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T-Mobile CLIQ users experience problems after recent software upgrade

Remember that CLIQ update (1.3.18) that was accidentally released last month, pulled back, released again, and then disappeared? It appears there are still some major bugs with it that are rendering some phones unusable.

Many users have reported problems on the official Motorola and T-Mobile forums after installing the latest update. Apparently when they reboot their phone it has the wrong system time and cannot be changed. This is causing all kinds of sync issues and problems with the Android Market, because the device’s time is out of whack.

According to the T-mobile forums, it looks like the system timestamp is set to 0 after the update is installed (and ’0′ in the UNIX time­stamp format is equal to December 31, 1969 at 7:00 P.M in the Gregorian cal­endar format).

Some users who experienced problems were told to perform a master reset of their phone, but it actually made the problem worse. The system time remains 1969 after a reset and prevents users from logging into Motoblur and activating their device.

T-Mobile and Motorola are aware of the problem and a fix is coming soon. If you happen to receive the 1.3.18 update, do not perform a master reset of your device.

“Thanks everyone for informing us on what the latest Motorola Cliq OTA update has brought to light. We want to let everyone know that we have been reading your comments, and we hear you. We have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate people and are working hard on them.

As of now, we advise you not to Master Reset your phone if your OTA update did not download or if you are experiencing issues at this time.”MeriahT-Mobile

If Motorola has been struggling over a month with a simple over the air update (which is still Android 1.5), it kind of makes you wonder how they will deliver Android 2.1 by Q2 2010.

Source: T-Mobile forums

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  • http://burningdiscos.com Raspberry Swirly

    I don’t have any of those issues, luckily, but I am a little peeved about the lack of Quickoffice 2 within the update. Or maybe it’s just my phone that’s missing it.

  • http://Complain,complainandcomplain John

    If everybody stay complaining like this, for sure we’ll not have a 2.x update!

    • http://Website jinco

      well you should’ve gotten a mt3g

      • http://Website riggs

        Should of got a MT3G!…What kind of response is that! The moto cliq can stand its ground against the mytouch. With more ram and a full qwerty keyboard its easy choice for some. You should of said you should of got a Nexus, that’s what I got. The mytouch is just the poor mans nexus. :)

        • http://Website Jimmy

          It was the best option back in August before the clique or the nexus one came out. Wasn’t the poor mans phone then.

          • http://Website riggs

            Sorry he really made it sound like the guy had a choice and buying the mytouch would solve all the problems. I updated my gf cliq with this new update and it worked fine. Took a long time to boot up but I let it do its thing. And it was a successful install.

        • http://Website kris

          well for one the new MT3G’s are 32a therefore theres more memory and so no, the cliq does not have more memory then the MT3G… check out the chart if theres any doubts


        • http://http WootRoot


          • http://www.droidshirts.com WootRoot

            why argue about which is better ( a mt3g or a cliq) both are < a nexus one :/

          • http://Website kris

            I love how by proving a point. I get a negative rating

  • http://Website guinnessbear

    Received update 2 days ago. Loaded and rebooted just fine. No problems, and it has seemed to clear up the touch screen inaccuracies. Quick Office is still there and the obsolete ineem software was removed. I can wait for 2.1 if it means there will be no problems with it!!

  • http://Website TerrellTP

    i never got that shit

  • http://Website dutch

    Well I never receieved an update so I can’t say so much for the phone locking up but I’m beginning to think I should’ve never purchased a motorola phone. I can guarantee this won’t happen again. My other phone is the g1 and I can’t get enough of it and with rumors of 2.1 I am really happy with htc.

  • http://Website mike

    Update messed up my wife’s Cliq, it set the date back to 1969 and the phone is now basically unusable. I called t-mobile support who spoke with Motorola support and they told me to call back the next day, which means “We screwed up and don’t know how to fix this”. I lent my wife my spare haxed G1 and now she likes it better then the cliq!

  • http://Website Hans

    I’m just glad that the Droid doesn’t have these problems.

  • http://www.androidsfinest.com Jorge

    @Hans that’s because the Droid doesn’t have blur. There isn’t anything wrong with blur but if you want to be updated to the latest android version asap you might want vanilla

  • http://Website Ramon

    Now why can’t Google be like motorola and respond to the customer complaints on the Nexus One user forums!! At least at admit there is a problem or something. Its like they are ignoring everyone of us!! I swear just go over there and see for your self.

  • http://geekinginsocal.wordpress.com Tony

    My phone is still usable, but it’s rendered the standard Text Messaging app on it completely unusable. The battery seems to be running down faster, and when I run Taskiller, there are more Apps running now than ever before. Apps that I haven’t even started up.

    This update is the exact OPPOSITE of what they said they were going to do.

    Boy am I glad I got this phone with a contract. *sighs* I really liked it too. Oh well, things will get better.


  • http://Website Ted

    A fix is coming soon. I am confident of this, because an unofficial fix, where users reflash their firmware manually, works. And I know this, because it worked for me. I have provided explicit instructions to Motorola on how the unofficial solution works, and while they’ve politely but firmly asked me not to share specific information with others (because there’s some risk to the user using the method I used, at least until it’s available through official channels) I was assured that they were pursuing the same kind of solution, and they’d have something very soon.

    Still an incredibly frustrating situation, but for folks with bricked Cliqs, you will have a fixed phone in short order.

  • http://Website james

    I have the update and everything seems fine. battery life has been great, touch screen is not as touchy, I have not seen the time bug on mine. guess I am lucky, can’t wait fot the 2.1 update for the google nav and goggles :)

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net Justin Shapcott

    I haven’t turned on my CLIQ for a couple weeks. No update, no problems. Still no desire to turn on my CLIQ.

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  • http://Website Ronnie

    No problems for me works fine.. Of course I did not have issues before the update either. Bottom line (I am in the support business) you would be surprised how bad people screw up there stuff (grin)

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  • http://Website anthony

    I dled 2 days ago everything came out fine but my messaging is so out of whack it force closes and is super slow, idk what moto/tmobile is going to do to fix this

  • http://Website Patrick

    For anthony post at 2 27 2010 at 12 37, the reason the messaging is so slow is because in an effort to give the cliq better battery life, the threshold of messages was cut from 1000 to 300. You have to delete messages in order for conversations to come up faster. I downloaded handcent sms (free) from the market and it works perfectly, I did not have to delete any messages. Conversations come up far quicker than on the standard messaging app.

  • http://Website Taryn

    thanks patrick, was not aware of that. thought that the update screwed my phone up (that was the only problem ive had since the update) but decided to delete the conversations that had a ton of messages and it started working so much more smoothly! ill have to look into that app you mentioned. i liked it better when they had it at 1000. 300 seems just too small of an amount.

  • http://Website aaryn

    well.. i updated my fone and i was pissed about how my time was off and how my damn text messaging was messed uhp.. then i cut iyt offf and restarted and iyt was doin dha same shxt.. if yhu wanna fix dha text bugg.. just delete all yhur messages.. den iytshuld be better cuz mine stoped force closing like 97% of the time were iyt used to force close ayt the beginning, midle and end..

  • http://Website ALain

    …deng that must suck. my cliq works fine but my friends cliq got messed up with that time line of 1969

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  • http://Website amy robitaille

    I’ve had the clig for about 5 months now and it never let’s me know when aps, games, ect..have an upgrade it is very frusterating all my aps are out of date with no way to upgrade…is there something I can do to fix this problem?

  • http://Website Former T-mobile employee

    ever since the update my full keyboard will randomly put number symbols and letters in and randomly send them to people I am trying to text. it is so annoying and I just think T-mobile needs to get their act together before they send out updates because the same thing happened to the sidekicks before.

  • http://Website Cliq Owner

    Okay, the cliq SUCKS ! =( problems I am having is with the keyboard… it is MESSED UP. for instance, if i type “the”, the “T” would randomly come up as different numbers, letters, symbols… and it sometimes happens and the at times it would be normal again. I ONLY dropped my phone once and it wasn’t a hard/ high fall. =( this stinkksss

  • http://Website Cliq Owner

    Omg!! i’m not the only one experiencing this !!!

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  • http://Website taylor

    my cliq is messing up in so many dif ways.. one that is drivin me crazy the most..
    whenever i restart my phone, it dies, or turns off by itself..
    when i turn it bck on, whoever i have been recently txtin, the phone will
    automatically send about 20 old txts bck to that person all at one time..

    is this happening to just me?!?

  • http://Website enyaw666

    My cliq does the same thing it also takes 4ever to send txts or retrive them and is generally a piece of garbage

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  • http://Website brian lugo

    Have a problem my cliq have problem that are pissing me off the apps are moving when i dnt even touch the screen uhmm nd it does some other things i need helpI

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