Jan 05 AT 9:36 PM Clark Wimberly 31 Comments

Video of Nexus One running Adobe Flash

The video shows some obvious short comings in the flash handling (slight flickering very visible) but it’s still a huge step forward and I can’t wait to start browsing flash sites and playing games from my browser. Are you guys excited at the prospect of finally having flash in action?

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  • Nortisan

    That’s awesome. But…is this coming stock on the shipped Nexus Ones?

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      Who knows? Last I heard they hadn’t released it yet but they sure do like to tease us…

    • http://organizedfellow.com OrganizedFellow

      Yeah, that’s what I wanna know.
      It wasn’t mentioned in any of the dozen or so ‘Reviews’ I read.

  • Nortisan

    Yeah…That’s what I thought. I haven’t had a chance to really check out the video…Do you know who shot the vid? Is it from Google or Adobe? Or just some random source?

  • http://Website Ryan

    I’m happy without Flash…never liked it on the PC and certainly don’t want it on my phone.

    Watched the video….he pointed out all the nice Flash ads on the NeoGeo site. No thanks! Just what I need…punch the monkey banners on my phone.


  • http://Website Jr

    he said at the end hes from flash!

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Ramon

    I’m curious about flash for other android phone and the release date..

  • Titty!

    Do you think it’ll be at CES this week?.. I sooo hoping so.

  • http://Website midtoad

    “Obvious shortcomings”? Okay, so I viewed the video on my netbook, but you know, I couldn’t see any flickering. I’m delighted at the prospect of being able to use Flash, and I’d hate to damn Adobe with faint praise. This is huge news, and a killer feature for the Nexus One.

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    He’s from Adobe, and he said it would be pushed OTA shortly.

    Yeah, I don’t need to see ads in flash, but some sites are unviewable without it. To say you don’t want flash is just ludicrous.

    • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

      To say you don’t want flash on your smartphone isn’t ludicrous. To say you don’t want flash PERIOD isn’t even ludicrous (I think the world would be far better off without it, but that’s a discussion in and of itself).
      Purely from a usability P.O.V.: The sites I visit when I’m mobile are typically sites that have some form of mobile device support, and as such don’t use flash on them. Think sites like ars.technica, google, a site that gives me info about local trains and buses etc.
      The only way I could actually accept flash is when I get an Android browser with it that actually lets met turn off flash whenever I want to, like the flashblock plugin for Firefox.

      • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

        So you’re saying you don’t want flash….because you don’t go to sites that need flash. So who gives a flip then? You’re anti having flash support that you aren’t even going to use?

  • http://Website serjical

    actually he said it would be pushed via the web not ota

    • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

      My bad. How does over the web work?

      • http://Website Juan

        probably a plug-in or gear. will prob ask you if you want to install when you first visit a site that requires flash.

  • http://Website gad

    How long will it take them to get the bloody flash out.We’ve been talking about flash on Android for ages,isn’t it about time they get the flipping thing out?

    Pls lets talk about something more interesting.This is boring

  • http://Website poinck

    No Flash, THX! I don’t wan’t to see all the bad programmed flash apps or commercial banners on my phone. Nevertheless, without Flash you save processing time and battery life.

    Did you notice that a flashblocker-plugin can reduce the amount of used RAM of Chrome?

    i HATE flash, youtube can be watched with native apps or HTML5.

    • http://Website anakin78z

      Oh please. Pictures also take longer to load than text, so why not switch to a text only browser? Everything has it’s use when used properly, and there are plenty of sites that don’t load right on a mobile browser because they never thought to program it properly for mobile devices, and a lot of them use flash. This will make those sites easier to navigate, and will open up new possibilities for mobile sites.

    • http://www.whenimmobile.com Jonathan

      YouTube can be watched directly with a mobile website as well. You don’t need a native app.

      I have links directly to YouTube videos working on all versions of my mobile sites (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm OS, etc) as part of a seamless user experience. Best example: http://www.whenimmobile.com/bgusa (record label prototype).

      Check other examples by visiting http://www.whenimmobile.com on any mobile web device and choosing the Portfolio link.

  • http://www.mobil.rs Mobilni telefoni

    When I stared to do website in flash apps 9 years ago I wanted to iplement flash dynamic baground in mobile phone. So nothing new idea.

  • http://yellowrex.com YellowRex

    Canvas + Video tags mean Flash is unnecessary. I’d be just as happy without it.

  • XenosNS

    Flash is good, but i’d be more interested in seeing Android support more standard stuff like HTML 5 and the and tags, instead of more plugins.

  • XenosNS

    Whoops, my last post should of said “the audio and video tags”, but I used brackets without thinking they might get processed as actual html lol

  • http://Website Tim

    Flash is nice, but lots of flash games are pointless with out a keyboard.

    Anyway, I like the idea and I’m holding my breath for a qwerty n1 or some other sort of g1 successor from htc

  • http://Website anakin78z

    I don’t ever play flash games, but if it lets me watch hulu I’ll be super happy about it.
    There are plenty of websites that don’t have good mobile sites and use flash, so for those situations, flash will be essential.
    I’m looking forward to this for sure.

    P.S. yes, I know you can’t watch hulu outside of the US.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skcseth skcseth

    So… Is this coming to all Android phones running 2.x or am I missing something?

  • http://Website Steve

    I for one am eagerly awaiting Flash support on my Droid. Yes, one can live without Flash on a mobile phone. But video and active visual contentenhances the browsing experience. If I wanted a text only or business oriented browsng experience I would have bought another BlackBerry. The point of Android devices is to provide a richer user experience. So bring on the Flash!

  • http://Website Wello

    I’m waiting for Flash support locally on Android. Like a console emulator, but with flash. You should be able to just download games in flash and they should run normally. That would be better for the developers who don’t wanna work in Java to write their applications. There are tons of flash games available now and it would be a huge step to incorporate them into the smartphones.

  • http://Website JTL1380

    I think Flash will also be available on the Droid, which I happen to have. Anytime you click on the get Flash link on a Flash based website, you used to get a page that says “Flash Player 10 will be available for Android devices in the first half of 2010.” Now it just says Flash is not available for your device or operating system. Not sure why they changed the redirect page, but still have fingers crossed that it will be available on other devices besides Nexus One.

  • marlon

    There will be a application of flash player for the Samsung Moment sprint android by google

  • http://addicted-2-retail.com/ anthony

    my nokia n900 already handles flash . . . =oP