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Samsung unveils new Android 2.1 powered phone (Video)

We were expecting Samsung would unveil some new Android phones at this month’s Mobile World Congress, but one device has slipped out early. Samsung just announced the M100s which is headed to SK Telecom. The new Android phone comes with an 800MHz processor, 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen (WVGA), 5MP camera with 720p video recording, Wi-Fi (802.11n), GPS, T-DMB, DivX support, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

No details were given on the CPU architecture, but my guess is it includes a Samsung ARM11 processor. The Sprint Samsung Moment featured an 800 MHz Samsung S3C6410 CPU and this is probably the same chipset being used here.

Samsung also chose to include their TouchWiz UI, which first debuted on the T-Mobile Behold II. The reviews of TouchWiz were mostly negative (ex Gizmodo: “The custom interface is so bad, so gaudy and so confusing it turned my brains into ooze.”) so it will be interesting to see what changes Samsung has made.

Pricing is not available, but look for the Samsung M100s to arrive in March on SK Telecom.

Hit up the source link for additional pictures.

Source: Samsung Release

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  • http://Website MW

    Lose the TouchWiz and maybe. but that is one of the worst UI’s I’ve ever seen.

  • http://Website Richy

    Samsung you say? Nope.


  • http://Website Jox

    Samsung not so soon! Had a Galaxy…what a poor battery life :O and other bad things like the on/off button :/ Samsung has to improve a lot…

  • http://Website Yaniv C

    The Samsung chip is horrendously slow.
    Ive got friends with the Moment and they’ve all returned/exchanged them. I tested the phone first hand (I personally use the N1 hehe) and I gotta say it sucked!

    Also, Touchwiz UI?
    Listen up all you people in Idontknowland. Dont buy any phone with a proprietary layer. It will just slow down your ability to update your OS.
    If Android comes out with OS 2.5, you wont be able to get it until Samsung updates its touchwiz to that version and thats IF they decide to upgrade.

    Go for the original…. or root your phone.

    T-mobile G1
    Moto Cliq
    myTouch 3G
    Current: Nexus One

    • http://www.ramblinren.com Renaldo

      With the exception of the awesome Sense UI, I agree with you.

      It all depends on the architecture of the phone. My G1, for instance, can’t run Sense UI worth a damn. I think the specs of the Behold II didn’t do the Touch Wiz justice.

    • http://Website MrGrinch

      Cant say I agree with you here… love my samsung moment. Best android phone sprint has! Anyways… have fun with your buttonless phone, ill keep playing my SNES games.

  • jasonlee

    So was that a tv antenna that she pulled out of the top?

  • http://Website max michealson

    Do you think samsung will put touchwiz on samsung moment when it upgrades to 2.1?
    I don’t really plan or know how to root, so an overlayer UI would spice up my expirience.

  • http://Website Spencer

    Is that hand writing recognition included in standard android (a newer version of 2.1 like 2.1.1) or is it something Samsung did?

  • http://Website KaLAnGO!

    Specs aside…why on earth do people think this iphonish design is cool? Realy… you guys want a designer?

  • http://Website Ruvok

    They need to fix their current phones(moment, galaxy) before releasing something else.

    • http://Website Erick

      dont forget about the Behold II

  • http://Website stukuz

    What happened to the physical keyboard? The best (only good) feature of the Moment.?

  • http://Website Roy Morris

    I’ll stick with HTC

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  • nicejane

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