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Nexus One firmware upgrade leaked, fixes 3G Issues

According to Gizmodo and the fine people over at XDA Forums a leaked firmware upgrade for the Nexus One seems to address the 3G issues many users have been complaining about. The firmware is obviously not ready to be pushed out as it seems to be an old ROM with a revised radio.img . People have been able to hack it into CyanogenMod and report a much steadier 3G signal. This shows that the problems many users have experienced are software based and thankfully not hardware related as many have speculated. It also shows that someone out there is on the case and a solution is coming soon.

Editors note: I own a Nexus One and I have experienced zero 3G problems since day one.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: XDA-developers

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  • http://Website teleknEsis

    While the update does improve the signal a bit, it isn’t a total fix. The signal strength fluxuates tremendously, up to -20 dBm, just when you pick up the phone and slightly cover the back. If you’re in an area with weak 3g your phone will instantly fall back to edge. I haven’t seen a single person report NOT being able to replicate the signal strength fluxuation by covering and uncovering the back of the phone.

    • http://Website 1dott8

      I guess I have to say it then, while mine does fluctuate it’s not that serious. For the most mine will lose -6dBm and that doesn’t even make me lose 1 signal bar.

      • http://Website teleknEsis

        When the signal is strong, you are absolutely correct. However, when the signal is weak (around [-]90 to [-]100 dBm) the signal can jump between 10 and 20 dBm and the signal quickly flips to EDGE.

  • http://Website enea

    now, just to say.

    if it’s not an hardware problem, why some users have 3g issues while others have no problems?
    the software shipped is the SAME…. ?bb?

  • http://Website JAG

    this is hardware problem

  • http://www.nickelliott.us Nick

    It appears to be a software fault that is area specific. I have the problem with the 3g in my area but not with the the 3g towers on the other side of town. The towers in my area just got 3g and probably have some sort of configuration which is conflicting with the phones protocols. This of course is my hypothesis based on user level observation and internet reading.

    I am anxiously awaiting the update!

  • http://Website jason

    I’ve never had any 3g problem with my N1. San Diego CA.

  • DistortedLoop

    I had 3G issues with the shipped Nexus One. Heck, I had EDGE and Voice signal issues as well. The ERE27 radio (that’s the OTA update Google officially shipped) drastically improved my signal. This latest radio image (ERE36) doesn’t do anything different as far as I can tell in my area.

    That said, it drives home how crappy the T-Mobile coverage is in my part of Los Angeles. I just had lunch in a restaurant two doors down from the T-Mobile owned store. My Nexus One was on EDGE with fluctuating 1-2 bars on voice. My iPhone 3G[s] was 5 bars of AT&T 3G. You’d think that the TMo store would have some kind of repeater/booster going on in their own parking lot. (AT&T does that.)

    I’m very impressed with my MoDaCo/Cyanogen modded Nexus One, but I’m not very impressed with T-Mobile here in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It’s not so bad as to make me return this rippin’ hot Nexus One, but I really wish they’d offered it with AT&T radio bands (3G).

  • http://www.theblarg.com nathan118

    After being told that the LAST update would fix the 3G problems….color me a little skeptical that this one will. And when you can physically affect the signal by using your hand, I have to wonder how a software update will change that.

  • http://Website archboy

    I’ve traveled a lot since I’ve gotten my N1 and never had any issues with my 3G in NYC, DC, SF, Philly, Miami and even Dallas.

    I’m not sure where these ‘people’ live and considering how many cities I’ve been too. It is the usually 3 complaining Nancys out there that ruin the whole lot.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’ve used mine all over in Las Vegas, Denver, San Jose, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, etc and had no problems at all.

      In San Jose I was getting over 1 Mbps upload.

  • http://Website Randy

    I live in Denver and have had no issues with fluctuating 3G. I did notice that I am on UMTS 3G and not HSDPA. I wonder if certain T-Mobile coverage areas have more concentrated problems versus others.

  • http://gl0rify.com Stefing

    I’m in the UK and have never had any 3G problems – regardless of where I put my hands!

  • http://Website poinck

    THX to Eric, you make me believe that the Nexus One is still the best Android device. (o:

  • http://Website Randy

    I live in austin Tx and have had no problems in Austin, Dallas, and houston after flashing cyan I go between 3g and now H and using phone info My signal does not flucuate at all.

  • http://simplyblog.net Miguel

    I’m a G1 owner with T-Mobile here in Tulsa OK and the 3G service only came recently. It’s back and forth. Seems to be improving.

  • http://Website Christian

    Hey, thanks for the “It’s working fine here messages!!”.
    I have been holding off on buying a N1 based on the problem reports.

    If anyone can chip in on 3G coverage in the following areas, that would be great!

    Santa Barbara (Mesa) – Where I live now.
    San Diego: Mission Hills, Del Mar, Solona Beach, Encinitas, La Jolla (We’re moving in one of those spots in July).

    - C

    • DistortedLoop

      Gotta love that we geeks have to consider things like what broadband provider and what cellular 3G services are available as part of the decision on where to move.

      I can give you coverage information for Mission Hills, but I think it’s a different Mission Hills (the semi-ghetto Mission Hills in Los Angeles) than you’re talking about. ;-)

  • http://Website Lee

    totally agree that they need to make the early model to become 3G or charge a little to switch your phone from EDGE to 3G on AT&T. I used AT&T serve so i want my nexus one to be on 3G because I have early model, so need upgrade because i pay for the price so they should make it for me.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Just got mine yesterday,2min right after I turned it on, I got the OTA update (update1).Did not have a change to compare,but as far as I can tell now signal with my G1 is way better.
    I put both on the same table and the G1shows 3g ,the N1 sticks with Edge.

    I am in Saint Louis,MO.

  • http://Website Peter

    I’ve had the Nexus One since it came out, and it always has issues with the signal. I travel across the US, and I have yet to find a place where the signal does not flip-flop. A know a bunch of people with the G1, and they always hold onto a 3G signal better than my Nexus One, so this is not entirely a T-Mobile issue.