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HTC Legend clears the FCC with GSM

Update: Some sites are claiming this device doesn’t do 3G so maybe I’m an idiot and can’t decipher FCC documents.

The unibody aluminum shell of the HTC Legend has made it one of the most anticipated mid-level Android phones. None of the United States carriers have announced it yet (they are waiting for CTIA), but we have a good idea of who could launch the device first.

Newly discovered documents on the FCC’s site indicate the HTC Legend could be headed to AT&T.

Earlier today, NewMobile posted an interesting article that demonstrated how to remove the battery from the HTC Legend. Another site AndroPhones ran the story and matched up the FCC label with this FCC filing for a new HTC phone. They concluded the unknown HTC device was the Legned because the FCC label shape and text is identical (we agree).

What the other sites failed to mention, is that this device was tested on UMTS/W-CDMA bands II and V (1900/850), which are the same 3G bands used by AT&T. The phone was tested on GSM 850/1900 which is completely different than W-CDMA. Both AT&T and T-Mobile utilize a GSM network for voice.

AT&T has already announced they will launch five Android phones, with at least one exclusive device coming from HTC. We have yet to hear of any specific HTC models, but it makes perfect sense that AT&T would want the Legend.

The HTC Legend is expected to launch in Europe next month, so a U.S. date could be right around the corner. Look to the CTIA show starting March 23rd for most of the carriers to reveal their Q2 2010 lineup.

For more on the HTC Legend, watch our hands on video from MWC.

Via: AndroPhones

Source: FCC

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  • http://www.thesearethedroids.com Android

    Taylor, I went through all the FCC papers listed and didn’t find anything for 3G bands. If you find something, can you point to the actual file and location in the file that has it. I’d also love to verify what 3G this would be on.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m looking over them again and can only find GSM.

  • http://Website matt

    i’d drop the R word if i were you…

  • http://Website surviven6802

    You know what grins my Gears?… T-Mobile USA is really lagging behind when it comes to high end phones. They are acting like we don’t have money. :-p , letting the competition get all the Better phones ie: Hero, Droid,Desire and Legend Come On! (Not haten ) What is a Mytouch 3g? another G1 with out a keyboard come up with something better then a Fender or a Mytouch 3g with a 3.5mm head jack calling it a updated phone, it should have had a head phone jack in the first place! All in all if T-Mobile don’t step up to the plate they will lose alot of loyal customers and I’ve been with them for 7yrs and I’m not the only customer that feels that way.


    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I guess you are ignoring the Nexus One because it is the best high end phone right now.

      • http://Website Matt

        Too bad you can’t touch one. The biggest mistake that T-Mobile let happen was giving up control over selling it in store. What an awful stick-in-the-eye to consumers walking into the Magenta store and not being able to see/try/buy the best Android phone on US soil? Just a sad “sorry, you’ll have to go to Google” when the reps realize they aren’t getting a commission unless they push a crappier phone.

        Verizon is the real loser here. If BGR is correct in their claim HTC Desire is going to AT&T and HTC Legend is going to Sprint, Verizon’s lineup is going to look pretty damn sad. With no *real* release date for the Nexus One, nothing close to confirmation of the HTC Incredible, last year’s HTC model and two clunky Moto Droids they’re basically giving away – Verizon’s customers are basically stuck holding out hope that they’ll get anything close to a good Android phone.

        This is why Apple’s approach makes much more sense: offer ONE amazing phone on ONE crappy carrier, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you sign a contract. Instead, we’re chasing FCC documents and leaks and basically begging for any information on phones that the rest of the world is getting before us just to avoid getting screwed over when a better phone with the latest Android version comes out on a different carrier.

        Google really screwed the pooch on making the Nexus One available from them – platform fragmentation was bad enough without making every other handset maker second-class citizens. And sorry, a phone isn’t “unlocked” if you can only run it on T-Mobile. Gah! So frustrated.

      • http://Website Ramon

        Yet but not available in T-Mobile stores. So by right, T-Mobile cannot advertise its awesomeness and compete with Verizon. I love T-Mobile but it seems there Android department is failing to get and market anything good.

        Quick question:

        I shall be getting my nexus next week, if im not at home, will fed ex leave it at my door or send it back to google??

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  • http://Website Aaron

    What is the R word? Is this phone 3G capable or not?