• http://Website coggy9

    LMAO. The iPad IS basicly a huge,retarded apple(product)! :P

  • http://www.googleandblog.com/ Michael Martin

    Is that a tooth or an iSnot coming out of the nose?

  • Vineares

    hahaha amazing!!!

  • http://Website Leandro

    hahauhauahuahuaauh awsome!

  • http://Website sct

    Hahahaha genius!

  • http://Website Strata

    Ok, I totally don’t understand that. It’s Andy, with a friend reading the paper, and I understand the symbolism with the apple and ipad but I just don’t get it. Does Dayeee stand for some humorous code?

    • http://Website coggy9

      “Dayeee” stands for “DURR IMA BIG FAT RETARDDDD” :P