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Admob: Android preparing to overtake iPhone in ad requests

Android uptake is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. High paid analyst predict Android phone sales will overtake iPhone by 2013, but I think it will happen sooner.

Looking at the latest Admob report for January, it looks like Android will soon overtake iPhone in smartphone traffic for the United States. In the latest monthly report Android now accounts for 39% of smartphone requests compared to 47% for iPhone OS.

I’ve been tracking the data for 13 months now and Android has increased every single time.

Android vs iPhone: Percentage of U.S. smartphone requests.

Some might call this a minor win, but I think it will be significant when Android passes up iPhone OS in Admob reports. Based on the current trend, this could happen as early as Q2 2010. For more on placing Admob metrics in context, see this blog post.

In the immediate future, it looks like the iPhone will remain an AT&T exclusive. At the same time, AT&T will be launching at least five Android phones which will further compete with the iPhone. When AT&T launches their first Android device, all four of the largest U.S. carriers will carry Android phones.

Other highlights from the latest Admob report include:

  • Android and iPhone users download a similar number of apps every month and spend a similar amount of time using the apps. However, some differences between the platforms still exist. Only 21% of Android users purchase at least 1 paid app per month, compared to 24% of webOS users, 35% of iPod touch users and 50% of iPhone users.
  • 73% of Android users are male, compared to 58% of webOS users, 57% of iPhone users and 54% iPod touch users. The iPhone, iPod touch and webOS have similar gender distributions, with just over half of the users on all devices being male.
  • 91% of iPhone users and 88% of iPod touch users would recommend their device, compared to 84% of Android users and 69% of webOS users.
  • The average age of an Android device user (35) is similar to an iPhone user (37) and that of a webOS device user (36). The average age of an iPod touch user is 23. iPhone, Android and webOS users are fairly evenly split across age groups.

Source: Admob

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  • http://Website Lox

    It is understandable:

    - most android apps are bullshit, ugly looking apps whereas Iphone apps are so cute

    - most users are male because android devices are not so cute (or famous) the first android phone my girlfriend is wiling to own is the Sony x10 mini because it is cute

    - more users are not happy of their android device because most have not android 2.1 (lacking features) and are not being updated. Also the first android phones had poor specs and performances.

    • http://Website G

      Don’t you have an iDevice to praise?

      • http://Website jinco

        Imo Android is alot better phone than iphone, iphone is a hand held computer and you are forced to buy majority of the apps and most importantly itunes is a rip-off.

    • http://Website reddragon72


      I say that cause there is nothing like being told what Apps your allowed to have on your phone, and having them automatically removed when ever Apple wants. Also the Iphone is for people that simply have no idea how to speak for themselves, and depend on others to make decisions for them. Also the Iphone cannot be made personal cause you don’t know how to be your own person, and with that you are not allowed to make it look different from the person next to you. Also you are being spoon feed abilities. The first Iphone could not send or receive MMS, cup paste or copy or send a txt to multiple people. Video also sucks on the Iphone and looks to never be fixed. Why cause Apple runs your life and feels that you cannot handle anything. Also you are also simple minded, why do I say that, well it’s cause Apple wont let you run more then one app at a time cause they know that you simply cannot handle it, and there hardware and OS cannot handle it. It is so funny how the Iboy freaks jump on any and all posts/news/info that puts there little product in it’s place. Wake up or don’t, either way it doesn’t matter much to me. Oh and if you want to justify yourself anymore I can keep going.

      • http://Website mihaelb

        I second that!
        iAdvertising sells all sorts of lousy products.
        Some are good, admittedly, but most are inferior to the competition.

  • http://Website Hermy Halloween

    I have to keep reminding myself that special interest groups are just that way, especially when they percieve their group as “not winning”. They find some little nugget of information and get all “whoo hoo pussy! Look at this! We are gonna win! WE’RE GONNA KILL YOU! YOU DESERVE TO DIE! WE’RE GONNA KILL YOU, FUCKER!”.

    I agree with the notion of Apple’s apparent “you are dumb. Let me think for you. And take large amounts of your money while doing it” attitude. But if our little group had the brain one of us so boasts of having we would not so feverishly attack our competitor(s). Why does the competition need to be so hatefully killed? Do you know what happens to an industry that has no competition? Our gadgets we hold so dear would start to deteriorate in quality/features/etc due to lack of need to be better than the competition.

    I hate iJunk as much as any other non-iJunk owner. It has strengths, some that even Android doesnt have. I wish it well as I do Windows Mobile, etc because competition drives quality more than bloodthirsty fans.

    • http://Website Bedir

      I agree but I must add that a bit of hatred or dislike for the competitors is also a very effective, though somewhat misleading, way of advertising since people are constantly trying to prove “their side” is better.

      It is also good for the competition since a bit of hatred/dislike is quite an effective motivational force.

      It is also important to keep in mind that modern smartphones are still quite young. Things will get really interesting when Android has matured a bit more and solved some of its problems (e.g. fragmentation). Personally, I see no reason why Android won’t become the leading smartphone OS within a couple of years. Hopefully, Apple will still be a worthy competitor (depends on the next iphone) and Microsoft will catch up.
      I won’t upgrade my N1 until then.

  • http://Website grellanl

    Why the difference in the number of apps being bought on Android? Well, I can see one reason straight off – the paltry internal storage allocated to apps, in every Android device so far.

    I would buy lots more apps, but my storage is full, and I’ve already removed several games and other apps I paid for, just to clear space. I don’t have a ‘lot’ of apps installed, certainly not as many as I think I should reasonably expect.

    It’s my biggest issue, and it’s limiting how much use I can make out of the device. Google Earth? I don’t have enough space left. LogMeIn Ignition? A premium app, and one I want to buy – will it fit into the meagre storage I still have, or will I have to remove DocumentsToGo before I can install it?

    I think this is distorting the app landscape in two ways – first, the sophistication of apps (and particularly games) is being limited, and second, people know they don’t have much space available, so they’re liable to play with some free apps, but are less likely to pay up if they think they’re going to have to lose the app in order to make space for the next cool one they want to try.

  • http://iphonereview1543.blogspot.com/ iphoner

    i hope so, because android is great,
    even google nexus one is android based

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