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CDMA Nexus One clears FCC, headed to Verizon soon

We have known since the Nexus One was announced, that it would make an appearance on Verizon this year. Google said the phone would come in spring 2010 and it looks like the device just gained FCC approval. A new version of the Nexus One was spotted on the FCC site which supports CDMA, the technology Verizon uses for their network.

The first day of spring in 2010 is March 20 (It is known as the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere). Spring runs through June and summer starts June 21, 2010.

So sometime in the next few months, Verizon customers should have access to the best Android phone on the market. Look for Verizon to make an announcement during CTIA which starts March 23.

Verizon customers do not have much longer to wait.

Via: Cell Phone Signal

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website Dan

    Thanks for the insightful information on when spring starts

  • http://Website Vance

    T-mobile and Google better get on the same page or T-mobile is going to be losing a 10-year customer! I have been trying to get the Nexus 1 on my t-mobile upgrade for a month now. T-mobile assures me I DO qualify for the upgrade price on the phone, but when I go to the Google.com/phone website and request it, I get a message stating I do NOT qualify for the upgrade and that my price will be the $539 tag. OUCH. So… we’ll see which comes first, Google and T-mobile getting on the same page, or Verizon releasing its Nexus 1. Whichever it is will win my business – and I will retire my trusty G1.

    • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

      I would suggest calling Google now that they have a customer service number. No idea what it is, but speaking to live people is always better than just putting some data in to a web site.

      Give them a call, don’t mention switching to Verizon (Google won’t care if you just want their phone) and you should be good to go.

    • http://Website Dan

      Screw contracts and upgrades, buy it straight out, no worries about the terrible plan and being stuck on the contract for another two years.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Have you seen the Even More Plus plans? They are so much cheaper than T-Mobile’s normal offerings and they have no contract.

      • ontheFritz

        That’s what I went with. After taxes (in Florida ugh) it’s around 72-74 a month.

  • http://Website Zomygodowned

    Verizon customers have acess to the best android phone already: The DROID

  • http://Website Tony

    What about Sprint, why didn’t he mention Sprint in the article they use CDMA!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I didn’t mention Sprint because Verizon is the only other carrier (besides tmo) that has been confirmed to offer the Nexus One.

      • http://Website Tony

        Other blogs on this same subject mentioned both Sprint and Verizon which is why I was asking but your answer make sense. Thanks!

  • http://Website Matt W

    When is AT&T getting the Nexus One!?!?!?!?

    • Manly Man

      At&t dont deserve the nexus one!

      • mydroidbuddy

        hahaha amen!

  • http://Website Bob in Boston

    So Verizon is about to offer 2 new Android phones – the Incredible and the Nexus One – that are very similar? Same size screen, same weight, no keyboard, same version of Android, etc. Seems fishy…

  • http://nexuscellphone.com Willie

    Verizon and Android make a great team. The Droid and the Nexus One will offer users a real choice of highend smartphones. Something VZ users have been waiting for a long time.

  • http://Website mrbill

    Verizon buyers (and others) beware. Maybe there will be the day that the Nexus One actually works.

    In other words, stays connected to 3G, doesn’t lose signal strength when the bottom is covered by holding it in you hand, stays connected to wi-fi, doesn’t lose voice signal and need the battery removed and reinstalled to work again (more here: http://s995.photobucket.com/albums/af78/mrbill03/N1-No%20Signal/ click the pictures to enlarge), doesn’t have fluctuating screen brightness, doesn’t have a pink/red tint when it takes pictures, has a touch screen that registers the touch where you actually touch it, and has blue-tooth that lets you voice dial and connects to your in-vehicle blue-tooth system (if you have one) just to name a few of the problems.

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  • http://Website F. Lasco

    I’m strongly thinking of switching to verizon from t-mobile but the 3g signal has to be 100% better and they will hopefully have no contract deals like t-mobile. If so, i’m there.