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Video: Xperia X10 does 3D maps

Ericsson Labs has uploaded a quick video demonstration of their new 3D Landscape API running on an Xperia X10 phone. Satellite maps are rendered in 3D for one of the coolest map demos I have seen. Who else wants to see this API used in a GPS navigation app?

From Ericsson: The SDK libraries uses unique maps in 3D and fast methods for rendering the maps which makes it possible to show realtime 3D maps in high quality. The maps for the SDKs are downloaded from a backend server and buffered in the mobile as needed.

3D Landscape features include:

  • Realistic maps in 3D
  • Free access to map data
  • Advanced rendering engine
  • Simple API

Source: Ericsson Labs

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  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    That is ill…

  • http://www.droidshirts.com Csewell08

    Wow, and to think I was here waiting for Google Earth on my Nexus, this is pretty sick.

  • CJ

    Sure, it looks nice but like so much of the “eye candy” being added to phones now I’m sure it’s hell on the battery, phone speed, and ultimately not that useful.

  • monkeydroid


    We’ll find out when this thing is released.

  • Se7en2

    Yet another reason to be sad that this phone isn’t being released in the US.

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