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Two Minute Drill: Twicca


Twicca is fast becoming my Twitter client of choice. It has an amazing UI with a lot of functionality I haven’t seen in other clients. You can easily select multiple tweets or set color labels for easy visual grouping. It has a super clean floating menu that doesn’t get in the way while still being perfectly functional. And it does it all while looking soooo slick.

It does lack multi-account support, a widget, and some other deeper features but I haven’t been missing them much. I’ve got other clunkier Twitter clients still installed on my phone reserved for Swiss army knife use, but Twicca is my day to day Twitter browser of choice.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • http://Website Nick

    Way too many force close errors on my Droid. But when it works. I love it.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      I haven’t had a force close yet, must be Droid specific. They just pushed a new update out today, have you tried it?

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  • http://Website Christian

    Doesn’t show up in my Android market… (O2, Germany)

    • http://Website Christian

      Reason: The app requires Android 1.6 or higher and I only have a HTC Hero, which is still on version 1.5.

      The error message in the Android market is stupid. It says “Not found”. But it should say: “Not for your device”… :-(

      • http://BabbleDroid.BlogSpot.com Ian Wheat

        Agreed. I’m often frustrated to not find an app that I’d like to try in the market, only to find that I need a different version of Android or that it’s locked out based on your country.

        That’s part of why I moved my HTC Hero (CDMA) to AOSP 1.6 ;)

      • http://Website adriang

        not full reason I have 1.6 and it still does not show in Australian app store. I see this all the time… :( i would not mind trying either…. oh well

  • http://BabbleDroid.BlogSpot.com Ian Wheat

    So I tried twicca a few days ago when I first heard about it on the forums but didn’t give it much of a chance.

    Pretty sure this two minute drill video has more than persuaded me to try it again!
    Thanks, Clark.

  • http://Website Jaguirre1231

    I love Twicca BUT it never notifies me of updates so I had to return to Swift

  • http://www.chadritchie.net Chad
    • http://facebook.com/FckingAllen Joseph Allen

      iTweet robbed people. it used to be a paid app. it lost a lot of followers and is definitely out dated. Seesmic has thee best Notification power in my opinion. I never miss anything. It’s definitely a competitor with Twidroid and now Twicca.

  • http://Website josesxi

    This rocks! And I get notifications just fine.
    Why would someone need more than one account?

    • http://BabbleDroid.BlogSpot.com Ian Wheat

      People might have a personal twitter account and one they manage for work, a web site community, etc.
      For instance, Clark and Taylor may have personal twitter accounts but there is also an @androidandme.

      • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

        yea with the way the site is growing I’m managing like a half dozen accounts now, haha.

  • Vineares

    OMG I didn’t know about the color coding until now. I’ve been using it since you posted it on the forums and now it just got SO MUCH BETTER.

  • http://Website Derek

    Looks a lot like Twitterific on the iphone, thats the one I use, its pretty good.

  • http://pansentient.com Afront

    Great wee review, I went and downloaded Twicca after watching this video and love it – so long Twidroid! It works perfectly on my Milestone (UK Droid).

  • http://maritorres.posterous.com Marilyn

    Great review! After trying iTweet and a few others, I realized Twicca is the client for me. The interface is spacious and there’s lot of built in functionality for a free app. I wouldn’t mind 5he addition of a widget, but the core app is definitely one of the best options on the Market.

  • http://Website poinck

    I have twicca beta since a month on my G1, and working properly with the twitpic-plugin. I like it very much, because its very fast and does not use much power of my battery. (o:

  • http://twitter.com/beautifulmartyr BeautifulMartyr

    I’ve tried Seesmic, Twidgit, Twidroid, Twicca, Tweetcaster and a few others. Seesmic seems to be the easiest to get the hang of, and Tweetcaster is pretty thorough. I’ve never been impressed with Twidroid (never understood the hype either) and Twidgit is the iPad of all Android Twitter apps (that’s not a compliment). I’m getting sick of Seesmic, though. Twicca can do so much more and the interface is so slick. I’m going back after watching this vid!

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  • http://[email protected] Mewombat

    This is an awesome app. Many thanks for it, I found the default Peep on my HTC Tattoo a bit limited and could not get TweeQ or Cheep Cheep to work for me at all (likely my own incompetance and n00b-ness with Android) but this fired up like a charm and has as far as I can tell full functionality.
    Might even get me tweeting again!

  • http://www.thequeenb.net Angel

    It doesn’t show up in the market and I have 1.6. It’s frustrating because part of the reason I got my MyTouch was I had found an application that seemed to rival with TweetDeck on the iPhone.

  • http://Website Damon

    Really liking Twicca, but my only gripe is that it’s really slow loading my timeline – I get a spinner and Loading…

    Wait, wait, wait, wait…then it loads.

  • http://Website lennyc

    Twicca is awesome i also use tweetcaster though for sharing acc wit fb and longer tweets twicca doesnt let u exceed the limit

  • http://Website FA1SGL

    Twicca was a “happen upon” application for me during my daily browse through the Market. I installed it tossed in an add-on or so. I find it to be an outstanding Twitter client. It has a very clean look and is full featured. Awaiting response to an email to the developer. Optional posting to other social networking sites would be great. I have a number of Twitter clients on my Droid X but Twicca is leading the pack.