat,the command prompt screen only showed “waiting for devices”…but when i had run the command prompt program for AndroidSDK(as given in the instructuions) my phones serial no. showed up…what should I do now??….plz i need some help…waiting for someone’s reply asap…

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  • nexus_one


    I am have managed to unlock the bootloader but once I press the recovery button everything seems fine and it starts to load but then I get a trinagle with a little android man and then a ! so i am not to sure what to do

  • http://Website Teebs

    I recently made the mistake of buying a cheap nexus one that was listed as being brand new on eBay.
    Upon receiving my new phone in the email I found it was used and locked to a pass screen upon start up. I have hassled the seller numerous times for my money back as Ive come to the conclusion it’s been stolen or something along those lines due to all my efforts I have heard nothing back from the seller and can’t get my money back as I paid outside of paypal.
    Looks like im stuck with this phone I can’t use.. Is there any way to wipe it or bypass this locked screen without spending hours to try unlock it?

    If you could help out with any information it’d be greatly appreciated.

    • http://Website martyy

      Well I got stuck ones with my n1 I did this access ur sd card from a computar download older version of android I try to boot the rar file on ur sd card wich u have to rename to update.rar worked for me

  • mhay

    hey Allen…
    changing to SU will help to unlock the locked version of Nexus One..plz reply..

  • mhay

    what is total price of unlocked version ? does it includes any taxes and vat ?

  • http://Website NexuzUrs

    thanks for the vid. guys..great help..i want to know after rooting and unlock the N1..will i be able to use the phone with other carriers..thanks

  • mhay

    Can anyone tell me that changing to normal user to root user will help to unlock the locked version of Nexus One ?


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  • http://Website Nate

    Hey I know I’m a n00b to this whole thing but I just bought an at&t banded Nexus One and I was wondering If there will be an issue with the cyanogen mod due to the slightly different hardware.

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  • mhay

    hey.. can anyone tell me the difference between locked nexus one and unlocked nexus one… like its full function and features ? what locked nexus one can do and what unlocked nexus one do ? plzzz

    Thanks !!

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  • http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/ eorourke

    A new root has been developed for the Nexus one that keeps the bootloader locked – essentially keeping your warranty in tact. This is a must see for any user that was previously forced to choose between keeping their warranty and receiving the benefits of rooting their device. You can read more here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/nexus-one-rooted-again/

  • resnasty

    Everything seems to work fine, until i get to this point

    “Type ‘adb reboot recovery‘ to reboot the phone into recovery mode. (The recovery screen says “Android system recovery” with green text on black background)”

    I type the command, the phone does reboot… but it doesnt appear to be running the amon_ra recovery… just seems to load the stock recovery

    Im rooting my phone late in the game… I’m running 2.2 FRF72, could this be my issue?

    • resnasty

      Doh, nvm… forgot the superuser

      • http://Website w-reinvents

        yes, I had the same issue, I was missing the installation of this:


        and kept getting stuck with the android robot and exclamation mark.

        • http://Website aha

          you don’t need to install a custom recovery, you can always fastboot boot recovery_….img, so you just boot once into recovery. from there you can install cyanogens froyo signed root addon (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=686627) to get root instead of modaco’s. that will leave your stock recovery intact to be able to flash stock updates. just boot into amon_ra when you need to switch roms or for backup of your stock one (although that won’t backup the recovery, for that you have to call nandroid-mobile.sh from adb shell in recovery mode).
          and btw: fastboot oem unlock is not undo-able.

  • http://Website venus

    i have locked my main screen and forgot the path followed can someone help me getting out of this problem?

  • http://Website geololj

    Here is an idea for HTC : (!) Release Windows 7 32bit usb drivers. That would be awesome!

    Or else give us some windows xp machines for free if you are that much lazy.

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  • http://Website Giorgio

    Hey guys!!
    Can someone adapt this AWESOME tutorial to root a Nexus One with installed Froyo 2.2 (Stock version)?!

    I understand I should just follow this guide with the image download from here: Location Tracking v0.4
    but I’m not sure I should change also something else!


  • http://janti.shawash.com Jan

    I’m planning to do some traveling with my new Android.
    If I root my HTC desire, will that make it work on any network? Or do I still need to pay for some website to send me my IMEI to get an unlock code?


  • http://Website tom

    hi i followed your instructions all the way but got stuck once i entered the command prompt for the recovery image.

    it is stuck at sending recovery and on my phone also the status bar is stuck at 75%. please advise.

    thank you

  • http://Website Paul Newman


    Just out of clarification, I have a T-Mobile locked N1, will this allow me to use another’s carrier sim card?

    Sorry for the nob question


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  • http://mobilmania.no stuck

    i’m stuck when i go into recovery mode the x coms up an then nothing can anyone help me pleas
    i hav a nexus one.
    its rooted.

    plase mail me at [email protected]

  • http://Website Brian

    Can I unlock google nexus from the U.S., for use in Italy? Instead of T-Mobile for example can I use Vodafone in samrtphone?
    Thank you. Waiting for your answers.

  • http://www.xstudio.biz/ How to Convert DVD to Android Nexus/HTC?

    How to convert dvd to android nexus/htc?
    http://www.xstudio.biz/dvd-to-android-nexus.html can tell you.

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  • http://Website David Juhl

    I am in South Korea. I bought my phone and service here. I wonder if it is safe to root the phone using these instructions.

  • http://Website Slina

    I will follow your instructions, and thank you very much for your good suggestions.
    Don’t you want to enjoy yourself?
    http://www.astronomylasers.com/ might be your first choice.

  • http://Website Mario

    Hello there, i’m rom Quebec and dont speak very well english.

    I have a big problem, i have done everythin a the top and now my phone wont start again.

    can you help

  • http://www.optastroclub.com Opt Astro Club

    I’m speechless. It is a excellent weblog and very attractive too. Nice work! That’s no longer in point of fact a lot coming from an amateur writer like me, nevertheless it’s all I could say after diving into your posts. Nice grammar and vocabulary. Now not like different blogs. You actually realize what you?re talking approximately too. Such a lot that you simply made me need to discover more. Your blog has transform a stepping stone for me, my friend.

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  • http://Website Fabian

    Hi there,

    its not working for me.
    When executing ‘adb reboot recovery’ im stuck at the warning triangle sign.
    Cant do anything except for removing battery and restart.

    Some documentation says to delete install-recovery.sh, but without root its impossible…

    How am i to proceed?

    • http://Website Stephen Gianotti


      I’m having the same problems. What did you ever come up with to fix it? Also what version of Android were you running? please let me know

  • ozoutt

    Can I tether a T-Mobile Android or Samsung?

  • sjors

    Can someone PLEASE help me find a way to UNROOT the nexus one so I can get the update 2.3.4 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!

  • http://Website Vijay

    Hi there,

    I have unlocked and rooted my Nexus One phone as per the given steps. Once after completing the process, phone is rooted but it is resetting every five minutes by throwing an error message “Process system is not responding.” with buttons ‘Force Close’, ‘Wait’ & ‘Report’.
    Please help me. How to come out of this situation?

    Thanks in advance.


    • macaia

      Hi Vijay,

      Exactly the same happened to me: I went easily through all the steps listed in the post, but now once my N1 start working I consisently incur into a “process system is not responding” error, that does not allow to do nothing: if I click on “wait” than basic operations do not work, if I click on force close than the N1 reboot automatically and I’m back to the same issue.

      Only difference vs post is that I´ve used a newer version for custom recovery (RA Passion v2.2.1), see here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=611829

      May anyone help me out?


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  • http://Website paruoe

    How to put dvd to your mobile?You can refer to the step.

  • http://Website Samuel

    Followed this tutorial, and after flashing the Cyanogen N1 addon and rebooting, suddenly the display wouldn’t work. Author should update this tutorial with a more recent release of Cyanogenmod.

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  • Ryan

    Everytime I try to flash a zip it says that the signature is bad and then aborts can someone please help, also do you need to flash a new zip to keep the root?

  • Sadhwi Sondhi

    Hi PLEASE HELP. my nexus one randomly went off and then it showed me the white screen with the three android skateboard dudes. Now its stuck on that screen and I have no idea how to fix it. Please help I need my phone to get fine. If I click on the reboot then my phone is on safe mode and then it goes off again. I have no idea what is happening it would be great if you could help!!

  • vittorio serafin

    I did all the steps, but when i will reboot the sistem, i see onle the bootloder unlock simbol and the 4 colur tipical for android. this image stay every time. help!!!!!!!!

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  • http://what-we-will-be-taking-a-look-at-in-this-posting Mitchel Harritt

    fantastic publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector do not understand this. You must proceed your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

  • Emanuele

    Hi there!,
    I would like ask if the process will work if i have already installed clockworks.
    I mean.. i can fallow the step 2 with Amon_Ra.. or I should stop ?
    If I should no continue and unistall clockworks.. you know how I can do that?..

    Sorry.. i am quite new about :/

  • lelocchio

    I have already installed clockworks.
    Could i follow a step number 2 (install Amon_RA) or avoid to that?
    Its possible that Clockworks and Amon_Ra crashed if will work togheter?

    Please, help! i am quite new!

  • damien

    Bjr, j’ai un problème avec l’appareil photos de ma nexus 1, elle ne fonctionne plus quand je l’active il affiche du noir sur l’écran et pire souvent j’ai un appel et je n’arrive pas a le décrocher. veuillez m’aider si vous avez des solution pour moi.

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  • MGTech30

    Please edit this step; Open a command prompt and navigate to your Android SDK tools folder. To: Navigate to your Android SDK tools folder and a command prompt by putting the courser in a blank space and holding the Shift key then Right clicking.

    It could be a little confusing to us first-timers. Thanks.

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  • jewel

    Is there any way to uninstall some apps already on the phone withou going thru this root process? I just want to free up some of the built in memory as there seem to be many apps I cannot move to the SD card. Thanks, (Total Noob to this and can’t afford to f-up my fone) appreciate any help you can offer.

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