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Droid running SholesMod 2.0.1 on video


The moment the Nexus One update hit, us Droid owners felt partially jealous and partially anxious for our forthcoming update. We can now get multitouch natively in three apps, the Gallery (borrowed from 2.1), the Browser and Maps. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the freshest ROM out of the kitchen of the Sholes.info team with SholesMod 2.0.1. Check the video below:

For more information or to participate, check out Sholes.info.

Dylan Andersen is a part-time developer, part-time student and full-time Android aficionado. Hailing from Colma, CA, he's knee-deep in tech territory. Currently working on his Bachelor's in English at San Francisco State University, he's always up to date on the latest mods, hacks, and applications for Android. In his spare time, he loves to drink root beer and incessantly play Battlefield 3.

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  • http://Website carig

    those who don’t want to root can just download the new gallery application (with multitouch) as well as the new music app, clock app, newsgenie widget, and even the nexus one homescreen and launcher (though apperantly it’s a little buggy)

    here’s a story that puts them all in one place:

    and of course you can download the updated maps application from the market to get multitouch

  • http://Website nate

    Why give an update on old sholes rev? 2.0.3 is the current version as of this articles publication date. Also, it called pinch zoom, not multitouch. It does take multitouch but it is pinch zoom. Why is it so hard for people to understand. It’s a simple concept.

    • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

      Thanks for your thoughts Nate..

      The reason we went with 2.0.1 was because it was the most major revisioning of the ROM. .0.2 and .0.3 are minor updates at best so we decided to give 2.0.1 more attention.

      Regarding the “multitouch” debate… yes it is actually specific pinch-zoom gestures. That were added in; however, the majority of our readers know these gestures as “multitouch”.

  • http://Website manny

    When can I update my HTC with Google from Sprint ?