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HTC Legend machined out of single block of aluminum

Update: Now with video.

HTC finally made the Legend official and the specs were exactly what we expected. The HTC Legned will be the successor to the popular Hero with the addition of a faster CPU, more RAM, brighter AMOLED display, optical trackball, and new Sense UI.

One feature of the phone that did surprise us was the body of the phone. Engadget is reporting it was made from a single block of aluminum so that it’s extra solid. To emphasize that point a HTC executive banged the phone against a wall during the press event.

“Legend is one continuous smooth surface. It’s machined out of single block of aluminum. You could say it’s carved. The body is the frame, the frame is the body. Legend is extremely solid. When you hold it, it doesn’t feel like a phone. It’s a piece of art.”John WongHTC Chief Marketing Officer

The infamous HTC chin is present, but it doesn’t look as pronounced as the original Hero. Look for hands on video and pics later today.

The HTC Legend aluminum frame.

Source: Engadget

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