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Get a glimpse of a physical HTC Legend

Some renders of the HTC Legend have been floating around for awhile, but now the folks over at Engadget have some actual photos. See for yourself – the device looks about as expected with no new details beside these photos.

The aluminum casing is looking pretty nice, and I know it’s a small detail, but what looks to be the speaker has a nice dot pattern. We’ll keep a lookout for any more sightings.

Via: Engadget

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  • http://babbledroid.blogspot.com Ian Wheat

    You know, this looks a LOT like the GSM Hero, only with less of a chin.

    I’m wondering if that “speaker” on the lower area is actually a fuzz to hide some HTC internal testing information.

  • Manly Man


    • Manly Man

      I’ll pas on this one!

  • Manly Man


  • http://Website Fred

    I heard this phone comes out in march I’m not sure if it really is but if its confirmed thennnnn I’ma run to the line lol

  • http://Website sandra

    I agree with manly man. It does look like one of the first HtC. Who is going to carry this phone?

  • http://Website Vt3kbOi

    Its all bout the N3XU5!! Worth to switch carriiers!!! xD

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