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Sprint offers Samsung Moment update via PC-based install

Remember that Samsung Moment update that required you to take your phone to a Sprint repair center to get it? It is finally available online as a PC-based install.

I really think that Sprint wants to eventually send these out over-the-air (OTA), but maybe Samsung isn’t there yet. Sprint’s other Android phone, the HTC Hero, has received several small OTA maintenance releases.

The update leaves the phone’s firmware version on Android 1.5, but a future update to Android 2.1 is coming early Q2 2010.

For the customers who are not paying close attention (92%), Sprint will send out a SMS that notifies the user an update is available.

“SprintFreeMsg: Important software update required for your Samsung Moment.  View instructions at www.sprint.com/momentupdate.”Text notificationSprint

This update CL14 includes:

  • Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix.
  • Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NFL, NASCAR and Sprint TV.
  • Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen.
  • Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and reinsert battery; press volume down, send and end keys until reboot option pops up; scroll to wipe data/factory reset; press OK.
  • Various improvements to battery life.

Via: Twitter

Source: Sprint

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  • http://brass9.com/ Chris Moschini

    Warning: Update FAILS on Windows 7 32-bit on Lenovo T400. Freezes at “0% 2sec…” with error message in status bar “??????????? %A???????????????”

    Unfortunately both of these are hard to google since Google discards special characters like % and ?, so this is going to be a very tough error message for other users to track down.

    Update succeeded using same instructions on Windows XP SP3 32-bit.

    Signs of failure:
    On Win7 32-bit, once “Start Software Download” is clicked, phone screen flashes twice and progress bar does not increase while 0% remains and time expired counts 0, 1, 2. Update software then freezes with status bar message as below. Left software to finish updating for over 3 hours on 2 attempts – update software never progressed and phone was inoperable.

    On WinXP, at the 2sec mark the phone flashes twice, but the update software continues within a couple seconds – anything longer than this pause is a sign of Samsung’s update software failing and bricking your phone.

    It’s very unfortunate Samsung’s software doesn’t at least provide a log for such a critical operation, nor a link or even email address to technical support in the update app.

    It also doesn’t make clear that the warning on the phone “DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET DEVICE” can be safely ignored as a normal part of the update process. (You pull the battery, put it in, start it in update mode, plug-in USB, and receive the warning on the phone; at that point the update software instructs you to turn off the phone, which you can safely do.)

    • http://Website pr

      same problem, just set to computability mode

  • http://zjtechlive.com Zaib Ali

    I don’t like this phone at all….

    • http://Website Tannia

      I absolutely, completely, absolutely despise this phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website slayerboy

    This is sad that we have Linux-based phones but have to use Windows to update them. All the computers I have at home have Linux-based OS’s. Why Samsung can’t get OTA working is beyond me. Had I known this was going to be an issue i would have never gotten the Moment. Granted, I got this update by going to the Sprint store and wasting an hour of my time. I sincerely hope this is not going to be the case everytime there’s an update to Android.

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  • http://www.sovereignpeople.yolasite.com Agent.Soap

    Took me 2 min for the update give or take, i wanted to just destroy this phn since i got it. For the most part it’s great… if it were not so buggie. every thing force closes, OTA assistance tells me to take it in, and thats fine if i had the time! I jokingly ask them if they have time to do such a thing. Anyway, I have now completed my install and it just seems funny that this is such an unfinished product. It’s as if it were held together with gum. I’m not expecting miracles but better information to the customer would be great. (frm sprint as well as ole sammie) Why is it a brand new product each update, (it’s flashing, I know) but it seems backwards that i now need to re-download all my apps? And thank god ive backed up EVERYTHING… I don;t think i’ll even do another update till 2.1, i just dont see were it’s worth the time. good lucx folks!

  • http://Website Jason W

    I just ran the update. Had to do it at work because it required Windows. Mac users are used to such things. Still Android is the Mac OSX of smartphone OS’s (which is ironic when you think that iPhone is the Windows…..does that make WebOS Amiga?).

    It froze the first time through using Windows XP. I calmly repeated the process and it took the second time. Everything re-synched fine though I have to download some apps again and I’ll have to remember all the setting tweaks I was using.

    The phone now places me within the proper country (not that I oppose visiting Portugal) not to mention state, county, and city. It’s got me on the wrong side of town though. It’s accurate to within 5 miles. I guess that’s an improvement.

    Let you know in a couple days about battery life.

  • http://whichisit JEM

    So is this update PC based, or do I hit the keys simultaneously? I don’t know if I want to update, if I’m going to lose apps. I have some useful ones with information I don’t want to lose.

    Is the battery update useful?

    And someone please tell me why I can’t delete the Nascar and NFL apps from my phone?

  • http://Website Todd

    I’d have to say that the new version, CL14, or whatever it is, has an issue loading with a Vista operating system. That’s all I can figure out. My Vista laptop would not load the drivers correctly and therefore would not load the current update. I got sick of trying and calling a Sprint Service center so I moved to my desktop which is still running WIndows XP. After downloading the update and installing it onto my desktop, then restarting the computer, and without ever connecting my Moment until running the update, it took about 25 minutes. Yes my desktop is older but the update worked flawlessly through the XP OS. When I called the Service Center, they said they would need 2 hours to perform the update. If you have access to an XP OS and are having trouble loading it through a Vista OS, try it.

    • http://Website mnjparks

      you need to disable the usb debugging then when you plug the phone mount the sd card via the drop down menu

  • http://Website Matt

    What I want to know is why I cant get the system to use my yahoo email addresses at all to setup my email accounts on my phone. What the hell man? I just paid way too much for this phone and now I cant use my email? I know I had to create a gmail account to use the apps and I was fine with that, but the whole purpose of having this smart phone is so i can get push button email access. I miss my HTC Touch Diamond already. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem? please email me at [email protected] if you do. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • http://www.joshrosscreative.com Josh R.

    Windows only, great. Another fail from Sprint. Is it really that hard?

    • http://Website mnjparks

      its funny that you say another fail for Sprint when the carrier has nothing to do with what the phone software does. Sprint provides the service and works at getting the customers devices that you the customer wants. they don’t develop them. in this instance its Samsung. same issue with all phones on all carriers.

      • http://Website rpg

        Actually, it IS a fail by Sprint. There’s no law that says that they have to distribute phones from Samsung if Samsung is too incompetent to provide software updates over the air. They should simply find a different phone vendor. If they make a deal with Samsung, and they are the support face of a Samsung phone, then a Samsung fail IS a Sprint fail.

        If I buy a clothing item from Macy’s and it fails, then Macy’s has to suck it up and make it good, even if it’s the manufacturer’s fault. Same thing for Sprint.

  • http://Website Jason W

    Huge improvement in battery life. I can leave the phone on all day and actually use the web browser and GPS as needed without draining the battery by lunch.

    I too would like to delete the NFL and NASCAR apps as well as get the apps that I don’t ever use to stop starting automatically.

  • http://Website Matthew S

    I suggest waiting till the 2.1 update comes out.. It’s not worth the trouble updating and restoring your apps and tweaks just for a indoor gps fix.

  • http://Website Shannon

    I love this phone! Ive read all these reviews & dont have that many problems with mine! Granted I havent installed any new updates either….however I do have a problem! Can anyone help me set up my yahoo mail on this phone…i keep getting errors that say that mailbox access is not supported for some types of yahoo mail accounts & to visit yahoo.com for more info but what am I looking for when I visit yahoo.com??? please help!!! [email protected] with any help please!!!!

    • http://yahooemailsetup Synlupri

      To set up Yahoo E-Mail in Android:
      Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off
      Press the E-Mail icon (the default Android E-Mail application)
      Enter your Yahoo E-Mail address and password
      Press “Manual Setup” in the lower left hand corner
      For “Incoming Server Settings” set the IMAP server to “imap.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 143
      For “Outgoing Server Settings” set the SMTP Server to “smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com” and the Port to 587
      Check “Require sign-in” and press Next
      Select how often your phone will check for Email, and choose default options
      Give the account a name and set your display name for outgoing messages
      Done and done. You’ve now got Yahoo Mail on your Android and it will work with the all-new “Combined Inbox” in Android 2.0. Beautiful.

      • http://Website mskayvic

        Thank you. I had pretty much given up on setting up my yahoo mail on my “Moment”. YOU ROCK!!!!!

      • http://Website Jessica Falahee


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  • http://Website bob

    Sad that this is a pc only update. Seriously Sprint? Get with the times here. The phone is problem enough, now the updates to? wow

    so close to going to verizon tomorrow and getting the real droid

  • http://Website kevin

    love the phone! and if you cant figure out how to update get a simple phone ya tards

  • http://Website Justin

    Im not the most computer savvy person in the world but when it comes to upgrading my moment to 2.1, the instructions are very simple. If you follow them step-by-step you to can get to the step where it tells you to unplug your phone from the pc and then plug it back in, just so your pc will not recognize that you repluged your phone. I am so pissed off that I almost threw my phone across the house. why am I having such a hard time performing such a ” what seems to be” simple task?

  • http://Website angie

    Can I update without a computer?

  • http://Website bdb

    question, how do i retrieve my videos and pictures from my samsung moment to my laptop?

  • http://Website jeannine

    I am what you might call very tech challenged so I not so sure I want to even try doing the pc update of my samsung moment to 2.0. Would it be better for someone like me to take the tiime to go to the sprint store to have it done? Or maybe just have Sprint customer service walk me thru it. I don’t want to screw up my phone cause so far I am really happy with it. My only complaint is no adobe flash player. Will 2.0 fix that? Thanks.

  • http://Website andrew


  • http://Website cp1

    I haven’t done the update yet, but I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about. I have had my Moment for almost a year now and haven’t had any major problems with it. A few apps force close from time to time but other than that I have been pretty content with this phone. I’ve owned two other smartphones (Palm and Blackberry) and this one has been the best.

  • http://www.karmaoyun.com/payback.html oyun,oyna,flash,

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