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NTT Docomo demos eye-controlled earphones (Video)

Not only were new phones announced at Mobile World Congress. Some companies were showing off cell phone accessories instead. NTT DoCoMo had some new eye-controlled earphones on display. Eye movement is detected by electrodes and allows the users to send commands to their device. In their demonstration a user issued commands to their MP3 player like play, pause, and skip.

Apparently our eyeballs have minute electrical potential that can be measured by sticking electrodes in our ears. Specific eye gestures can be recorded to perform virtually any command on a smartphone (cross your eyes to send a text message).

Highlights of the eye-controlled earphones include:

  • Wear only earphones: Eye movement detected by electrodes on the earphones (EOG).
  • Control by moving eyes: Music players and cellular phones can be controlled by eye gestures.
  • Simple, silent, and hands free: “Hands-free” and “voice free”. It even works with your eyes closed.

What do you guys think? Could this be the answer to hands free control while driving?

Via: Macworld

Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website cece

    While driving ?!
    So now in addition to looking at the phone screen, you’ll have to look away left, then up, right,… (and with imposed gestures, so your sight won’t bee free to look at the road when needed)
    Not what I would call a safety improvement !!

    • http://Website Sc4R3d

      Amen! Bluetooth Headsets are dangerous enough for your “Average American” !

  • http://Website Christopher C.

    Yeah…interesting technology…But I don’t see how this would really be a helpful innovation. Besides…I assume you would end up changing songs and what not by accident all the time!

  • http://Website odawg

    Everyone is going to end up like the cartoon people on the movie “Walle” people are getting so lazy they don’t event want to lift a finger to change a song, ect. LOL….

  • jakejardashian

    Everyone should stop being so negative about this! I think it’s an exciting new breakthrough in technology. It may be brand new, but I’m sure it will be worked on. Every step counts. I think it’s cool.

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