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Motorola promises T-Mobile CLIQ update “this week”. Sound familiar?

Remember that CLIQ update that Motorola accidentally released last month? A recent tweet from Motorola claims it will be out “this week” and our sources informed us T-Mobile will begin pushing it out February 18th.

Please note this is not the Android 2.1 CLIQ update that Motorola said was coming in Q2 2010. Instead, the firmware will remain on Android 1.5, include enhancements for battery life and GPS, and attempt to fix the touchscreen issues.

My best guess if CLIQ owners have about a 50% chance of seeing an update hit their phones this week. Motorola has a history of jumping the gun with announcing updates and it could take T-Mobile a few extra days to certify it.

Are you confused? The handset makers and carriers are doing a terrific job of placing all the software upgrade information in one easy to find central location instead of unexpectedly posting it to Facebook, tweeting it on random accounts, and accidentally publishing it on support sites.

Oh they are doing that? Well damn.

Via: TmoNews

Source: Twitter

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  • http://Website carig

    still waiting for that droid update that was coming out “this week” a week ago

  • http://Website Harsh

    lol…Oh they are doing that? Well damn.

    i have stopped supporting Motorola having good phone because they take so long to do thing…and they LOVE “Jumping The Gun” ALOT!!!!!!

    ps i have the Cliq =(

  • http://Website brian c

    I have a g1 and a cliq and I use the cliq mainly because motoblur is an excellent app. I wish a developer would replicate it for use on non motorola devices.

    I would never buy a phone without a physical keyboard because I text too fast for anything non multitouch to keep up with

    in conclusion the cliq isn’t anything to brag about but its better tha the droid, the keyboard is far too stiff

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