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For its first birthday, NewsRob goes Pro


After a year of being completely free, popular Google Reader sync app NewsRob just announced that there will be a paid Pro version, as well as the current free edition. Developer Mariano Kamp announced on the NewsRob Google Group in January that he was planning a paid version of the app to help make all the development time worth it.

For the most part, Mariano says the functionality of the free version will remain the same as the previous version, albeit with advertisements at the bottom of the screen. The Pro version will remove the ads as well as add additional features such as integration with Google Reader Notes, and extra sharing functionality.

This February saw NewsRob reach 100,000 downloads, and if the comments in the Market are any indication, the purchase of the Pro version is a worthy contribution to an excellent app and  very active developer. (Full disclosure: I’ve used NewsRob daily since I got Android, and love it).

Source: NewsRob Blog

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  • http://Website Neal

    I would buy the pro version just to compensate the dev for an outstanding app. Well done I use newrob every day.

  • http://Website johnw


  • http://Website johnw

    Many complaints on market place of the cost of the pro version. I wish people would realise that for little more than the price of a coffee you can purchase the pro without ads, is that too much to ask.
    We need to support developers otherwise they’ll go elsewhere.

  • http://newsrob.com Mariano Kamp


    the image cracks me up ;-))

  • Noice

    I’d buy the free version just to not have it be ad supported. Advertising in everything get really irritating honestly. Guess I will uninstall until I can pay a smaller fee to simply read RSS w/o ads.

  • http://Website wakela

    Like Newsrob and happy to pay. If I’m not mistaken, most (all?) other readers download the mobile version of the news story, while Newsrob gets the full version.

  • http://Website dancer

    hei guys.
    old post i know. but has anyone an idea how i can set how many aricles i want to refresh for every feed.
    for ex. i want to have 30 articles form alistapart but i jsut have 3. and for another rss newsrob actualized 123 articles. i cant imagine that in one day ther are 123 new articles there must be some kind of setting.

    i hope i expressed myself properly