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T-Mobile rolling out minor update to G1

TmoNews has posted a leaked memo that states G1 owners will begin receiving a minor over-the-air (OTA) update this week. The update (build number DMD64) focuses on improving call performance and does not include any additional fixes. These updates are normally rolled out on a staged schedule, so it could be a week before it hits everyone’s device.

Details of the update include:

  • This software update improves customers’ call performance only and does not include any additional feature enhancements.
  • The Android 1.6 DMD64 OTA will be sent to G1 customers only and will not be sent to customers using other Android devices at this time.

Leaked memo from TmoNews.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Phil Sumner

    Quick question for you – if this specific to TMO US, TMO DE, TMO UK or globally?

  • Prince77

    How can they have an update for the G1 and then the update for the Behold hasn’t even started. What type of mess is this?

    • http://Website TonyG

      the update isn’t for 2.1, its just for call performance as stated.
      but the Behold has a skin and is not Vanilla Android which means the 2.1 update would take some time till Behold customers get the it.

  • http://Website tpulu

    Perhaps they are trying to show us early adopters some love

    • http://Website b

      neeeeeeeeeeeeeee….don’t think so. Bugger

  • http://Website Bobbity

    What about non-Tmobile G1 users? I made the switch to AT&T (better coverage in my area) and I got the 1.6 update…

    • http://davehong.yelp.com Dave H.

      I’ve got an unlocked T-Mobile G1 – it’s SIM-less at the moment, but when I connected it to Wi-Fi this morning, it downloaded the 9 MB update without issue.

      Due to the shoddy battery life, I probably won’t find out how call performance has improved. =P

  • http://Website Felix

    i’ve had this update for the last month and i have noticed better phone use, less calls dropped and can hear over the speaker and handset clearer than before.

  • http://Website Mr.G1

    Well at least we G1 user are getting a performance update. I got my G1 on Oct 21 2008 the day it came out and seen how Android has grown :)

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/zeldennathan Zelden

    Well I love how the G1 works and how it is more like a computer than a phone sure you use it as a phone, but thats only and built in app really and if your a regular default user you use the OTA but if you are like few who got the G1 to program for a customized use like I redid a small autocad based program for my phone to work at my company. It allows me to bring up the layout space of DWGs, now i did not publish this due to the fact most of the code is based on a copyrighted program and well I can not take credit for that side. So now I more efficient at work and I do not have to go to a computer and log in to the network and then find the file, all I have to do is pull out my phone type in what i want it then opens and displays it on screen, then well my wife calls me. so well he who cant manually update or install a new version you will have to wait on t-mobile or google, but for the rest that knows what to do the sky is the limit and well maybe not even the sky…. good day

  • juanito

    Finally got the DMD64 update this morning.

    Haven’t really noticed any difference in performance at all.

  • jalberty

    Got the update this morning. After that update, everything was fine. Then I got an email from TMOBILE with instructions on how to flash the new ROM for with the Voice Plus Beta. The process was easy, but now Google Maps and other Apps are not working properly.

  • http://idk sam

    Welll guys,,,,this phone(g1. Was the num one phone ever, ,,bt ur guys r lazy asss,,cuz my phone keeps turn off by it self and I have 2 keep on charge 4 the whole day ,,and u guys don’t knw how 2 fix this problem and whn we ask u to fix it u gataa ask for me cuz bla bla bla,,,,,u bettter figour out how 2 fix it

  • http://Website carl ford

    How do I get the android 1.6 over the air update for my t-mobile htc. G1

  • http://Website Don-One BRUNY

    i would like to put the dmd64 to may htc g1 rc33…
    can i have a link to download it