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Sneak peek of Firefox on the Nexus One

Firefox Mobile (aka Fennec or Pocketfox) is scheduled to hit Android later this year and it appears the Mozilla team is making good progress. We saw Firefox for Android render its first page earlier this month, but it was running in the emulator. Now Mozilla has posted a pic on their Facebook page that shows Firefox running on a Nexus One.

As you can see from the screen below, this is the desktop Firefox browser running in Android. Mozilla engineer Vladimir Vukićević says, “We’re testing with the full interface because it’s significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more.  So, if the full UI works, then Fennec should work fine as well.”

There is still no word when the mobile UI will get implemented or a possible beta release, but at least we can see some progress. The feature that excites me the most about Firefox Mobile for Android is the growing library of add-ons.

Mobile UI still to come.

Source: Facebook

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  • http://Website Kenny

    This looks like its gonna be really uncomfortable for me to navigate through, Im used to Dolphin Browser

  • http://Website Skyzeroxx

    Dumb it looks like something I’d run into on a windows mobile screen.

    • http://Website Gregg

      Did you not read this quote: “We’re testing with the full interface because it’s significantly more complex than the mobile UI and stresses Gecko much more. So, if the full UI works, then Fennec should work fine as well.”

      Meaning the UI you see here is not the final UI, but just the UI used to push the browser to its limit, a testing UI. I would expect a much more Androidy browser on release.

    • jakejardashian

      Yeah look under the picture, “Mobile UI still to come.” Gosh people read articles carefully before commenting.

  • http://Website Jason

    did no one read the article? They are using the full interface from the desktop version of firefox to test performance on the phone. Then they will swap in the mobile phone interface so it will be easy to use on a phone. jeez.

  • http://Website Ben Tolmachoff

    I suppose you two didn’t read the article? It says they’re running the desktop version of Firefox so that when that gets smooth and stable, Pocketfox will be a smooth and easy transition.

    Actually an incredibly smart way to design the browser. I wish more companies would think of ways this practical and intelligent to design something.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      Yeah, the rendering engine has to take priority because it HAS to be good–as soon as RIM puts the final touches on their new browser, WebKit will be powering the default browser on every major mobile platform (except Windows Mobile… surprise, surprise…)

      I just hope they don’t run in to deadline issues and rush the UI along.

      I think Gecko is great–Firefox continues to render almost every website perfectly–but Firefox’s desktop UI is mediocre at best. They cloned IE6, added tabs, and left it at that. I sure hope they get things right with the mobile UI, because it’s going to take a lot more innovation than the desktop version did.

  • http://Website Noe

    Its the desktop version not the final mobile version people!

  • http://blog.gynecologistcobra.net Demi Adejuyigbe

    Assuming the full interface is fast, I’m really excited for the mobile-skinned version to be released, or at least tested.

  • http://Website william

    I can’t wait for this .apk to shup up on the xda forums. It probably won’t work too well (if at all) on my G1 though. :\

    • http://Website William

      haha i meant to say show not shup

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I really hope it works on my phone or at least 2.1

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