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7.7 Million Android Handsets Sold in 2009


According to Canalys, the majority of smartphones sold in 2009 were touchscreen models (about 46% of them, to be precise). Canalys is also reporting that 7.7 million Android handsets made up 4.7% of overall smartphone sales, a growth of 1074% compared to 2008. This is great news for everyone wondering how Android will grow to be the world’s number two mobile OS by 2013 See the graph below for all the juicy details.

Smartphone Sales by OS.

Via: Unwired View

Source: Canalys

As a long time fanatic for open source software and operating systems, Ian Wheat naturally fell for the little green Android. They live together quite happily, with Ian's wife, in Roanoke, TX, and spend many hours together writing about technology, watching funny television shows, and killing zombies in Left4Dead2.

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    FIRST!!!! (I hope)

    Woah!!! Did that say that Android had over 1000% increase? in 3 years Android is going to top the iPhone and maybe even Symbia.

    • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

      Honestly? Not. The iPhone is still the iPhone, whether you (we) like it or not. People will buy it, not knowing Android. Everyone will pay attention to the iPhone, and Android will really have to step up to dethrone it. It’s a sad truth. In 3 years, Android might just have what it takes. It’ll be interesting to see how Google does it’s second year on the market.

      • http://twitter.com/androidsNsheep dotster

        Compare 1074% growth (Android) to 83% (iPhone) and think about how 2009 only shipped about 10 different models of Android phones and most of them were in the US or UK only.

        Now think of 2011 where almost every mobile manufacture (with the exception of Apple and Nokia) has turned at least 1/4 or 1/2 of their business to adopting Android.

        e.g. HTC reduced the number of WinMo phones to create more Android ones, Motorola is going for the gusto and releasing 20 Android phones this/next year, LG’s got a few, Samsung has a few (although Samsung seems to be doing it’s own thing now), and that doesn’t include companies who are using Android on new tablet devices such as the Nook, Notion Ink, Dell Mini 5, etc, etc, etc.

        Also consider how Google’s only now *starting* to step up their marketing for Android with new YouTube videos every week. While Verizon was willing to drop serious coin on broadcast ads for the Droid last year. And I can’t watch a basketball game without Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard and Charles Barkley pimping their myTouch from T-mobile. Oh and Motorola’s Superbowl ad with Megan Fox was certainly not cheap either.

        Everyone wants a piece of the mobile pie so don’t doubt for a minute the current top 4 won’t be chipped away at by Android.

        • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

          Android no doubt will become one of the biggest if not the biggest mobile OSes around, but I’m just saying… Android sold less phones in one year than the iPhone did in one quarter. We have a long way to go… but I do agree, the top 4 are very much being chipped away at by Android. I think WinMo and RIM should be the most scared. webOS isn’t much of a threat at all, really.

          • http://twitter.com/androidsNsheep dotster

            I agree that sales today look bad due to people not really knowing what Android is — or even that their phones can have “operating systems”.

            (That’s why I’m happy that carriers and manufacters are willing to foot the bill for most of the marketing since Google is only now warming up to broadcast ads.)

            I figure that the iPhone had a bit of momentum with the iPod Touch and other physical products to get in the mindshare of people before the Iphone became the iPhone.

            So I like to think of the G1 and “G2″ as the iPod touchs of the Android world … erm, but more useful. :)

  • http://Website pandadumpster

    Considering the only Android phone sold in 2008 was the G1, and for less than 2 months…maybe not as impressive as it sounds. Really need to wait for 2010 figures before passing too much speculative judgment, though I don’t doubt Android will grow massively.

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  • http://Website akil

    to be honest i see way more g1′s mt3g’s and hero’s than iphone, i know that more people have iphones but i dont see them like that anymore, in the past people used to get an iphone as along with the phone they already had now it seems like they get an android phone along with their iphone

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/cdrewing Christian

    Over 70 million Symbian phones? Who was so stupid to buy a Symbian set in 2009?

    • http://Website Ian Wheat

      It’s important to note that Nokia/Symbian phones in Europe are still super popular and, quite often, we don’t get the best handsets here in the US.

      • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

        What he said. Nokia sees great success in European and Asian markets, even if they falter in the US.

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