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HTC Desire has been accepted by almost every key carrier in every key country

HTC just held their Mobile World Congress press event and announced the HTC Desire and Legend as expected.

Vodafone was the first carrier to announce support for both phones, but it looks like the HTC Desire will be launching on a multitude of carriers.

HTC is working with a record number of mobile operators to launch our their new devices. According to Engadget, the HTC Desire “has been accepted by almost every key carrier in every key country we (HTC) work with.” HTC has strong relationships with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and we expect every carrier will want to carry this device in stores.

A new version of Sense UI was also shown off that features pinch zoom on the home screen, which HTC calls Leap.

The HTC Desire is very similar to the Nexus One with a few minor additions. The Desire features an optical trackball (vs physical), Sense UI (vs stock Android), physical buttons (vs capacitive touch), and 576 MB of RAM (vs 512).

Google was able to launch the Nexus One for $179 with 2 year contract or $529 full price, so expect the Desire to be near that price range.

Check back later today for tons of new pics and video of the Desire and Legend.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website Peter Fitzenwell

    I think I just had an accident xD

  • http://Website Hans

    Oh man,this phone is niiiice. Let’s see if Motorola or any of the other manufacturers can come up with a phone as visually appealing and beefed up as this and the Nexus One.

  • http://Website Matt

    Wait, does it have the built-in FM radio? Call me crazy but I loved that idea.

  • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

    My MT3G is officially on notice. When this is released, it will be mine.


  • http://Website Jeb Johnston

    Yay, yet another quality Android phone W/O a keyboard….WTF?

    • http://www.shadyhaitien.com/blog SHaitien

      Yeah, I’m still waiting to replace my G1. I’d like to see a “Droidish” phone (3.7″ screen, slide-out keyboard, Android 2.1) come to T-Mobile USA.

      • http://Website kathi17

        I agree, what I really want is a G1 with Nexus or Desire specs. That G1 keyboard is the best on any phone, but if the Desire comes to T-Mo US, I will take it!

  • http://Website Riley

    Apparently this is being launched in Europe, Asia and Australia…but not North America (yet?). What’s up with that?

    • Manly Man

      Hell yeah whats is up with that?

  • http://Website Galen20K

    As a Nexus One owner this is very exciting!!! Believe me when I say this phone is just freaking Amazing in all respects and believe it or not but I used to be a supporter of only hard keyboards but I actually type so much FASTER on the software keyboard, thanks to the Fast processor and ram combined with the 3.7″ screen. Try it, you’ll be believers as well and with sense its even better I’m sure but if you don’t like sense just turn it off. Simple!

  • http://Website gustav

    Since when can you “turn off” sense ui?

    • http://Website James

      Of course you can turn sense off..

      Application settings > Manage applications.
      And you can change to stock android from there.

      • http://codethief.eu codethief

        Does this also mean that you’re gonna get OTA updates for the stock version? I guess not?

  • http://Website Andrew

    Anyone know of a release date for T-Mobile? I guess I’ll just be checking Tmo news daily for the next couple of weeks.

  • http://www.the1milliondollarchallenge.com Eric

    Already available for preorder here in Belgium, 469€
    Expected to launch around 9th April


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  • http://livinginagoogleworld.blogspot.com Jonathan Frederickson

    Sprint HTC Desire? Do want. Though why Sprint was even mentioned if there isn’t even a CDMA version yet is beyond me. (Or maybe there is…)

  • http://codethief.eu codethief

    What’s that pinch zoom feature on the home screen for?

    • http://Website kathi17

      When you pinch, I think you can see all of your screens on the home page and select the one you want from there.

  • http://Website Jake

    Will it ever come to verizon?

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  • http://Website marufio

    I had hoped Sprint would get this but they are getting HTC
    Supersonic with its 4.3 inch screen very large phone. I do want the Desire thou if Tmob gets it I guess i will go to them.

  • http://Website Jenna

    ATT is rumored to get the desire around may or june. idk about tmobile

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  • http://Website Orlando


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