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Aava Mobile could deliver first Intel Moorestown powered Android phone

Did you really think Intel and AMD were going to sit back and let ARM take over the mobile world? Nearly every Android device to date has featured an ARM designed processor. Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Marvell, and a host of other chipset makers all license Arm’s technology as intellectual property.

Intel’s Moorsetown is the response to ARM’s dominance of the smartphone market. The chip will be out in Q2 2010 and Intel says it will offer better performance than dual ARM Cortex A9 processors (which are starting to show up in Android tablets).

If the claims hold true, this means the fastest Android phones in 2010 would have Intel inside.

Aava Mobile just announced they launched the first 100% customizable mobile device for the OEM/ODM markets at Mobile World Congress (Hmmm, haven’t we heard that before?). The reference design is intended for system manufacturers and carriers who can customize both the hardware and software, and benefit from the creativity of established developer communities.

“We are open on the hardware side with our standardized I/O ports and the ecosystem of peripheral docking devices that openness encourages, and we are open on the software side with our Moblin and Android operating systems.”Markus AppelCEO of Aava Mobile

The device features the Intel Moorsetown platform and runs Android. It also has support for T-Mobile 3G, but I doubt the carrier would pick this up as is.

Highlights of the Aava Mobile prototype include:

  • Extended touch screen (full A cover — front cover is touch sensitive) with haptics/vibra feedback
  • Full HD video capability
  • Micro USB OTG (also for peripherals like external mouse, keyboard, storage or docking station).
  • HD video conferencing (front-facing camera with facial and gesture recognition — software dependent)
  • 2 microphones (echo cancellation )
  • 3D UI and 3D sound for high-end gaming experience
  • GSM network (3G) for voice and data
  • Accelerometer, 3D compass, GPS, Wi-Fi

Intel was showing off the Aava Mobile device at CES and we totally missed it. I walked through the Intel booth a half dozen times, but never spotted any smartphones. Thankfully, someone else captured the device on film. You can see in the video below that it was running the Moblin OS, but we confirmed with a representative from Aava Mobile that Android is working on the device.

Guess what other phone we spotted running the Intel Moorsetown? The LG GW990 boomerang phone with its 6 inch widescreen. This device was also running the Moblin OS, but I guess Android is always a possibility now that Android is working on the Moorsetown platform (and LG is pushing  Android phones).

I actually got to play with a GW990 at CES and I asked one of the LG engineers why they didn’t support Android. He explained that Android did not support their super widescreen resolution of 1024 pixels by 480, but I’m pretty sure that could be fixed.

Intel Moorestown vs Cortex-A9 this Christmas? Sounds like a winner for Android.

Source: AAVA Mobile

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