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Two Minute Drill – SpeedX 3D (plus a giveaway)

SpeedX 3D is a fast-paced tunnel racing game where, in first person view, you speed down a tunnel and use tilt motion controls to avoid the colorful blocks flying at you at breakneck speeds. It’s a simple concept that makes for challenging and addicting gameplay.

The graphics are all geometric shapes rendered in amazing speed. The game has three difficulty settings and ‘extreme’ goes so fast it’s almost funny. The game is available now in the Android market (it’s a paid game, if you are in another zone you can find it on MobiHand).

The developer of SpeedX 3D has given us 5 free copies of the game to give away to our readers. To win one, simply visit our Facebook fan page and leave a comment on the SpeedX contest. Five random Facebook commenters will be given a coupon code redeemable with MobiHand for a free copy of SpeedX 3D.

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    There is an even newer version out that includes a “blackout” mode. It is crazy hard.

  • http://www.iansapp.com Ian

    Looks like a mix between wipeout and Audiosurf. I have a Nexus, but I am curious if it runs well on older devices such as the MyTouch

  • anakin78z

    gah, I hate Facebook. Why can’t I just leave a comment here?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We rotate our contests between all our social networks. Some are on the site, some are on Twitter, others on YouTube, and this one on Facebook.

  • http://Website l3reak

    Great game, it’s only a dollar so I just bought it. Still, wish there was a trial. I love this kind of simple polygon tech style, like LightUp.

  • http://rongthach.com/ Ron

    I just bought the game, it’s awesome, and it’s worth the buy.

  • DistortedLoop

    I can tell I’m addicted after just a few tries. LOL.

    It’s only like $1.20 with the conversion rate. Why bother waiting for a chance to get a free one. ;-)

  • http://Website udS27

    Hi, can anyone tell me, why I don’t find this game in the market??? The barcode drops me to an error page, too.

    Nexus One, Hungary, Pannon 3G


    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      It’s a paid app so you might not be able to find it in your market. Try looking for it on MobiHand.

  • http://Website maxisma

    I purchased it a few ago and must say that it’s great.
    Android games are constantly getting better! :)

  • http://Website DgDeBx

    When are you going to announce the winners? I want to buy the game since it is only like $1, but I may as well wait to see if I win.

  • http://www.friedsoftware.com David G. Friedman

    I just bought it @$1.20 USD. It is smooth and fast on my G1 running Cyanogen 4.2.14. It runs better on my droid (I’m also a developer — 2 testing phones). I simply have trouble with the sensitivity level of the tilt sensor. I can’t keep the thing going in a straight line on the G1 thought I find it is a little easier to do on the Droid. Perhaps a 2 to 3 level sensitivity setting might be useful. By the way, I think you have a fun an visually appealing concept: tetris meets Doctor Who’s time vortex. :)

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  • http://www.cgwhat.com arnel

    nice i love the game must be a lot of fun

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