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Poll: Who holds the current Twitter app crown?


In the past few months, the Android Market has seen a nice collection of high quality Twitter apps appear. With the growing popularity of Seesmic, Twicca, and the recent release of Level Up Studio’s Touiteur, the requirements for a true contender to the throne have become even greater.

It is no longer enough for an app to simply “work” with Twitter. Functionality such as multiple accounts, notifications and widgets are becoming ubiquitous. Now that there is a such a large selection in the Market, developers are finding that often it is the visual design and improved user experience that are drawing users towards other applications.

Readers, have you stuck with your original, or been lured to someone new? What is the top Android and Me reader Twitter app?

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  • http://Website Carloswithac

    I’m still using Swift.

  • http://Website Antonio

    Definately Seemsic! It’s free, has a clean/nice UI, many features, and it allows multiple accounts. MY only issue is that on the motorola cliq, many of the buttons in the app are red and you can’t really see the words on them too well.

    • http://www.seesmic.com/ Mathieu

      Antonio, this is going to be fixed in the next version. The custom Motorola OS didn’t quite liked our custom buttons :)

  • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

    I tried out Seesmic for a while but went back to Twidroid. Just trying out Touiteur now tho and I like what I see so far.

  • http://twitter.com/jcrabapple jason

    Went from Swift to Seesmic to Twidroid to Tweetcaster and finally to Twicca. I’m sticking with Twicca!

  • http://www.greymarch.com Greymarch

    Touiteur isnt getting many votes, but that will change. Ask this question again four months from now.

    I used seesmic for a few months, and I enjoyed it. Seesmic use to be the best android twitter app. I downloaded touiteur a few days ago. I now consider touiteur to be the best of the bunch.

    I write about the Android OS and Nexus One at my website:

  • http://Website Holly

    Tried a bunch, was with Twidroid for a while but i kept getting force closes so I switched to Seesmic. I love it!

  • http://Website cymon

    I have purchased and tried them all. Right now my two favs are Twicca and Touiteur. Twicca is really really fast on updating tweets but the UI needs some polishing. Touiteur has a great start and some really cool ideas. I love its UI more than any others….plus it has a great dev

  • SliestDragon

    Twicca, the best, hand down, it’s fast and clean, and I love all the settings it has. Although seesmic is a close second…

  • http://www.metserve.com SatanR1

    I used to use Twidroid ….. but then I saw the light and use Seemic on my Nexus One !!

  • http://gyurigrell.com Gyuri

    I’m using Seesmic and am really warming up to Twicca. Both perform really well and I like the simple/elegant design of Twicca. I tried Toutouer but it performance was bad on my myTouch — bad name as well, I’m sure most people can’t pronounce let alone type it out. Tweetcaster’s list feature seemed broken when I tried it a short while ago, only showed my subscribed lists, not my own.

  • http://Website wademac

    Like what I see so far from Touiteur…

    very nice looking application + a responsive developer….

  • http://frostygoodness.com Frosty Goodness

    I’ve been trying out Touiteur, and I must say that I really love its UI. Unfortunately, its just a little too choppy on my myTouch. Seesmic so far has been my favorite for its cleanliness, and for being the snappiest of the bunch.

  • http://Website blingiesha

    I love Seesmic right now, I’ve been a fan of Swift but it seems the developers have stopped working on it and I need multiple a/cs.

    One feature I wish Seesmic had that Swift does is the ability to expand/describe what URL shortners lead to so I don’t inadvertently click on youtube links for example while on my phone. Swift’s built-in browser is really fast also.

  • http://Website HungryLion

    HTC Peep’s integration with the UI is definitely worth mentioning … just too bad it doesnt support searches or TT’s …

  • http://Website lordhong

    Seesmic! Latest release fixed many crash bugs.

    Twidroid had its chances, but, quoting like Steve Jobs, “they are too lazy”. It took them almost a year to get the UI to somewhat acceptable stage.

  • http://www.Technormous.blogspot.com Justin

    I have to go with Seesmic because it is Free.. although I did purchase twidroid Pro and liked it … and i am all about supporting a dev for a Job Very Well Done.

  • http://Website Retrodis

    I am waiting for Twitwu. Coming out in the next couple of months.

  • http://Website mubzymalone

    I can’t pick one. I have around 3/4 on my handset.. Swift was my favourite for ages, then Tweetcaster came in with favourites and i’ve been using that. Now Touiteur looks good (a bit clunky though). Can’t try Twicca as I am still on 1.5

    The best thing about Swift is it’s in built browser. Why does EVERY Twitter app not have that? Saves so much trouble not having to kill the browser after i’ve checked a link.

    • http://Website Henning

      In Android, you can return to your previous app from the browser simply by pressing the back button.

      • http://Website mubzymalone

        I know that, but what I mean is I try to limit what apps are running in the background. With Swift you can check links and nothing else is opened. With other clients the Browser is running in the background.

        • http://Website Henning

          In Android, you don’t need to kill apps you’re not using. Android itself will kill unused processes if an active app needs more memory. What’s the point of having free memory while reading some tweets? You paid for all the RAM in your phone, so you should use all the RAM in your phone! :-)

          Also, the apps in the background don’t *run*, i.e. they don’t cost any CPU time. But if you want to use such an app again, it will be back much faster compared to a completely new startup of that app (that’s why Android keeps these processes around).

          I use Seesmic and the browser and switching between them is fast and without problems. Plus, I can bookmark a link rightaway, if I like it.

          I also don’t think your “solution” actually uses much less memory at all: The biggest part of the browser is the webpage rendering engine anyways, and you need that in Swift as well. So the difference boils down to a bit of browser chrome…

  • http://acidforblood.net/ Brinstar

    I started off with Twidroid, and later bought Twidroid Pro because I was so happy with the free version.

    Then I tried Seesmic. Seesmic addressed many of the minor user interface issues I had with Twidroid Pro so now Seemic is my go-to client for Android.

    I still think Twidroid Pro is a solid client, and looks great, but I am thoroughly loving Seesmic.

  • http://Website Adam S

    Used Twidroid (Pro) since getting my phone but have to say Seesmic is far better. Twidroids “Force Close’s” drive me mad. Pitty though, used to be very good!

  • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

    Seesmic is very well done. The simplistic-ness of the program really shines. Looking forward to future Seesmic updates.

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    Am I the only person in the world who far prefers Twidroid’s UI over Seesmic’s? Seesmic annoyed the hell out of me.

    And Twidroid has a widget. That’s helpful too.

    • http://Website CJ

      I’m right there with you. Twidroid is head and shoulders above Seesmic in the UI department and it does everything a Twitter client needs to do. I’ve given all the up and comers a chance to impress me and I always return to Twidroid Pro. #TwiDroid

  • http://Website @tokoskin

    Waiting for Seesmic or Swift for maemo too!

  • https://twitter.com/MotoCliqRooted Anthony

    I’m using Seesmic! It’s simple and it doesn’t drain the battery like some of the other twitter apps do!! :)

    • http://Website CJ

      Try changing the refresh time!

  • http://Website Todd

    I’ve used them all – Twicca is the best.

    • http://www.twitter.com/jcrabapple jason crabtree

      i wholeheartedly concur. fast, clean, and nice to look at.

  • http://Website Henning

    I like Seesmic best, because it conforms to the Android UI standards. Other clients have strange toolbars with weird (and often too small) icons, Seesmic has reliable standard tabs and menus.

    The team behind it is also very nice: I had crashes with the first version, tweeted about it, got contacted by Seesmic and with the current version all my problems are resolved.

    My only criticism remaining is that it runs a bit slow/choppy on 528MHz devices.

  • http://Website neon

    How can people prefer twicca and seesmic over TwidroidPro? Its like comparing hamburger to steak. Its by far my favorite. The UI is clean and customizable and very usable. Tweetcaster is nice but its menus are small and crowded and it feels blocky. Tweetcaster has no widget which is another reason I only use Twidroid.

    Tweetcaster doesn’t let you view much older tweets either like Twidroid.

  • http://Website Sherman 5150

    The best I’ve used yet!

  • http://www.thinkingdiver.com Erik Dasque

    I am so very impressed by Twicca. I think the UI is the best I’ve seen on Android. I feel it’s better than any app on the iPhone (owned one for 2 years).

    Arguably, it’s better than any tweeter app I have seen on a desktop, to tell you the truth.

  • http://cornerofseven.com ballpointcarrot

    I currently use seesmic for adding tweets, and twidroid for its notifications. Works well together.

  • http://Website James

    I’ve just ditched the iPhone for a Nexus One.
    My Twitter app is the only thing I miss.

    I used Echofon, and it did…
    - Uploading images to flickr
    - Geotagging
    - New retweeting
    - Notifications
    - Sync of the unread point across iPhone, Mac, Firefox

    I can’t find an Android Twitter client that does even 3 of those well. Help!

    • http://www.analoghype.com Quentyn K

      Twidroid does the middle 3 things. Not sure if you were looking hard enough.

      anywho, Seesmic is my #1 app after using many (new and old). It used to be that I always went back to Twidroid, now I always go back to Seesmic.

    • http://Website Hi

      I use to have an iphone too. To me twicca has all of the things your looking for plus more, reminds me of echofan quite a bit actually.

  • Vineares


  • http://Website Alfster

    I like Tweetcaster and Seesmic both have their +/-s. I’m currently using Tweetcaster because I like how it displays retweets. I also like being able to swittch accounts from the screen vs having to hit the Menu button on my Hero. Seesmic is right in there because they have an ad-less & free product. Seesmic will be my total favorite if they can add the two items I like about Tweetcaster.

  • http://blog.gynecologistcobra.net Demi Adejuyigbe

    I really like Twicca, but it needs to be much faster than it is.

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    LOL, people LOVE their Twitter clients.

    I’m on Seesmic by default. I’ve paid for Twidroid but can never stay with it longer than a week. I’ll go back again for a look one day.

    I used to use TwitterRide full time, but the dev slept on that one a little to long. Amazing scroll speed, and fast updating, plus a little star in-app on timeline and mentions to let you know if you had new tweets to read – really great. But the dev never added multi account, lists, or native retweet which is a shame. I need to try the new version but it looks like a Twidroid clone a bit too much?

    Have also paid for Touituer. Can’t use it full time yet (seems to muddle multi account, and sometimes have to refresh 2 or 3 times to get a complete list of latest Tweets) but the an update came out 2 days after release with some nice improvements. We all know the dev is really reactive and loves constructive feedback so Touituer has a big future I think. The best UI of the bunch too.

  • http://Website Bo

    Been trying to get Twicca for weeks now. Can’t find it in market, or via barcode, or via any site…

    • http://Website Josh

      Are you running 1.5 or 1.6/2.0+? I don’t think Twicca supports 1.5

  • http://Website revwillie

    Twidroid does ‘view conversation’. Does any other client do that? Twitter makes very little sense to me without it.

  • http://Website Jive

    Seesmic is my app of choice and the one I voted for, but Twicca continues to live on my Nexus One because I love its simple UI and underlying wealth of customization. I await multiple account support in the hopes that it’s not only offered in a premium version like most other twitter apps (one of the main reasons I stick with Seesmic, besides it being very nice and smooth).

  • http://dansl.net Dan

    Definitely Twicca, I tried all the other Twitter apps, and Twicca came out on top. I used to be an iPhone user and I was spoiled with all the nice Twitter apps on it (better than Androids selection IMO). It was hard to find a good Android replacement, till I found Twicca! I’d suggest checking it out. It’s FREE, so there is nothing to lose!

  • http://www.last.fm/user/lifeonthemoon Elliott

    Was using Twidroid Pro for a while, but I like that Seesmic has a computer version (like TweetDeck) and a web version, so I switched to that. It does all the features of Twidroid Pro, so I wish I’d have realized it before I spent the $5.

  • http://Website Succ3d

    I think Seesmic will win ;)

  • Mocha K

    does anyone know if seesmic offer a full screen widget like twidroid

  • http://Website androidawg

    I like Seesmic and Touiteur. I also like Twigee, but it isn’t on the list. Twigee has some nice customizations and a very sparse, clean UI. But Touiteur is fast becoming my favorite. It’s customizations are really beautiful and make digging thru tweets very pleasant.

  • http://Website Olive

    TweetCaster is awesome.. the only thing that it needs is a TWEET-SHRINK.. especially for Re-Tweets!!

  • http://www.bestandroidappsreview.com Dana

    I think Seesmic still brings the most streamlined approach to a Twitter app. I like Touiteur, Twidroid, and TweetCaster as well, but I always come back to Seesmic. I think it comes down to ease of use.

  • http://Website democrat

    I want to support Twitter API Support.

    swift and Twidroid Support twitter API Proxy.

    but I want using touiteur or seesmic

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  • http://Website Jeff Uberstine

    Touiteur is killing it now, its so good :-)