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Good Morning Andy: Devour, Gowalla, Vphone

So I was thinking about this early morning, daily report and I’m not sure if it is worth it, but at least it forces me to write. Every day (Mon-Fri) I’m trying to share 3 short links for stories we missed or articles that add to some items we have discussed.

  • Blast From the Past: Hands-On With the Motorola Devour – Yesterday we reported Best Buy would sell the Motorola Devour for $99 and we questioned who in their right mind would buy the device when they could get the Droid for the same price. Demo units are starting to appear and the early impressions match our concerns. As Wired puts it, “The Devour is yet another cookie-cutter phone churned out to keep the corporate coffers full.” Phonedog also has a video unboxing of the Devour.
  • Gowalla Powering Location Results on Android With Skyhook Wireless – The Gowalla beta has been out for a week and a new version is on the way soon. GigaOm caught up with Co-founder Josh Williams to ask him about their integration with Skyhook Wireless. There is an 8 minute video of the interview and Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook, also joins in.
  • Verizon’s Next Android Device. The Saygus VPhone – Saygus is a company trying to get their Android-powered Vphone on Verizon. I played with a prototype at CES and the hardware looked finished, but the phone has not been certified by Google (so it lacks their Android apps). I’m starting to doubt if this phone will actually appear, but maybe it can still get out the door.

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