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Skyfire announces Android browser, acquires Kolbysoft


Skyfire, a popular browser for Windows Mobile and most newer Nokia phones, will be available soon for Android, thanks to Skyfire’s recent acquisition of Kolbysoft. Already in the wild, Steel is the browser currently produced by Kolbysoft.

According to Skyfire’s company blog, adding Kolbysoft’s talent will allow them to integrate a familiarity with Android and the Webkit framework into their existing cloud-style media compression. (Skyfire is best known for their cloud-style Flash and media compression, allowing slower mobile phone connections access to the same web experience as their big brother browsers on computers.)

Many of our Skyfire fans have been clamoring for when they could get Skyfire for Android. We have been working on it, and with this acquisition, we add resources to speed that effort.

Users of the existing version of the Steel browser will still be able to use the current version, but will be offered upgrades to Skyfire Android edition once it is released. We can’t share any timing or more details at this time, but I promise you’ll like it.Skyfire Blog

Skyfire on other mobile platforms is the only mobile browser that supports full Flash, Ajax and Silverlight. It will be interesting to see which features make it to the Android browser and what gets pulled from Steel.

For a sample of what to expect, check out the demo of their Windows Mobile version.

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Source: Skyfire

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