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Droid does updates: Motorola comes clean with the details of Android 2.1

Droid does updates: Motorola comes clean with the details

As Droid owners count the seconds until their update arrives we have a little more to go on in the form of a chart which Motorola has published with what we can expect to see when Android 2.1 lands later this week. Unfortunately they still haven’t mentioned anything more specific regarding the timing of the release and for better and worse they confirm most of what we heard yesterday.

  • Voice recognition (for text entry in any text box)
  • Improved virtual keyboard
  • 3D Gallery
  • Pinch-to-zoom (browser, gallery, and maps)
  • News and Weather widgets
  • Enhanced music app
  • Google Goggles
  • Battery improvements

I’ve copied the full chart below and you will notice that there is still no mention of either the 3D app drawer or live wallpapers. Considering “Yahoo email new accounts setup optimizations” made the chart I would say this doesn’t bode well for us seeing those features in the official release.

Hopefully an answer from Motorola or Google as to why these features ended up on the cutting room floor will be forthcoming once the update hits.

After downloading and installing Android 2.1 software release, you will notice:

Voice Recognition for Virtual Keyboard Voice Recognition: You can now speak in plain English instead of typing, whenever a text-entry box appears on your Android device. Simply swipe your finger across the virtual keyboard and dictate your phrase.

Virtual Keyboard Enhancements: The fully integrated, enlarged virtual keyboard allows for easier and more accurate manual entries as well.  Also included are auto-complete/correct.

3D Gallery 3D Gallery offers a whole new way to enjoy your phone’s multimedia features.  With 3D gallery, all of your photos, videos, album art and images from your Picasa Web albums account online are displayed in three-dimensional stacks that gently move as the phone is tilted.  Scrolling through and choosing media has never been easier.  With 3D gallery simply use your finger to scroll through thumbnail versions of all your photos, videos and albums – and when you find one you want – simply tap the image to select it for viewing or playback. You can share pics individually or in bulk (by long-pressing a photo) on Facebook, Email, or MMS.
Pinch-to-Zoom Enjoy pinch-to-zoom functionality for web browsing, plus the Gallery and Maps applications
News and Weather App and Widget The News and Weather app pulls information from the web and brings it to your fingertips. Weekly and hourly weather forecast for your area based on your location and it pulls news headlines on the topics you care about most.
Google Maps Updates Sync with desktop: synchronizes starred items between Google Maps on your Android device and maps.google.com.

Personalized suggestions: Google Maps on your Android device suggests (autocompletes) locations based on your personal search history on maps.google.com.

Night mode: automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving

NOTE: Sync feature requires user to be logged in to myGoogle account while on maps.google.com

Enhanced Music Application New tabs at the top of your music player for easier access and navigation to your favorite artist, songs, albums and playlists.
Google Goggles App Google Goggles App allows you to snap a picture to start a Google search. It can also ”read” photos of business cards and add them to your contacts.  Even cooler is its built-in augmented reality feature that displays information about things, like stores and restaurants, around you.
Other Enhancements Security: Prevents unauthorized pattern lock bypass

Yahoo email:  Yahoo email new accounts setup optimizations

Battery life: ongoing battery life optimization

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola

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  • http://www.coprosperitysphere.com/pirateguillermo Stephen Beitzel

    Is this a different 2.1 than the OTA 2.1 we got in December 2009, or are you just living in a time warp?

    • http://Website mandlar

      That was 2.0.1, not 2.1. Totally different.

      • http://Website Stephen Beitzel

        D’oh! I was totally confused.

        • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

          It’s okay. It happens to the rest of us. Now just sit down, relax, and keep pressing the “check for updates” button…

    • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

      Missing a 0, buddy.

  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    I eagerly await it.

  • http://www.morisy.com/ Michael Morisy

    Good post. Excited for the release, especially voice recognition for input across the device: Keyboard entry is still way to clunky, but the voice recognition for search has been really good in the few days I’ve played with it.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      That is definitely the new feature I’m most looking forward to as well.

  • http://Website tommy

    Sadly, it seems engadet was right. We don’t get the real 2.1. :-( I’m so mad at verizon and moto for making us think we were getting the real thing…an im upset at google for creating devices thag are so quickly out of date…i’m getting an iphone as soon as possible and puttig my droid dud on ebay.

    • http://haydentheandroid.blogspot.com haydenTheAndroid

      Are Live Wallpapers and a 3D app drawer that important to you? I would want them if I had a Droid too, and I’m sure they’ll come eventually, but I wouldn’t missing just those two features now would be grounds for wanting to immediately abandon the platform.

    • http://Website droid_doesit

      I don’t understand how people think that Verizon and Motorola told them what was going to be in 2.1.. or promised anything.. You guys think 2.1 is what is on Nexus One.. Just isnt the case. certain features are phone specific. Besides fixing phone issues, there is no other reason to update a phone to ADD new features. This is a practice that was almost unheard of until just recent. This phone has been out since Nov… and will have had 2 updates in as little as 4 months.. OMG how can they move SO SLOWLY!!!.. really?!?! stop your bitching.

      • http://Website tommy


        I see how that sounded…No, I didn’t mean that verizon/moto/google promised us 2.1. By the “real thing,” i meant the “real google phone.” The iphone killer…like the ads suggested…made you think that finally the real google phone was coming out…only to find out later that N1 is really google’s baby. That’s all i meant to suggest. :)

  • http://Website Paul

    Site has been pulled from Moto.

  • http://Website tommy

    I hear what u r saying, but my frustration w google and verizon particularly is bigger than one late and trimmed down os update…

  • http://Website CJ

    I don’t believe there’s going to be an update this week. Why? 2 things;

    1. Verizon hasn’t confirmed it and they’re the ones that have to give the ok.

    2. The update support page has disappeared from Motorolas website.

  • http://Website tommy

    I mean am I the only one that’s kinda afraid to buy a new android device? It seems you buy it and its the latest and greatest until next week when another comes out. My friends who have the Hero, G1, etc. are all upset that they are still in 1.5/1.6 land…Cliq owners are upset that they are still waiting…UK android owners are upset that they do not get what we U.S. folks get…

    Maybe I will stick with the droid for a while…but there is something about knowing what you are getting…and the iphone does give you that peace of mind…i’ve always had the most recent OS on my ipod touch as soon as everyone else had theirs…with apple, you may not get an open source market (you don’t really with android either though as too many chiefs have control over what we do with our devices), but at least you know what you are getting…consistency…something to say about that. :)

    • http://Website somebody

      Well, if you get a hero, g1, or mt3g, you can still root your phone then get the cyanogen mod with an overclocked cpu…….

      • http://Website Laurie

        Ya know, everybody doesn’t buy a phone to ‘root’ it. that seems to be the common phrase, ‘just root it’. we all don’t have the where withal to do that, and prefer not to struggle with unknown areas. however, we still want the full android experience.

    • http://Website *d.*

      So what I’m hearing is that you’re stupid?

      Face it, the iPhone was made for people with NO technological knowledge (and babies, apparently). If you’re too scared to root, or to deal with buying a new phone, or to have something that isn’t the “latest & greatest,” then you’re just a trendy toad who can’t be bothered to learn anything.

      ” My friends who have the Hero, G1, etc. are all upset that they are still in 1.5/1.6 land…Cliq owners are upset that they are still waiting…UK android owners are upset that they do not get what we U.S. folks get…”

      Yes. You should get a phone made for ignorant people, because of allll these random factors. Seriously. Do us all a favor, and take your foolish self to some iPhone page.

      • http://Website CJ

        It’s people like you that ruin the forum experience for others. There was no need at all for you to refer to him as stupid. He has legitimate concerns about the Android platform. And instead of offering helpful information you decided to insult him. Smooth move!

        • http://Website Binxwalker

          Stfu you little bitch! please go and hold hands with your new friend and talk about how mean people can be. Sniff…

      • http://Website Mocha K

        I agree, I enjoy the rush from anticipating and getting updates….lol

      • http://Website tommy

        I forgive you for calling me stupid. :) I do not want to get in a bickering match with anyone. I simply wanted to express my frustration with verizon/moto/google. (I have no reason to defend any of these companies).

        Don’t get me wrong, there is much i love about my droid and the overall android experience…I use both ipod touch and droid … there are some things for which i prefer ipod touch and others wherein i prefer the droid…

        God’s Peace,

        • http://Website Binxwalker

          Holy s**t… Will you stfu! you’re both self righteous little whiners who need God’s piece stuck up their uptight asses.

    • http://Website Binxwalker

      You’ve got to be joking! you’re worried the droid becoming absolute and you have an iphone! you’re an idiot.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    There is just something about waiting for an update, finally get it, then not get the whole thing. Its kinda disappointing. Even if its only 2 things missing. There is too much competition out there for a carrier or whoever not to give all they got.

    • http://rongthach.com/ Ron

      I have to agree with you on that, the rich getting richer, and the poor only receive what is little from the other. In other words, the latest Android phone get the latest OS and the latest feature. At the same time, others have to wait or possibly won’t get anything, but maybe just a few updates.

  • http://Website iphones_suck

    I don’t know about you guys but i’d rather wait for an update that’s tried, tested and works, just have a little patience, I really don’t know what to expect for my hero ? Has moto / Verizon officially promised any thing yet ?

  • http://Website How soon we forget.

    Apple does the same thing. Between the 1st gen iPhone, the 3G and the 3GS there have been enhancements the older models didn’t get. If I’m not mistaken 3G owners didn’t get video editing and the compass app. 1st gen owners got next to nothing when OS 3.0 was released. Technology is obsolete once it hits the market, there is always something better coming. You all should stick to buying phones that suit your needs and stop worrying about what’s next. I swear this is why they release phones so often, there is always someone who wants the latest toy.

    • http://Website Maybe you forgot

      1. Video editing – 3GS specific b/c that’s the only one that could take video. But I guess the argument could be made that editing could still work.
      2. Compass – Maybe you don’t know what the “compass app” is. It’s an actual compass. That was put into the device. So the app would work on the older iPhones because, hey, THERE’S NO COMPASS.

      With 2.1 on the droid, there is absolutely no excuse for these lacking features. They’ve had the full N1 2.1 running on droid since before the N1 was officially announced and/or released. 3D app drawer, 5 home screens, and live wallpapers, those should all work. (Except for some reason the Nexus wallpaper, it annoys me that they never got that one to work. I hope we get it if we ever get live wallpapers…)

      • http://Website Maybe you forgot

        *wouldn’t. they wouldn’t work on older iPhones.

    • http://Website laurie

      I totally agree, and after i get this Nexus One; i’m moving on, and have promised myself and God, that’s it for me and switching phones. I have had everyone T-mo android phone since the G1, the G1 I had the longest, the other we’re all sold or sent back because the experience wasn’t what they were meant to be because they were stuck on 1.5.

  • http://Website sean robert

    i wouldnt want to have a g1, cliq, droid or eris etc. and get some waterd down update. Thats why I waited and waited for google to release a phone tht they controled just for the fact I’d get those updates first. So I bought the n1 love it. Every other android phone has to get reviewed for the update through there provider besides the n1. They might be watering it down so your phone stays at a steller speeds.

    • http://Website tommy

      Yeah; I’m jealous…i think i’d prefer the N1 over my droid. I am considering getting it when it comes out on verizon…I just hope it is powerful enough to handle future updates…

      It seems that a new android device is being released every time we turn our heads, making our current devices instantly antiquated.

      I realize I can root my droid and make it seem like a N1, but for me that’s not the point..

      I;ve heard of at least 2 new HTC android devices coming to verizon that are evidently more powerful than the N1 and will likely be released with an OS that will make us all dream of the day when the update will be pushed to our devices. :(

  • http://Website CJ
    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I’m not sure about BGR’s reading on that one.

      Matt (the Moto forum dude) said that the details weren’t supposed to be posted. He didn’t say anything about whether the update was coming this week or not.

      You’ll notice that they didn’t pull the Wall post stating that the update is coming this week.

      • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

        We have been jerked around way too fucking much regarding this really minor update. Sigh.

        • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

          As a former BlackBerry Storm owner I am pretty desensitized to bad update rollouts, but I agree this is a fairly ridiculous amount of shenanigans over a point update.

  • http://Website Jeremy L

    I remember a year ago a bunch of us Omnia owners were fighting with Verizon to get one simple thing: non-VZNav GPS enabled. It took us nearly 9 months to finally have the update. Verizon has really progressed because of the Droid and it’s great to finally have an awesome phone on the best network. I’m sure this update is coming soon, but at least this time it’s not going to take 9 months.

  • http://soft.antonspaans.com Anton Spaans

    I’m at the Android Developers Lab in Cambridge right now and they said that Live Wallpapers will be supported for the Droid when it gets upgraded to 2.1. You can download them from the Market and run them.

  • http://Website michael

    OK now how does this pinch work? ?