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HTC Desire spotted on Amazon for €419

We polled our readers on which upcoming phone is their favorite, and the HTC Desire won by a landslide. The phone is expected to launch on every key carrier in every key country that HTC operates and could show up on the big four in the U.S.

European carriers are the first to announce support and U.S. carriers should follow suit at CTIA in March. Amazon.de is already listing the phone for pre-sale at €419 ($572). The Nexus One launched at $529 in the U.S. so it’s in the same ballpark. You can never trust conversion rates when talking about phones, but it looks like the Desire will be $500+ at launch. Look for U.S. carriers to offer the desire around $179-199 with 2 year agreement.

German customers can reserve the Desire now.

Via: Engadget

Source: Amazon.de

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