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Sprint drops hints of pending Nexus One launch

Google currently offers the Nexus One with support for T-Mobile 3G and a Verizon version is scheduled for spring 2010. Recent documents filed with the FCC suggest an AT&T version could be in the works and we are hearing rumors Sprint is on board too. We recently spotted the Nexus One listed on Walmart’s online store and noted it had support for 1xEvDO, which is the 3G standard used by Sprint and Verizon.

Gizmodo sent an inquiry to Sprint about the Nexus One and received the following response:

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the Nexus One.

Unfortunately, this handset model is not on offer as of now.

Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the launch date, cost and the features of the handset on our Web site and other promotional media.

Thank you for showing interest in our products & services. Please let us know if you would like us to assist you with anything else.Sprint Customer Solutions

Most of the time carriers offer zero comment about unannounced products so this news comes as a surprise. Did a Sprint employee let one slip or was it just bad communication? We know Sprint is on board with Android and HTC, but this is the first time we have seen the carrier talk about joining the Google phone store.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • http://Website Todd

    Hmmmm…very interesting.

    Will this make the Nexus One the first handset since the RAZR to be for sale simultaneously on all four major carriers???

    If so, here’s your obligatory associated movie quote from the end of Dune:

    “And how can this be? For he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!”

    P.S. Bonus, from the same;

    “The sleeper has awaken!!!”

    P.S.S. Moar!

    “God created Arrakis [Android] to train the righteous. One can not go against the hand of God.”

    Ok I’ll stop.

  • fathom614

    I think that this would be a great time for hTc to implement the option of a Sense UI download for the Nexus One. With the new iPhone coming out probably around the same time as the N1 it would be a great counter-punch to apple and att with the N1 having the ability to pinch to zoom. I know there are some of us that don’t care about Sense pinch to zoom with stock android, there is the ability to turn off sunse if you don’t want it. I’m just saying

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    Man the N1 is yesterdays news, HTC supersonic is the story for sprint. Bigger screen, fm radio, sense ui, wimax. Come on,N1 is dead.

  • http://Website UnSilentOne

    @swazedahustla, I’m with you there. Can wait for that bad boy to come out.

  • http://Website Derek

    @swazedahustla… Yes the supersonic looks awesome. That phone may actually get me to go to Android from my iphone. Of course the new iphone comes out in june and its gonna blow away anything android is running on.

  • http://Website swazedahustla


    Could be, I just hope its not a let down for all the iphoenn users out there. But then you can go ahead and jump ship to sprint, lol

  • http://Website jasonlee

    totally true, but happy I got my droid