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Mobile payment service Square demoed on Video, still headed to Android

It has been a couple months since we last touched on Square, but it looks like the company is making progress on their mobile payment service for Android. Initially the service was available on the iPhone, but support for Android is coming soon.

Square recently managed to hire Google’s Bob Lee (who led the core library development for Android) and they are still looking to hire an additional Android client engineer.

Jack Dorsey, Square CEO (and Twitter Co-founder), recently tweeted that Square was up and running on a Nexus One. This was followed by a simplified video demo on YouTube.

Could Square be the next big thing? Do you think it has the potential to transform the way vendors and consumers handle transactions? It certainly looks slick.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • http://Website Dustin

    that’s awesome!! deff something that could come in handy with craigslist?!

    • Manly Man


  • Manly Man

    Man Android need to get this!

  • Manly Man

    Yes the n1 get this!

  • Manly Man

    enormous win for Nexus one!

  • jakejardashian

    absolutely fantastic.

  • http://Website Doug

    At last, we don’t need cash. And when the government bans cash I won’t be able to buy drugs anymore – if the police can trace all my transactions. This could have massive implications.

    • Manly Man

      true that!

  • http://Website AG

    The government will never ban cash. How will the politicians get their payoffs?

  • http://Website mrbuerger

    Why they don’t just take a picture a the card and then make the phone read the numbers on the card… Magnetic reader, lol