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Android app video overview: Where

We give a lot of coverage to Foursquare and Gowalla when talking about check-in services, but the truth is many location based apps for Android include the feature now. Where has been around since the early days of Android and it one of the most downloaded travel applications. The app has evolved a lot over time, so check out our walk through of Where if you haven’t seen it in awhile.

New features found in Where 1.9.0 include:

  • Available on all Android devices
  • Save favorite places and reviews in ‘Placebook’
  • Check-in to locations and publish on Twitter and Facebook
  • New Dashboard and Events Features
  • Android home screen widgets make Check-in super fast

From the Android Market: The Where application for Android phones features the most useful GPS-based widgets all wrapped into one native application. A homepage style layout makes accessing your local information quick and easy. Whether you are looking for the closest gas station, a local restaurant or a nearby movie theater, the Where application on the Android has it. Be sure to check out the Where Wall where you can chat with other Wnere users and Where Reviews where you can rate and review local restaurants and businesses right from your phone.

Via: Where

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  • http://Website Andy Kirschetorte

    I bet this is more geared for the US consumer than for the UK. Does it cover the Uk for all the info too?

  • http://Website AD

    I know this is totally unrelated but the picture used looks like it has a gray HTC Magic (yes, I know it’s because of that glare). It looks cool.

  • http://Website Alfonso

    I Use This App Almost everyday And Its Always Great On My G1. Now I Need Help On Something… I Just Got The Nexus One For AT&T And Its Not In The Market Place. Typed In “Where” And Other Apps Are Shown. I Clicked The Link From My Phone And It Says Cant Be Found. Please Help! I Would Really Like To Use It On My Nexus One Because The Website Says It Works On All Android Devices Including The Nexus One.

    • http://Website Anakin78z

      Strange, it shows up for me, though I’m using the nexus one on T-Mobile.

      • http://Website Juan

        I’m having the same problem as Alfonso. I’m using the T-Mo compatible Nexus on AT&T. Directly searching for Where gives me an unending list of apps, none of which seem to be the one featured here. The QR code returns “market://search?q=pname:com.ulocate” which gives me no matches in the market. And searching for “ulocate” only turns up Offers, by uLocate Communications.

        • http://Website Johnny

          Are you sure that WHERE isn’t already installed somewhere on your Nexus One? If it is, it may not show up in the Android Marketplace.

          • http://Website Juan

            What are you talking about Johnny, installed apps have always shown up in relevant Market searches. Instead of Free/$x.xx it lists “Installed.” Isn’t that standard behavior for all Market versions?

            Also I’ve never installed it before so unless it was preloaded by HTC in some kind of hidden fashion, its definitely not on my N1.

            Is there any chance its restricted by some kind of limited release rules where the publisher asked for only certain regional markets to get it first?

  • http://Website Oli

    I’m in the UK, searched for the app, also scanned the barcode above…said it couldn’t be found… guess its US only?? :(

    • http://Website Dallenmusic

      Oops, sorry Oli, I should have read your post before writing mine.

  • http://Website Dallenmusc

    If you scroll up, you will see the QR Code that you can scan to download the the app. see if that works for you.

  • http://Website nick-seattle

    I used all means of locating the app on the Market; it’s not there. Noticed that with a couple of apps – usually it’s a problem with the Market and N1. I’m in US

  • http://Website patrick

    good review. love this app. little advice for the reviewer in the future when doing reviews try not to say uuummm so much.

  • http://Website Keoni

    I scanned the QR code and searched through the Marketplace, zilch. Im using the G1… help?

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