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Google gets even more social with Google Buzz


A few moments ago Google held an event to announce Google Buzz, a new social media sharing tool for your mobile and built right into Gmail. The Android portion announcement came via a live demo from none other than Vic Gundotra and showed making a location-based buzz and how it would show up in Gmail. Google says:

Go beyond status messages. Share updates, photos, videos, and more. Start conversations about the things you find interesting.Google Buzz

For more information, watch the video below or check out the now-live Google Buzz website.

UPDATE: We’ve had some time to play with Buzz and have to say we’re pretty impressed. Tomorrow morning we are going to shoot a video showing some Buzz usage and probably discuss it at length on the podcast. We’ve still got a full post coming soon, but until then enjoy these pictures of the Buzz around Austin:

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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  • SliestDragon

    Also, the version of google maps is 4.0 I’ve been seeing that version in atrackdog forever!

  • Vineares

    So it’s twitter inside gmail. I don’t really see why this is needed…it’s like a smaller version of wave.

  • http://electronicshrug.net Heather

    I am patiently waiting for this to be rolled out to my account. So excited to try it out!

  • http://Website oceancalm

    Only if your running a android 2.0+ handset as it requires Google maps 4… great for the hero owners.

    • http://Website rushdamian

      So, no love for those of us running stock 1.6???? :-(

      • http://Website General-M

        It works for 1.6, I just updated Google Maps. So just like Google Nav, it’s 1.6+ not 2.0+

    • http://Website Nick

      Not true. If you have 1.6, just update Google Maps in the market.

  • http://Website Justin

    on my mobile, testing this out. Is it ungodly slow for everyone else? yikes!

  • http://Website Dean

    I’m kind of tired of being left behind after only a year with this G1 phone. They couldn’t have created some capability for some us early adapters? Thanks a lot Google!

    • http://www.thisiscourtney.com Courtney

      I have a G1 and can use Google Maps Navigation as well as the Buzz feature in Google Maps.. maybe you just need to update your applications?

      • http://Website Dean

        Yeah, I figured that out now. I was reading the web page that kept repeating the Android 2.x mantra and it left me a little cold. Thanks a lot Google, really, thanks!

  • http://http//www.fried-gold.co.uk friedgoldmole

    Does anyone get the feeling Google is trying to force the manufacturers/carriers to roll out Android 2.0+ on their devices by limiting products like this to 2.0+ firmware. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but this does mean a lot of people can’t access this on their android phone for a while yet, if ever on some carriers.

  • http://Website Aryq46254

    If I ever buy another Android device (and that’s a pretty big IF at this point)… it’s going to be running *stock* Android. It’s ridiculous to sit here with my phone that’s barely 3 months old and see Google release app (Goggles) after app (Maps 4.0) after app (Buzz) that I can’t even use. *Grrrr*

    • http://Website Daniel

      Stock Android didn’t save the Galaxy, or the Moment… or any other device, since even the Dream and the Magic (the only two phones which actually got updates) are lagging behind.

      • http://Website Aryq46254

        Android fragmentation, FTW!

  • http://Website brombomb

    G1 users who go to buzz.google.com in their browser are being left out though, we don’t have access to the web app.

  • http://www.androidworld.com Android World .com

    Sounds interesting- looking forward to seeing your review

  • http://www.twitter.com/Se7en2 Se7en2

    No support for 1.5? Not even web support? Booo, Google.

  • http://Website Demosthenes

    Roll out support for the iPhone, no 1.6 support? Shame! Shame!

    A pox on your house Google.

  • http://telekinetyk.com Kevyn

    It sorta works in Steel if you set your user agent to iPhone. Seems a little sluggish and sometimes it gets stuck trying to load something. But still. It’s worth checking out.

  • http://dylandersen.me/ Dylan Andersen

    Does anyone realize this is just an upgraded and re-hashed version of the status updates/shout outs from Latitude?

  • http://Website just some dÊ‹de

    you can basically cc someone after the fact, not a bad idea.

  • http://Website CJ

    If your phone doesn’t have 2.0 or won’t be updated to it that’s not Googles fault. Blame your phones manufacturer and your carrier. As has been pointed out numerous times Google doesn’t decide what specs a phone has. The manufacturers have chosen to build phones that aren’t capable of being upgraded. It’s in their best interest. They are in the business of selling phones! And of even more importance, you weren’t promised an upgrade when you bought your phone and thus shouldn’t expect 1.

    • http://www.twitter.com/Se7en2 Se7en2

      Yes, God forbid Google release something that’s supported on older versions of their mobile operating system, which isn’t really that old to begin with. And shame on me for supporting Google by being an early adopter and purchasing a phone with said operating system. What was I thinking?

  • http://Website friedgoldmole

    Bearing in mind that Buzz works in Google maps for 1.6+ devices, I can’t see why the web app is limited, what functionality have they added to the browser in 2.0+ devices that won’t work with older versions.

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