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TAT Home: Taking your homescreen into the 3rd dimension

Android homescreen replacement hits the 3rd Dimension

Personally I rock the vanilla Android 2.0 homescreen at the moment (perhaps someday “soon” that will change), but even Android 2.1 isn’t exactly flying off the screen and for folks that prefer a more graphically exciting presentation. TAT Home definitely looks to deliver in that department.

TAT is a Swedish software and design company with a stated vision, “To become a global leader in beautiful, usable, and high-performance user experiences on mobile devices.” I’d have to stay judgment on how much of what they have done here is eye candy versus utility until I can go hands-on with it myself, but based on the demo alone I would say they are on the right track.

Using what TAT refers to as the “widget fan” you can view and access all five homescreens or “widget panes” simultaneously (reminiscent of the updated Sense UI). They also tout new gesture based navigation to help you flick your way around. By their own admission it may take a few days to adjust to the navigation, but if the demonstrator is any indication you will be cruising along once you do acclimate.

They offer a few built-in apps with some clever touch interactions like an alarm clock, a music app with a rotating album cover display and finally a weather app with a nice bar chart display. Those last two appear to take up a 1×4 app grid space when not actively in use and expand on touch to their full functionality. Importantly they claim that their homescreen “seamlessly blends in standard Android widgets.”

I contacted their Product Manager, Simon Lessing, earlier today and he indicated that they will be moving into the beta phase of testing in the next couple weeks and will be rolling out to the roughly 14,000 people that have signed up so far (you can try to get in on it as well by registering here).

I also asked him which devices would be capable of running their software.

“The demo you see runs on a HTC Hero with Android 1.6 so we do have the performance needed for the first gen devices. We will likely start with a 2.0/2.1 release and then go backwards from there if the interest is large enough.”Simon LessingProduct Manager of TAT Home

So if any of you that are stuck on 1.6 like what you are seeing in the video below I would recommend signing up for the beta and making your voices heard now.

Source: TAT

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  • http://frostygoodness.com Frosty Goodness

    I love it so much, I signed up twice. I have this unhealthy fascination with Home replacements.

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  • http://Website Zomygodowned

    I’m loving it can’t wait till I get the beta really want to get my hands on with it

  • Manly Man

    Just Dope!

  • http://Website Ben

    That was incredible.

  • http://Website Nijaboy09

    The HTC Hero runs 1.5 though right?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Good catch, that isn’t a misquote, but he probably did mean to say a Hero running Android 1.5. The main point of his statement was that the older hardware wasn’t a limitation though and as Sprint indicated today that the Hero will have 2.1 by around April you Sprint Hero users should be in good shape by the time this is likely to hit the market.


  • http://Website Terrell

    I am incredibly impressed with what i just witnessed there. I signed up 15 seconds through the video. i too have an unhealthy fascination with home screen replacements and making my phones stand out that much more so this definitely caught my attention. I hope it works as seamlessly as advertised!

  • http://@sw1storm sw1storm

    This could be better than sense! Strightup Android + highend widgets = Awesome. I gotta get in on this!

  • http://organizedfellow.com OrganizedFellow

    So. Is there an app for THAT?
    I am so excited over this.

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    Wow, that’s beautiful!

    Tell me again why Motorola, HTC, and Samsung bother writing custom software for their phones?

  • http://Website dave

    I love it! I use open home on both my mytouch and now my new cliq. I hear that I should receive the new android update in march. I sure hope they let me test it when my cliq can handle it! Good luck to every one trying it!

  • http://Website JDPig

    GREAT! Another reason for me to not get any work done! This looks amazing!

  • jakejardashian

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to get a shot at trying it out!

  • http://Website Futureboy

    Looks cool… I have a mt3g… do I sign up as “HTC Magic” or “Other?”

  • http://Website Sickbay

    Wow! i want that.!!

    i’m what you call “stuck” with 1.6 and being so clueless does this mean i am stuck forever? Can’t i upgrade to 2.0? 2.1?

    I would like to read more about upgrading and so or at least a general advice what to check when you buy the phone.

    Thanks. i love your site!!

  • http://Website brian

    how long does it take for them to get back to you?

  • barakzluf

    it’s looks so grate!! WOW
    who can I get ittt????!!!