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Mozilla shows rapid progress on Firefox Mobile for Android

Mozilla continues to pump out regular progress reports of their mobile browser for Android. Earlier this month we saw Firefox running in the Android emulator. Then we got a sneak peek of the desktop version of the browser on a Nexus One.

Developers chose to focus on the desktop UI first because it was “significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more”. After the desktop version was working, devs moved on to the mobile UI (Fennec) and already have it implemented.

Two screenshots were posted on the Firefox for Mobile Facebook page that demonstrate Fennec on a Motorola Droid and Nexus One.

A final release is not expected till late this year, but at the rate things appear to be moving maybe we will see a public beta by summer.

Fennec running on the Nexus One.

Source: Firefox Mobile Facebook

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  • Killa

    That sounds good to me. :) But when companies test things like this they are always using the Droid or N1 to test them. It’s kinda stupid cause even though they say it will work with all Android phones it still doesn’t prove it. They need to use the lower end phones to prove that it will work.

    • http://Website TonyG

      i agree.
      they should test it on a G1 and CLIQ to prove that, even tho they have older hardware, it will still run on the phone.

  • http://Website Titty!

    Mobile UI looks hideous. I was a lot happier seeing desktop on nexus (:
    It looked so cool

    • http://bdhayes.extendr.com Brian Douglas Hayes

      “Looking cool” and working well don’t always coincide. Desktop UI was made for a keyboard, mouse, and a large display… which is unusably pointless on a small touchscreen. Mobile devices need a unique UI.

      Keep in mind Fennec isn’t even in beta yet. Lots of changes to be made.

    • http://Website TonyG

      I don’t know about you but i’ve been using Fennec since Alpha 1 on my PC and the UI is great, simple and elegant, but that’s just my opinion.

      you can go to mozilla.org and download a version that works on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, & Maemo.

  • http://Website Esko

    Considering flash is coming to Android soon, is there any word on if Fennec will support it? And they should definitely give out a copy of “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” with every download.

    • http://Website riggs

      Flash is already out on android devices, The desire ROM, has it and when u flash it on the N1. Farmville and hulu at your finger tips!

      • http://Website Derek

        That doesnt mean its out. That was a version of the ROM that somebody leaked out. Its not even really an alpha version. There’s no support for it at all. The official Flash 10.1 Beta release from Adobe is scheduled for October 2010.

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