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Motorola Droid takes home gadget, smartphone, and GPS of the year

The Motorola Droid was backed by the largest marketing campaign of any Android phone and it appears to be a success for everyone involved. Google got their mobile operating system on the largest carrier in the U.S., Motorola became relevant again, and Verizon gained a true competitor to the iPhone.

The Droid sold over a million units and it is still going. It now represents over 20 percent of the Android devices that have accessed Android Market, according to the last platform versions report from Google.

Engadget just held their annual readers choice awards and the Motorola Droid was the big winner for 2009. I love Engadget and their Android coverage has been improving, but I still get the feeling they are an Apple leaning blog. It looks like the Droid is the new cool kid in school, because it beat out the iPhone 3Gs in several categories.

The Motorola Droid narrowly beat out the iPhone 3GS in Gadget of the Year and Smartphone of the Year and also took home the GPS Device of the Year (crushed the competition).

It is kind of ironic that Motorola’s best selling Android device did not include their Motoblur service which they have been trying to push. They allowed Google to dictate the software choices for the Droid (stock Android) in exchange for being the first handset maker to offer a phone with Android 2.0. Motorola is expected to participate in Google’s phone store, so it will be interesting to see if they launch another device with plain old vanilla Android.

Hit up the source link for a complete list of winners for the Engadget Awards.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website William

    Nexus One this year! :)

    • Manly Man

      from the looks of it so far!

  • http://Website Chris

    Well, Droid is gay, iPhone is the best, thats all there is to say about it.

    • jasonlee

      Why the fuck would you even be on this web site? I have never once went to an iPhone site to bash it. you sir are gay and you should probably just die.

      thank you

      • http://Website Chris F

        He’s just a troll…and there is nothing wrong with being gay so you prolly shouldn’t use it that way. Also telling him to die isn’t exactly a nice thing to say either.

        In terms of “the iPhone is the best and that’s all there is to say about it” there is no legitimate argument here to be discussed. If you cannot at least back up your statements with meaningful insight then they aren’t really valuable comments at all.

        For example: In defense of the iPhone, I would say it does a very good job presenting a simple yet powerful experience to it’s target audience and thus it is an attractive product to consider purchasing.

        In defense of the Droid, it is highly customizable and is on an open platform that has a fantastic following of devoted fans which improve its overall appeal.

        see? meaningful statements that are civil and provide insight! They aren’t even factual, rather they are opinion…but they still provide meaning to the reader :)

        happy posting!

        • jasonlee

          Your right and I fully understand where your coming from. I know the positives and negatives of both devices, but that’s not what it was about. my comment, harsh and maybe a little much was a pointed statement towards all people, not just him, who go to this and other sites simply to trash talk.

          were the words in my comment appropriate, no probably not. the message however was clear even though I fell right into the trap that he layed.but oh well, just sick of it everywhere I look.

          thanks for the positive view though.

  • http://Website st4xor

    Wow, I’m happy to see this. We saw way more innovation on the Google/android front last year than from Apple, and I’m glad to see that their hard work earned some attention.

    Also deserving some major props is androidandme! I’m way blown away by this site… the mobile version/android app combo is incredible. You guys are doing a real great job of rounding up news, too! Keep it commin, and thanks!

  • Manly Man

    congrats droid!

  • http://Website Chris

    LOL! Guys calm the fuck down. I was just trying to see how you guys would respond to that comment. Droid doesn’t suck it is a pretty good phone. But the iPhone has way more apps and just suits more of my needs. It reallly just depends on the user.

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