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Good Morning Andy: 2.22.10

This is an experiment. I’m going to attempt to write a daily column Monday-Friday that covers early morning news and stories that broke overnight. There are so many stories that we pass over so each morning I will choose 3-5 items that might not deserve a full post, but they are still interesting.

  • T-Mobile exec talks Nexus One issues, Android OS updates – Cole Brodman was talking at Mobile World Congress last week and he shared a few details about Android updates. He said the G1 and myTouch 3G would receive updates together (2.1?), while other devices would follow a less regular schedule. Devices like the Motorola CLIQ will till longer to receive updates because of “integration issues” caused by the manufacturer-specific interface Motoblur.
  • Android Developer (Java) at Barnes & Noble.com – Barnes & Noble new mantra is: “any book, any time, anywhere”. This includes devices like the Nook and now an eReader application for Android. The company is now looking for an Android developer to help build the best eReader for Android devices.
  • Hands-on and under the hood: Ars tests Firefox on Android – Remember the sneak peek of Firefox running on the Nexus One? The guys from Ars have compiled the desktop Firefox using the Android NDK for a closer look. If you want to attempt building your own browser (or just see their results) head over for a detailed report.
  • Video hands-on: New HTC Sense ported to the Nexus One – with Flash 10.1! – Phil Nickinson from Android Central took the leaked Desire ROM and flashed it on a Nexus One. He has an 8 minute video up that gives a nice walkthrough of the new Sense UI. The leaked ROM is said to include a version of Flash, but some of the other components (like Maps) are older than ones found on the N1.

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