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Google Earth now available for Andriod 2.1

After several month of waiting, Google has finally released Google Earth to the Android Market. We were originally told this app would launch with the Droid and then later the Nexus One, but it was delayed several times.

Google says the app will work on the Nexus One and “on most devices that have Android 2.1 or later”. I’ve seen several reports of Google Earth currently running on the Droid, but other users say they can’t access it from the Market. The Droid update for Android 2.1 is expected to roll out soon so those users should eventually see it.

The mobile app is essentially a mini version of the desktop client with the addition of a new roads layer and voice search.

Users should note the Google Earth download is only 5 MB, but the app takes up a full 22 MB after it is installed.

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From Google: Use Google Earth to explore the world from the palm of your hand. Fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger, as you view the same 3D imagery available in the desktop version. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers of geographic information including roads, borders, places, photos and more.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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  • http://frostygoodness.com Frosty Goodness

    Yet another thing that makes my poor little MyTouch cry…

  • http://twitter.com/Android_Kev Android_Kev

    I run cyanogenmod, but does anyone know if this will work on any 2.1 roms? well i guess it really doesnt matter becuase i dont think my G1 has the processing power to run the app fully anyway, but just curious.

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      Considering the screenshot in the article is it running on cyanogenmod 2.1 (koush’s build?) due to the rounded top edges, I’d say it’s a safe bet.

  • http://Website Brave Hero

    1. Hope the other 17mb is loaded to your SD Card.
    2. Needs 2.1, well only one phone has that officially, so more reason for people to be frustrated.

    So with ever new app google seems to release (other than shopper) I can’t even play it on my HTC Hero, Google goggle (nope), New google maps (nope), Google Earth (nope), Buzz mobile (full version….erm nope)

    We are probably 1.5/2 months away before the carriers actually release these updates for the phones that are getting them.

    Maybe A&M could just put a new Google app – Warning “2.1 needed. The rest of you hibernate for 1.5 months and come back after the companies new phones are released and the carrier has sold a couple first”.

  • jasonlee

    couldn’t they just have made it 2.0 and up? its not like my Droid can’t handle it and I don’t know of any lower powered phones with anything beyond 1.6

  • jasonlee

    P.S. you guys and these iPhone video demos lol

  • http://Website Marco

    Very slow if your phone switches to EDGE :-(

  • Justin

    This works on my droid running the latest DroidMod, though like the desktop client don’t have much use for it over GoogleMaps other than some eye candy.

  • http://Website Edzilla

    It works fine on my Milestone, which is using 2.0.1

  • http://Website lordhong

    is this a new plot to sell more Nexus One? why can’t droid with 2.0 not getting Google Earth?

  • anakin78z

    Anyone else finding this to be a bit ho-hum? It doesn’t seem to be able to cache a full 360 view of textures, so it’s constantly loading and loading, and it’s far from smooth. A bit of a letdown :( .
    Also, why does it have to display ‘Google Earth’ at the top of the screen so prominently? Dude, I just clicked the icon, I know it’s google earth!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah, I don’t think I will ever use this app after today haha. Google Maps does everything I need and more.

  • http://www.nooksurfer.com NookSurfer

    Sweet!! I’m glad to see it available to more carriers. How’s the battery life when you use it? I know that it drains the iPhone like there’s no tomorrow.

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  • http://Website Russ

    i love my nexus one, so glad i traded in my brick slug g1 to gazelle

  • http://Website osunde benedict festus

    please i samsung 360 vodanfone i am just downlond and installed google map on my phone. but it seems like i have nont touch screen vision my phone has a 3.5inch screen but i have to use button in the map application i cant use it by touching thebscreen, please me and what can i do ?

  • http://tomi igot


  • Aljosa

    Will Google Earth work on Dell Streak 5?

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