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AT&T Motorola Backflip could launch in March for under $99

We have known for awhile that AT&T would soon be launching the Motorola Backflip and now we have a rumored date and price. Our friend Rob from Phandroid received a tip that the Backflip will go on sale March 7, 2010 for $324 unsubsidized.

It was expected this device would be an entry level Android phone since it features Android 1.5 (outdated) and nearly identical specs to the Motorola CLIQ. Carriers typically have a $250-300 subsidy for Android phones, so that means the Backflip could easily go for under $99 with a 2 year contract ($324 – 250 = 74).

Early leaked screens of the Backflip revealed Gmail had been removed in favor of Yahoo mail, but AT&T has said all their Android phones will include the official Android Market run by Google. It is possible that AT&T phones could lack some other native Android apps, but Google could still distribute their apps through the Market (and they do).

The most interesting feature of the phone will be its reverse flip keyboard (watch our hands on video). Since the camera is mounted on the keyboard, it faces the user when it is flipped open. This would allow developers to release apps (like Fring) which could enable video chat.

Recent rumors suggest the CLIQ will receive an Android 2.1 update in March and we would expect something similar from the Backflip.

Visit the official Motorola Backflip site for additional information.

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Source: Phandroid

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