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Android 2.1 update moved up from Q2 to Q1

Have you been counting down the days till your carrier rolls out Android 2.1 to your device?

The vast majority of Android owners don’t even know what OTA stands for (over the air), but if you read this blog you know what is in store. Android 2.1 will bring the millions of current Android phone owners full multitouch, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, full Buzz support, multi-accounts (and oh so much more).

There was a lot of finger pointing confusion over which devices would receive Android 2.1, but most of the carriers and handset makers came clean and announced their support. It looks like all Android phones in the United States will be getting Android 2.1, except maybe the G1 which hangs in the balance (doesn’t look good).

We reported back at CTIA (before the Droid or Android 2.0 was announced) that other phones would not receive an update to Android 2.0 till Q2 2010. Some people called us crazy at first, but that is the timeline most carriers have given when announcing their support.

The first signs of an actual update came when Sprint revealed they were testing the Android 2.1 update and were making great progress. Sprint stuck with their 1H 2010 schedule, but hinted at an early release by saying they were making great progress and might deliver well within that time frame.

Now new reports are piling on the rumor that an Android 2.1 upgrade might be available earlier than we expected it.

BGR claims the T-Mobile CLIQ will get Android 2.1 in March, Engadget reported the HTC Hero will get Android 2.1 with the new Sense UI in mid-march, and the Verizon Droid could see the update within the next week.

We want to thank all the carriers for keeping us up to date and we will be including the best estimates for upgrade dates in our pending phones database.

The only question left is, “What happens to the T-Mobile G1?” Does it still deserve an upgrade or is it time to put the phone to rest?

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  • http://Website Andrew Gomez

    I sure hope my G1 gets an update!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m sure it will eventually get some kind of update, but I would not expect the full Android 2.1 experience. Who knows…I hope I’m wrong.

    • http://Website toeknee

      The mytouch is getting 2.1, which means the G1 will DEFINITELY get it.

      Of course that might not come officially but once the mytouch update is finally out it’ll be available for G1 thanks to awesome people like cyanogen.

    • amman the madman

      please please please is there some way i can update my behold 2 to 2.1 i will pay if i have to but please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am begging someone to help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website klmbo

    Typo in the 4th paragraph. 1010 should be 2010 o.O

  • http://Website Sejin

    does the eris fall under the droid or hero category?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The Eris is similar to the Hero (both HTC). The Droid is from Motorola and features a different processor.

  • http://Website dethduck

    The hell with the G1, what about the myTouch 3G?

  • http://Website Mr.cheekz

    Does the original MyTouch 3G fall under that category???hope so ive been waiting for quite a while to get 2.0/2.1 cant wait to play with the new features!!!

  • jalberty

    if we don’t get an os update for the G1, then maybe Tmobile should give us at least a phone upgrade. After all, we, G1 owners, were the firts to belive in Android and gave google and tmobile a chance to show us and the world what a great mobile os Android is.

    • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

      I really don’t understand this line of thinking.

      It’s like saying: “I bought an Accord last year. And Honda just came out with a restyled Accord that gets better gas mileage! WTF? Honda should give me a free Accord or at least a big discount for buying a previous Accord.”


      • http://twitter.com/bmastenbrook Brian Mastenbrook

        The difference is that T-Mobile promised multiple times that the G1 would receive updates throughout its lifetime. If you read the article that Taylor linked to, there’s a quote from T-Mobile which addresses this issue:

        “We plan to continue working with Google to introduce future software updates to the T-Mobile G1. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate. -T-Mobile USA”

        If they decide not to issue any further updates, owners who purchased the G1 because of these assurances (as I did) have a right to be steamed about it. I’m not upset at the moment because many devices are still on 1.6, but if the rest of the T-Mobile lineup moves to 2.x and there isn’t a peep about future updates, then I’ll think that T-Mobile has reneged on their promises.

        • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

          Brian, the big issue with that quote is that it says NOTHING. It only says TMo will “continue working with Google to introduce future updates”. There are zero guarantees there. Just fluff to make an audience happy. Just a “we’re working on it…”

  • http://Website xiefeilaga

    As I g1 owner, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for an update, at least to 2.0. But I don’t think people should be complaining so much about the g1 not getting it. Early adopters got to play with the first generation, and did get updated a few times. They also helped lay the groundwork for an amazing platform and community. If you have a year left on your contract, then when it’s time to get a new phone, you’ll get whatever superadvanced one is on the market then, and smile as all the Droid owners complain that their phones can’t run Jellydonut (or whatever they name it). In the meantime, go cyanogen

  • http://Website Mouse

    “The only question left is, “What happens to the T-Mobile G1?” Does it still deserve an upgrade or is it time to put the phone to rest?”

    Ouch. G1 owners are as early a group of adopters as can be, so I hope they’d get some love–2.0 at least, if not 2.1 with live wallpaper and all that power-hogging eyecandy. Imagine when/if the N1′s hardware gets long in the tooth, the Nexus Two is out, and this question becomes “What happens to the Nexus One? Does it still deserve an upgrade or is it time to put the phone to rest?”

    • http://Website dutch

      I am a g1 user and I don’t think, if any android phone, the g1 should be left out. The g1 made it possible for android to be then it should receive all the updates until the phone just can’t handle it. But if I can root my g1 and run virtually any version of android the developers need to make it work. How much bigger of a selling point do u need. Iphones are coming out new almost every year if my g1 can be supported for years to come then why would anyone keep wasting money on stuff that will be obselete in 1 year.

  • http://Website Rey

    I hope the my touch 3g gets it

  • http://Website kevin

    I sure hope that the G1 gets this update. I don’t see it being fair that all the other phones are able to get the upgrade, but not the G1. I don’t know if the G1 would be incompatible with Android 2.1, but if it is compatible, I don’t see why other newer models can get the upgrade. I paid a good bit of money for my G1 just like people who paid for their mytouch 3g or the motorola cliq, and I would like to get all the upgrades like the other phones do.

  • http://Website Richy

    Samsung Galaxy??

    • http://Website Danniello

      Not sold in USA, so probably it is the reason why Samsung Galaxy GT-i7500 is not mentioned in article.

    • http://Website Imad

      Galaxy also might get since it has same ram as mytouch 3g..

  • http://Website Quentin

    I think the samsung moment will be the best phone with out the Snapdragon once 2.1 rolls out

  • http://haydentheandroid.blogspot.com haydenTheAndroid

    While it would be nice to get on my G1, I’m getting really fed up with the G1′s slowness and lack of app storage, so I’m looking to upgrade within the next few months anyways. I love the G1′s keyboard though, so I’m hoping for an awesome Nexus Two announcement with a good keyboard!

    I’m glad Google gave us Google Navigation though, that was the main thing I’d use often from 2.x that I wanted.

  • http://Website joey s

    If the devs at xda can add stuff from 2.1 to the g1 such as live wallpapers why shouldn’t they be able to support the g1? If they don’t then that sucks balls!

  • http://Website asda

    How about HTC Magic? It seems that nobody owns the phone – there is no support, no OTA from HTC (okay there are kernels for cyanogenmod :-)

  • http://Website McLovin

    I got another year on my contract and my G-1 phone is obsolete. The industry needs to fix this problem because it could be hurting sales. They need to opt in a plan for upgrades mid contract.

    Next year I’ll be laughing my ass off when all you Nexus wheenies have the obsolete phone and you are the ones stuck in a contract for another year.

    • http://Website William

      Sprint is advertising something where you can upgrade your phone every year.

    • http://Website mapin

      As a nexus wheenie, I think I’ll be just happy and dandy since I bought the nexus without a contract. Sold my G1 on craigslist and that covered half the price of my unlocked nexus. My T-mob contract will be done in October, and I’ll be a free.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      Not on a contract. When people sign a two year agreement do they just not understand what they are doing? They are saying ‘Thanks for the discount, let me slowly pay you back over two years.’

      Don’t like contracts? Don’t rely on their discounts then!

  • http://Website Kenny

    man, I hope they do not forget about the people who believed in Android by purchasing the G1. I am one of those believers, I just hope that even if they can’t update it, offer an updated G1, how about that? Like how they did with the myTouch3G.

    We, the first generation Android believers, should be rewarded! ;)

    • http://Website Kenny F

      The myTouch3G slide is coming. That should do. Search this site for details.

      • http://Website Kenny

        thats almost like a down grade, like, from my rooted G1 to that, Id rather stay w my rooted G1.
        Id like a phone that doesnt inspire the NEED to root it

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Hero owners, check it out. This what we have to look forward too. Droid wont have it, neither does N1. Sense UI ROCKS!!!


  • http://Website tempex

    are half of you idiots and just read the comments and not the article?

    anyone that owns a phone and are complaining about an upgrade, did you ever expect your 4g Ipod Photo to play Videos with a simple OTA upgrade? hell no.

    Why the hell are you people so entitled to think you deserve free upgrades? NONE of you do.

    Or, be perfectly happy that Devs are hard workers that work for the passion of improvement, Not the passion to shut you little bastards up.

    Ohhh ohh no my G1 wont getta.. ::bitchslap::
    shut the hell up.

    run superD on your G1, until you get a Nexus, and go back into bitch-central about why you cant get your hands on Android 5.0

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    Okay, that’s it. I’m getting a Nexus One while my G1 can still sell for more than $50 on eBay.

    • http://Website mapin

      Umm you can get more than $50 on craigslist if you throw in a bunch of accessories (car charger, microsd card, case). I got $250 for mine same week nexus launched. :)

  • http://Website alan r

    Am I the only one that’s totally impressed at the G1? The fact that its the only android phone that has the development behind it to run every phone that’s worth running on the market? (Hero,Cliq, 2.0, 2.1) I mean ya.. it sucks that the G1 maybe left behind.. but hasn’t it done enough? I for one am glad I got a G1.. its had a good run! I’m excited to see which phone will “replace” the G1 as far as the development is concerned.

    • http://finermobile.com iPaul Pro


  • http://Website Erick

    what about the Behold II?

  • http://Website Kenny K

    As a rooted G1 owner I could care less about OTA updates from tmobile. I can say this speed of my phone had a huge increase and as far as my app storage a class 6 microsd with an ext4 partition was an obvious fix. You can get a 8gb class 6 microsd on amazon for as low as $20. We will get 2.X one way or another ;-)

    Black G1
    Hard SPL
    8gb class 6 microsd
    1gb ext4
    64mb swap

  • http://Website Lamar E.

    If the G1 doesn’t get the 2.0 or 2.1 update then i’m switching to sprint where i can get the htc hero ui. I believe that the G1 is very compatible for the 2.1 update. maybe not all the features but at least most of them.

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  • http://Website Chris

    As per usual, no mention of the UK.

    Vodafone have said nothing on the matter and looks like they never will.

  • http://Website Milton

    Haha you guys really really do bitch a lot, especially you G1 babies!! Even if and that’s a big if you ever get updated your gonna get a waterdown OS of 2.x. it won’t be the same, just like Droid owners are getting screwed over with 2.1, NO LIVE WALLPAPERS AND NO 3D APP MENU, and you aren’t reading Droid owners bitching on every forum about it and if any phone deserved those features Droid does. (Man you G1 ppl musta rubbed off on me cuz I think I was just bitching). But anyways, we Droid owners don’t hafta worrie about not getting updates anymore because by the time Droid finally is uncapable, our 2years will be up and we’ll have the next sweet ass android phone. So ya you suck McLovin

    • http://Website RayRay

      LMAO…look at you talking alot of crap when you sound just like one of us G1 owners bitchin….its all the same pain buddy..we all want updates.B EZ

  • http://Website Doodle

    Gee, everyone’s so friendly here! See, that’s what I like about the Internet, people are just so happy and loving! Good on ya, everyone!

  • http://Website sunhorse

    well said doodle,more people should experience the UK ,then they’d really learn to bitch with feeling..roll on my N1.

  • http://Website m.freeze

    so I know it says all the phones will get the update(except the g1) but just to clarify, all mytouch users will get it right? not just mytouch 1.2(black)? because im going to snap if I find out that my MT3G wont get updated all because Tmo decided to pull a better mytouch out of there ass a month after I got mine.

  • http://Website f. you

    hey shit heads. you give all these g1 owners heat for complaining!!! you be bitching too if you felt like you got ripped off. T Mobile sucks ASS

  • http://Website Tmobile Behold II

    Hey, you guys. really?

    If anyone deserves an upgrade,its the Samsung Behold II. Serious, we are just bad with our 1.5.

    You G1 people had your time already. When you came out, everyone wanted you. You were in the spot light.

    When the Samsung Behold II came out, we were already behind!!!

    This is my advise, I sold my tmobile tap for like 100 bux, when someone could buy it new for 170. I think you should all sell your G1′s when it comes time for that “discount Upgrade” we all know so very well.

    Honestly, I dont care if we dont ever get an update after this 2.1, but we need at least this one update sooo bad.

    Owning a Samsung Behold II is like owning a Dodge Viper with a Chevy Corsica motor, it just doesn’t run at its full potential.

    • http://Website RayRay

      That is your fault, no one told you to get the behold…read below or above where ever I wrote my comment.

    • http://Website Becca

      I know what you mean! They said oh don’t worry get Behold 2 the update will be out before you know it. Tick Tock…….. It better come out really soon like before the end of May. Behold 2 really does need 2.1 its ridiculous. Its a new phone running on an old OS with tons of issues. I can’t wait for multitouch and for a more useful cube button and the side menu tab to be on the bottom as all that other jazz I keep hearing about.

      As far as the G1 goes I don’t think owners should be shocked if they don’t get it. Can their phones even handle an upgrade like that? How many people still have that dinosaur phone? As much as people hate the money aspect of getting a new phone, I think you G1 owners had a good run for your money already. Its time for you guys to treat yourselves to a new phone and let the G1 rest in piece because its seriously time.

      • http://Website Becca

        Peace*** or better yet Pieces.. tee hee

  • http://Website RayRay

    I had the G1 before almost anybody, I was there from the beginning when everybody was jumping on the I-Phone wagon but no I stuck to my G1 so I think us G1 owners deserve the update or at least I do loll.

  • http://Website Devin

    JUST got off the phone with a T-Mobile customer service rep and she said the Android 2.0 update will be available the 1st week of April…Knowing T-mobile our best bet would probably be by April 15th…Hope I helped…

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  • http://www.kacaudah.com Alan Kanduth

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Thanks