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What happens in Vegas stays all over this site

You’ve heard the old saying, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, thanks to the marvels of modern technology our trip will be heartily documented all over the web.

We’re headed to Las Vegas tomorrow (January 6th) out of Austin, TX to cover the Consumer Electronics Show and plan on trying to track down everything Android we catch wind of.

We’re also headed to a solid stable of side-parties. Our first night in town we are headed to a Pepcom event (we attended the one at CTIA and were thoroughly impressed). The next day Taylor’s got us going to the might-be-celebrity-filled It Won’t Stay in Vegas party hosted by Brent Spiner (I GET TO MEET LT COMMANDER DATA). Last year Levar Burton was there (I’ll have to resist the urge to walk up signing Reading Rainbow at the top of my lungs) and this year Leo Laporte is scheduled to attend (been watching this guy for the better part of a decade now) so I’m starting to get pretty excited.

The meat and potatoes of the trip though is CES and we plan on covering every angle of the Android gear presented this year. We’ll be posting video interviews live from the show floor, photos as we take them, tweets as quick as we can— all to keep you, the loyal reader, informed. To follow all the action we’ve set up numerous streams of content, listed below:

Android and Me CES Page
We’ve set up a special page that pulls all of our CES-related posts into a single place. Starting today, any post on this site that pertains to CES will get a CES rider right under the main post image (like you see on this page). Clicking the banner will take you to the central CES page.

Travel Blog
For all our non-Android content like where we are eating, hotel antics, after party stories, etc you can follow our travel blog on Tumblr. All three of us will be using aTumble throughout the trip to constantly update a single Tumblog.

Twitter: @androidandme, @clarklab, @angiedoes
Follow us on Twitter for short blasts throughout the trip. Twitter is also a pretty handy way to get a hold of us so if you have a question or are in Vegas looking to meet up, hit us up on Twitter.

Flickr Photostream
All of our photos from the trip and show floor will be automatically uploaded to Flickr. This year we went ahead and bought an Eye-Fi card in the hopes of blasting live high-res photos direct to Flickr from the show floor.

YouTube Channel
We’ll be filming any hardware we can get our hands on and plan on doing as many booth interviews and recaps as humanly possible before we drop.

We’re super excited to be headed to Vegas (especially on a ‘business’ trip where the site can foot the bill) and even more excited to share it with all of you. If there’s anything specific you want us to track down or any questions you want us to try to find answers to, let us know. We’ll do our best to squeeze every bit of Android info out of this thing.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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