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Win Android vinyl decals (winners announced)

WINNERS: I’ve just notified our winners Matthew, Andy, and Liviu via email. If that’s you, check your inbox. If not, stay tuned, we’ve got more decals on the way.

A few weeks ago in the forums I came across a user selling some Android logo decals. I’d been on the hunt to have some high quality stickers cut in vinyl and one of our users seemed to have just that.

Dave Lindberg is selling cut vinyl stickers featuring the Android logo on his site for $6. I emailed and asked for a sample and to my surprise he sent me a handful of stickers along with a few to give away to our readers. Check the video below:

Android logo vinyl decal on Vimeo.

Simply leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing. At random we’ll pick three commenters and each will win an Android decal via mail.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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    Well now, stickers? For me? Gimme!

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  • mernen

    Are readers from other continents eligible? Hope so!

  • http://Website brian

    oooh those are cool, even if I don’t win I would consider buying one.

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    Hey this looks cool i hope i win.

  • Gabe

    Hope I win

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    I Hope I win =]

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    Awesome! I’d love those.

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    I want so google decals… plan on attempting the plush android I saw ill keep you posted…

  • http://Website David

    This would be sooo much cooler than the sticker I currently have on my car ;-)

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    I’ll trade you an Apple sticker for one… =)

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    Droid for the Nexus one…Love it!

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    ooo, I’d like a sticker…

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    Yea for stickers!

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    IN! for free decals!

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    _______________________________________ random choice _______________________________________

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    I would love a decal.

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    Those stickers are a WIN! I have to have some of that. Thanks for sharing that and making us aware of another great way to propagandize (that’s a word right?) Android.

  • greg

    An android sticker would really complete the ladykiller aka the dodge neon

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    I’d love one to stick to my barback :)

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    Droid swag FTW

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    They look slick!

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    I would love to geek out my truck with one of these. I’m tired of only seeing Apple stickers on other cars.

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    US addressee only, or is this available to all good readers around the globe? If the latter, count me in. Would love to win one. Subscribed to your post through RSS Feed.

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    Oh sure, I’ll take an Android sticker!

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    Plz! Needz android stiquerz!!!11!1!1!1!1one

  • kevind

    Dang nab it, look at all of the people too cheap to spend $6 on a sticker. Wait, that’s me too!

  • Pick me please!

    I would totaly rock this on my snowboard!
    Send me one please! I’ve got a moded g1 and talked my girl into getting the nexus one. You guys sparked my intrest and everything I know about android and moding them I owe to you and cyanogen. thanks for your great blog.
    Black G1
    cyanogen RA-recovery-v1.5.2
    8gb class 6
    1gb ext4
    64mb swap

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    Android fans needs things like this to show off.

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    I vant a zpooooky zticker

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    Cool sticker.

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    The great thing about the logo and the stickers is that it looks like a canadian from south park. So throw it on your macbook or car with the apple sticker, and you can make it look like the ‘droid is eating the apple!

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    Sweet stickers, can’t wait to get them!

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    I am probably last to comment so that definitely should entitle me to one…..

  • Jim

    Love me some decals…

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    This is getting to be a long shot, but I want one tooo.

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    …Perhaps me? :D

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    I drive a semi and would proudly display this everywhere I go. Show some Android spirit.

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    I would love one of these stickers. I will display it proudly on my laptop.

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    i want one!!!

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    I gotta have one! Android fanatic. I am actually looking for a holster for my Samsung Moment with an Android on the Holster if you know of any.

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    I want one!

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    It’d be sweet to get one, but I’d prefer to get a small one – I don’t have space for the huge sticker on my already covered laptop lol

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    1 in 100ish chance so far…

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    Awesome sticker.

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    So this comment might win me free strippers?! Awesome! This site rules!

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    Oooo! I want one!

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    I need one of these for my car!

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    Very cool. This will go great with my Android t-shirt.

  • Fritz

    It’s still today, right?

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    Ooo nice, everything looks good w/ android stickers! I’d like one aswell.

  • http://richardmorrison.co.nz Richard

    The real question, is who would win in a fight between Andy and DrunkBird?!

  • stejpeck

    I definitely want one! :D

  • Alex Medina

    I love you android and me I want a android sticker so bad it will make me a happy man!

  • http://Website Taylor

    Just ordered myself a google nexus one.. android sticker would be awesome!

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    comment :)

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    Do I mind?, no sir!

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    i want those stickies!

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    yay! decals!

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    i want a droid sticker aaaa :)

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    I need an Android sticker to put on top of my wife’s apple. ;-)

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    Please pick me!

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    could I pleaseeeeeee have one

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    Would love one!! Great site!!!

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    Just received my Acer One. It’s going to be used for Android development. So a Android decal for the back of it would be SWEEET!

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    Winner winner chicken dinner

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    \(^o^)/ <— How can you deny that face?

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    what do I have to do? dance? sing? tell me tell me!!!! :D

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    Aaaa, is it too late to enter?

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    Good Luck everyone

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    Cool! Send mine to Puerto Rico!

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    I had to scroll down really far to type this…pick me

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    Would so like to put these on my cube at work.

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    I love my android device, and I love google.

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    Wow. Its amazing to see how much interest Android stickers are drumming up. How about sending a N1 or two (or three… really I’m not picky and open to any integer value of N1s) this way with the sticker on it? :p

  • http://Website Scott

    Proud Droid owner who’d like to have some android decals.

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    Oooohh man I would LOVE one of these on my Macbook, it would make it so much better! hahah!! Fingers Crossed!

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    Can I still enter?

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    Heck yess Android

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    I want! I’m an Android big fan!

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    I want one. Yo quiero uno.

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    I won! Hahah I never win anything!

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    I have big boobs.

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    I have been looking for a new sticker to put on my laptop, the awesome little droid dude would be a fun one to add to my collection.

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    the best android decals can be found here: http://www.grafixpressions.com/android.shtml

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    Android eating apple on my laptop… would just love the pun ;)