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iVdopia wants to put commercials on your Android device


iVdopia is a mobile advertising platform which debuted on the iPhone 3G in March of 2009. Their iPhone offerings include pre-app videos, in-app banner ads, and just last month they introduced “Talk2Me” ads. Check the link to see what one of the Talk2Me ads looks like; but basically they are pre-app videos with a screen tacked on at the end giving the user a variety of options for sharing the video, interacting with the advertiser or finding out more about the product.

With the release of their Android SDK this week all of these services can now be incorporated into Android apps.

“Since iVdopia unveiled its Pre-App advertising videos in March 2009 in the U.S., which included the first offering of sponsorship to the iPhone, the company has consistently broken new ground. With the Android, iVdopia builds on its reputation for responsiveness and innovation by providing the most engaging and effective means of reaching customers on even more mobile devices.”Chhavi UpadhyayChief Operating Officer at iVdopia

iVdopia claims that they have seen a “500% growth in year-on-year growth in revenue” in mobile advertising and that their pre-app video ads “generated as much as 300 percent higher click-through rates (CTR) than the average CTR for online video.” Music to the ears of potential advertisers and Android app developers looking to make some additional income from their paid apps or to make some actual income from their free apps.

I’ve watched their sample pre-app videos and Talk2Me ads and assuming you don’t actually interact with them, they take between 10-15 seconds before you get into your app.

I have a number of apps right now that use banner ads and every once in awhile I’ll click on something just to throw the developer a little cash, but for the most part I completely ignore them. Between AdBlock Plus for the web and my DVR for TV, I’m pretty accustomed to being free from or at least flying by ads as I see fit. Clearly that wouldn’t be as easy with these video ads, you are going to be forced sit through them every time you fire up the app.

So my question is what is that worth to you? If some of the current $4.99 apps were to become free based on their use of these ads would that be acceptable to you or would having to wait 10-15 seconds to get into your app be more than you are willing to tolerate?

Source: PR Newswire

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  • http://Website Mocha K

    Good idea but could get annoying for sure.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Will definitely not use an app with those kind of ads.

  • http://Website jakejardashian

    I swear to god i’ll quit using cell phones when this becomes a reality. if i cant open my apps when i want to without watching some bullshit advertisment… well.. thats just terrible.

  • http://Website dan

    they should have ad supported versions and versions you pay for

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I would definitely hope that would be the case.

      The thing that occurred to me with that is that I would be way more inclined to pay to get rid of these ads whereas I rarely pay for apps that have a banner supported version now. So developers could potentially leverage this system for greater sales of a paid version rather than actually making money through the ads themselves.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    I would uninstall any app that I downloaded if it had one of those.

    • http://Website cintra

      I have just removed Calorie Counter which had admobs stuff of zero relevance getting in my way. No doubt that was the idea.. snag here in Norway is we have no access to Paid apps almost a year since HTC released its Magic!

  • Manly Man


  • http://Website AndroidFTW

    This is just plain stupid! This will drive people so nuts that they’ll boycott the product instead of buying it! At least… That’s what I would do.

  • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

    All I could think while reading the article was “sod off, iVdopia!” – And I’m not even British!

  • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

    Oh god no.

    Stop that.

    I often buy ad-free apps if their free version has banner ads. I will boycott any apps which use this crap in their free versions.

  • http://Website Hermy

    This is entirely unacceptable. Mobile devices are made for use on the go and you dont always have so much spare time for an ad! Though people do need to drop the I-dont-want-it-if-it’s-not-free attitude and this is the perfect slap in the face.

  • http://Website Richy

    I wouldn’t touch an app with a lead-in ad. I get pissed off an leave any videos on a site that have “your video will play in xx seconds” and play a “quick” ad video.

    If the bulk of android apps went ad-centric like that, i would leave android. Rather pay €10 for an app than get it for free and watch some bollix I couldn’t give a s.hit about before the app launches!

  • http://Website George

    I will without a doubt uninstall any app that has ads. I will cease to use a smart phone if this become epidemic in scale. I would consider paying for an app that I use a lot so as to avoid this nonsense. Are you listening app makers?

  • http://soft.antonspaans.com Anton Spaans

    Some quotes:
    >”Rather pay €10 for an app than get it for free and watch some bollix””Are you listening app makers?”<

    Answer to last question: Yes.

    I'm an app developer and, although i don't have ad-supported apps, many app developers do have ad-support because they listen to their customers who talk/vote with their money (or the lack of it):

    Many apps just bring in more money when they are free and ad-supported. Very simple.

    The same holds true for spam. Spam would go away if people just stopped clicking on them. Since people don't stop clicking on them, there's money in spam and therefore spam will continue to thrive (alas…).

  • http://Website Derek

    Just what we all want, to be bombarded with more advertisements on our cellphones. I guess there isnt anywhere sacred enough to not be invaded by annoying ads.

  • Molson Mary

    Fucking Asshole Company. Who was the BITCH who concocted this idea. This seems to have got installed when I installed PdaNet 3.02 on my Atrix Android phone. Now every now and then, my browser opens up by itself and displays web site ads. Uninstalling PdaNet 3.02 did not stop the browser ads! Now, I am now going to have to factory reset my phone, just because of this DAMNED company – iVdopia, Assholes.