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Win a custom printed Android and Me card wallet from Lumi Co.

It may sound cheesy, but one of my favorite things about the internet is watching people come together to get things done. At the drop of a hat a new project can spark up and in no time at all a whole team of doers assemble to make it happen.

Today we have just such a project to share with you. Some friends from another message board are in the process of crowd-sourcing the funding for their new printing process. Lumi Co. is working on raising funds to further the development of the Lumi Process, an unprecedented technology capable of printing high-resolution imagery on raw, untreated materials such as wood, leather and cotton without altering their feeling or smell.

Lumi Co. is in the final days of their fundraising campaign and are still a bit shy of their goal. To help spread the word, they’ve given us two custom printed Android and Me wallets to give away to our readers.

Winning is easy. To enter, just retweet this message from Lumi Co on Twitter and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of the wallets. The second wallet to be given away is reserved for actual project backers. You can pledge as little as $5 and every bit helps. After you become a backer, just email [email protected] and tell them Android and Me sent you to be entered in the drawing.

Lumi Co. is using Kickstarter.com for pledges. Kickstarter is a new type of funding process where individual backers try to raise a sum of money to help a new start up get off the ground. If the fundraising goal isn’t met, none of the pledges will be charged. If the goal is met, we all win and the development continues. In exchange for pledging to support their business, you will receive the very first Lumi-printed products including coasters, wallets, prints and leather cases.

I know this isn’t exactly Android news but since it was emerging technology and free stuff I figured you guys would be interested. Check out the photos below to see more of the Android and Me card wallet or some other printed products from Lumi Co.

Support @LumiHQ and their revolutionary printing technology- see what they can do and pledge at http://bit.ly/LumiDroid #lumiLumi Co.on Twitter

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  • http://Website Yeah

    So you killed an animal for this. Way to go. How many Indian developers did you just offend, killing a cow for no reason?

    • http://extremethemes.co.cc ExtremeT

      I know rite…cause of the massive shortage of cows the world is having right now…how dare they!

      • http://extremethemes.co.cc ExtremeT

        P.S. I’m pretty sure no one is offended by the construction of a wallet

    • http://Website ahmed

      umm they killed the cow for its meat cause people eat cows and used the leather

      and well some people worship fire should we not help u if u burn cause stoping the fire would be an insult to them ????

      i am aginst rare animals killing or killing an animal for leasure and luxury but cattle is ok cause they wont instinct like @extremet said we are not runing out (well what he meant)

  • http://Website ahme

    i love love love the colours white and green and ive been looking all over for a new white and gren wallet and something with android
    this is like heaven with android os

  • http://Website robisaks

    I would pay good money for that thing!

  • http://Website Michael

    Can I just buy it now?
    Im really into fashion espcially livin here in DC gotta wear nice stuff like solbiato and armani and for some reason i would use this. it looks nice but back to my 1st question can I just buy it now? lol

  • http://Website Daniel

    Well, now… when will the draw happen?

    Or will it be just like the Google Voice invite promise back in October?

    • http://Website Stephan

      It will happen at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Just 50 hours to go!

  • http://Website Stephan