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MWC: Hands on HTC Desire and HTC Legend

Over a dozen new Android phones were revealed at Mobile World Congress, but HTC is getting the most buzz with their newest pair of devices. HTC announced the high end Desire (which is expected to launch with almost every key carrier) and the Legend (a successor to the Hero machined out of a single block of aluminum).

Our friends from and.roid.es are back again with a hands on report from the Mobile World Congress event. They get a good overview of both phones and walk through some of new Sense UI features. Check out the video for a look at the new Friendfeed widget, cut and paste controls, and new pinch zoom desktop.

For complete details check out the official HTC product pages for Desire and Legend.

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  • http://androidFeens.com AndroidFeens
  • http://Website damian

    Both look absolutly amazing and from the specs looks like htc has stepped their game way up…..cant wait for one of them to be available on T-Mo!!!!!! i love my MyTouch but im ready to upgrade!!!!

  • http://Website MrChaz

    The specs for the Desire mentions tethering support. Can you get any more information on that?


    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Pretty much every Android phone from HTC does tethering. They just don’t advertise it because most carriers do not officially support it.

  • http://Website sct

    Wow I want that copy & paste.

  • http://Website G

    Does anyone know if the Desire would have Live Wallpaper included?
    I hope it does.

    • http://Website Linda

      It looks like Live Wallpaper in the video.

    • jakejardashian

      He says it has live wallpaper in the video.

      • http://Website G

        Is that a yes?

  • http://Website Linda

    Both of these phones look amazing. HTC is showcasing the most exciting phones phones at the moment. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the Legend or Desire. The Sense UI features is a selling point alone.

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    If that is what the new Sense UI is gonna look like, I can’t wait for my update for my Hero.

  • jakejardashian

    I would leave either of these two phones. What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on them!

  • Manly Man

    nexus one>>>>>>Legend

    nexus one slightly>Desire!

    Dont get me wrong they are great phones just not as good as nexus one to me!

  • http://www.mobilephone-news.com/ Jack

    This another version of HTC Hero
    Very cool android Phone and you can see more photos of HTC Legend here:

  • jay

    anyone know if the nexus one will get the htc sense update?

    • http://Website Sturoid

      The Nexus One will never get Sense UI on it from either Google or HTC. Only way you will get it is if you root the phone and get a custom ROM with Sense UI features on it.

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  • http://www.omgandroid.com Lukehluke

    The desire looks amazing.
    I want to get one :)

  • http://Website nunnboy

    ive just got the desire and its amazing the only thing i can point out is that it could and should have more apps i would highly recomend it!!

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