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Reserve the Megan Fox phone by purchasing a $50 Best Buy Gift Card

Starting today, Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile will begin offering a pre-sale for the upcoming Verizon Motorola Devour. Customers can reserve their phone for pickup after February 25th, by purchasing a $50 Best Buy Gift Card. Even though the phone launches next week, we still do not have an official price point. The Devour is a mid-range Android phone so it could land anywhere between the first two Verizon Android phones ($79-199 with contract).

Even though I’m not too jazzed about Motoblur with Android 1.6, I’m still excited to get my hands on the device. The Devour is one of the first Android phones to feature the 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7627 which features a dedicated 200MHz hardware-accelerated 3D graphics core supporting OPEN GL 2.0.

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Source: Business Wire

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